Top IT Services Providers in Jacksonville, Florida


No matter the size or nature of your business, IT issues can easily hamper productivity and lead to lost work hours and revenue. Working with an IT services provider in Jacksonville may help alleviate such problems quickly and efficiently. The Interesting Info about sdit.

iVenture is a managed service provider offering business-critical technology services to some of Florida’s best-run companies and beyond. Their experienced technicians will assist in streamlining IT operations.

PAX Global Technology

PAX’s Android innovative POS terminal solutions seamlessly integrate diversified payment methods to assist merchants in their business transformation journey. MAXSTORE, PAX’s cloud-based SaaS solution, facilitates device management and software deployment while offering real-time transaction data insights.

PAX products are well-received by customers worldwide due to their sleek designs and advanced performance, especially in Europe and Asia. Sales growth in Africa and South America, however, slowed as local economies grappled with financial obstacles limiting investment activities; nevertheless, PAX remains optimistic.


Beeline is a premier technology solution provider for managing global extended workforces. Their products enable companies to gain a competitive edge by optimizing external labor programs. Their vendor management system (VMS) solutions deliver complete vendor management system (VMS) solutions while their employees take pride in offering outstanding customer service.

The company’s headquarters is situated in Jacksonville, Florida, and features ergonomic workstations with variable workstations, ergonomic workspaces, an office Zen room, and a games room. Furthermore, flexible working practices and healthy work-life balance are encouraged within their workplace culture, which prioritizes employees first.


Yardi provides an integrated platform of tools for property management businesses. Their software features solutions designed to expand portfolios while decreasing risks; additionally, specific procedures are automated, allowing more efficient operations with reduced operating costs.

Yardi Voyager, its flagship product, provides multifamily residential property managers and accountants with an easy-to-use single database property management and accounting solution for managing multi-unit properties. In addition, the company also offers additional products such as mobile maintenance, RentCafe Suite and construction management.

However, the company does not seem like an ideal workplace for millennials, as its upper management is comprised of narcissists. Read the Best info about sdit.

The Scarlett Group

Jacksonville is home to numerous technology companies that specialize in software development, cloud services, and cybersecurity. Selecting an effective managed IT service provider can have significant strategic, operational, and financial effects on your business.

The Scarlett Group, a GSA-certified IT firm, specializes in legacy application modernization, which reduces IT costs by automating processes and increasing security measures. It also offers IT audits and IT support, with offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina.
Judge Group

Judge Group provides IT consulting and managed services, offering cloud consulting and SI, ERP consulting and SI, and cybersecurity. It also provides voice services. Its offices are located in Jacksonville, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

ECT provides environmental consultation and challenge resolution services in Jacksonville’s tech innovation hub, helping companies navigate opportunities and challenges related to digital environments. Their solutions are tailored towards helping companies expand and transform into the digital environment—whether that means IT consulting services, talent services, or even hosting an academy to foster new talent.


Synechron is an enterprise software provider that offers digital, business consulting, and robotic process automation solutions. Its Accelerators series includes AI applications that use natural language processing, machine learning, and robotic process automation technologies to help clients reduce operational costs while improving client experiences. Have the Best information about sdit.

Juniper Networks employs more than 8,000 employees worldwide and operates offices worldwide. It specializes in providing financial institutions with technology services. Its flagship product, Neo, consists of artificial intelligence-enhanced solutions that automate tasks across several business processes, while Juniper Networks switches power its global client service offices and delivery centers.


CSI stands out in the Jacksonville tech startup scene by offering products such as software development and IT governance services to help businesses mitigate risk while providing cutting-edge tech solutions to their customers.

Since 1994, CSI has revolutionized workforce solutions with its unique twist. Trusted partners for job seekers and employers in IT firms nationwide, CSI offers cutting-edge data analytics and quoting solutions as well as industry-leading solutions.

CSI offers cybersecurity and IT-managed services from its Jacksonville, Florida, headquarters. Its small team also provides big data consulting/SI services and cloud consulting/SI services.

AAR Corp

AAR provides aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, component repair services, flight hour support, warranty management, and communications integration capabilities across two continents from its facilities near airports and international gateways.

AAR is committed to supporting inclusion and diversity. The COLLABORATION Employee Resource Group promotes professional growth and community, while the Black/African-American ERG fosters career development and community involvement. The LatinX ERG promotes engagement and personal growth. The Company employs an inclusive workforce and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Matrix Resources

Matrix Resources LLC specializes in technology staffing and professional services, such as IT consulting, direct hire placements, and managed telecom solutions for telecom-specialized networks. In addition, the Company provides Agile/DevOps coaching solutions.

Established in Atlanta, Georgia, it was established as a private company in 1983.

MATRIX Resources employees receive an average salary of $86,821. MATRIX Resources has achieved a diversity score of 2.4, and work-life balance has been rated at 3.6 based on self-reported data from employees. They have filed 88 LCA for H1B visas and ten labor certifications for green cards for the fiscal year 2020 to 2022.


ECT is a leading provider of IT services to businesses. Its products and services include IT managed services, IT consulting/SI, business intelligence (BI), cloud systems, and cybersecurity.

Their platform makes IT support for large enterprises easy with an intuitive user interface that enables customers to keep tabs on IT resources, receive expert advice when needed, track them as required, and access mobile apps and self-service portals for self-service support. Their goal is to enhance customer experiences while simultaneously cutting costs – they have been operating since 1988 with clients from industries like healthcare, insurance, and finance among their customer base.

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