Check the Top 7 puzzle games and kill your free time!

Top 7 puzzle games

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If you love to play games online and kill your free time, especially puzzle games, then this article is just for you. we are offering you here the Top 7 puzzle games information. You can check that information and then select the best game all the time. In our life, we all check different types of puzzles. A good puzzle is one of the best games. For people who have lots of free time, for them puzzle games are ideal. During traveling by public transport, train, car, bus, or seating at your home, you can spend your time easily.

There are different types of puzzle games available online, and you may choose any type of puzzle game as per your need! Every game is different so their pattern. You have to follow the same pattern as per your need.

Top 7 puzzle games
Top 7 puzzle games

 Tetris Effect-connected

 If you are looking for the best puzzle game all the time, then Tetris is the best for all the time. Recently you will also find awesome entry series with the Tetris effect -connected. Whenever you will play this game, each section has its audio and visual theme that change during play. It also offers you the best music during playing the game. The puzzle game, Tetris is one of the best types games all time.


 Apple Arcade launched this in the year 2019 this Grindstone game. Each level of the game of Grindstone has you drawing a game’s path of destruction through the colorful, and also sometimes very dangerous, critters called creeps to escape the base level. Jorj in this game can only cut through subsequent creeps of the same color unless he will cross paths with a Grindstone. You can able to build more devastating and longer combos.

Baba is you!

 This is another best puzzle games currently and you can download this game using an android or IOS device. You can also play this game on a PC. This is a very simple game with changing properties type and use to solve mind-melting conundrums. You can be lava in this game or can be the wall. You can be the goal flag itself and every object can be the wall. Always remember baba is fun and baba is tough both types as well! But once you will start playing this game is perfect for every time.

Captain Toad – Treasure tracker

 Captain Toad is one of the treasure trackers’ games and this is a completely fun puzzle game. This puzzle game now becomes one of the best games and this treasure tracker is a very simple and friendly game. You have to search here to find out the precious power stars. This game is awesome, it will refresh your mind once you will start playing. It’s a charming game and a great puzzle to play properly.

Picross S6

 This game looks like a picture crossword; this puzzle game is presented in the long history of picross games from developer Jupiter corporation. Though it’s not quite painted by numbers all the time. You have to solve the puzzle correctly and for this purpose, you have to consider entering informative given around the board to understand which spaces to fill in and which to leave empty!

Top 7 puzzle games
Top 7 puzzle games


 This is another best puzzle games and this game has the power to shift and manipulate a series of different types of pictures to find out the true meaning in the visuals. Each puzzle includes four photos and manipulates them differently! You have to adjust the photos properly and seemingly disparate images to fit together perfectly. During the weekend or in your free time, you can play this game anytime using your phone or desktop. This game is the best for killing your free time. it will also refresh your mind and body!

The witness

 This is another best puzzle games with adventure. You can download this game from the IOS store, or android store easily. The design of this game is a masterclass. This game starts with an island with no context of where or when you are! You have only one way to interact with the world. drawing lines or paths on designated panels strewn about the environment. Each set of these screens found around the island adds new rules to how you need to draw your route from point A to B to complete the puzzle.

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