SOLA Levels Are the Most Accurate Digital Spirit Levels Available


Digital spirit levels are widely used for both interior and exterior construction projects, providing increased accuracy over traditional spirit levels. One key feature is their lateral magnet installation, which prevents recesses on their measuring surfaces from developing.

Choose a level with high-grade vials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and drops and comes with an assurance that its vials won’t crack upon impact.


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lateral magnet installation

SOLA are Austrian pioneers when it comes to designing innovative magnetic spirit levels with unrivaled adhesion. Their new BIG RED M box-profile spirit level features revolutionary lateral magnet installation technology; this eliminates impractical recesses typical of traditional spirit levels while making for easier cleaning, reduced risk of scratching on sensitive painted surfaces, and protection from injuries due to metal chips adhering to magnets.

Installing lateral magnets provides an unyielding hold on pipes and steelwork components. This allows for stable positioning even in areas subject to heat or vibration, and the SOLA spirit level has high adhesion force thanks to its powerful neodymium magnets – perfect for challenging conditions!

BIG RED M spirit level’s lateral magnet installation feature utilizes flux-path control magnetic suspension, using control plates placed radially along permanent magnets to adjust attractive forces more effectively than traditional magnetic mechanisms that only alter perpendicularly. Furthermore, this system is easy to use and does not require special tools for setup or removal.

30 year guarantee

SOLA levels are designed for longevity. Boasting an accuracy rating that rivals any spirit level on the market and with an industry-leading 30-year guarantee, their ultrasonic welding of vials allows SOLA to boast more experience and know-how than any other spirit-level manufacturer.

SOLAS levels are UV resistant and come equipped with a luminous backing, making them more readable even in low light conditions. The effect is created through a special liquid, which helps readers read values more quickly while simultaneously making sure the bubble remains visible even under bright lighting conditions.

SOLA levels are designed to withstand shockproof impacts from tools like hammers or other instruments, making them particularly advantageous for contractors and professionals who use levels regularly. They’re also corrosion-resistant and easy to clean!

SOLA offers an incredible 3-year warranty that covers all accessories, such as batteries. This offer applies only to the original owner of the level, covering normal wear and tear as well. This feature makes SOLA levels ideal for frequent users or those concerned about leakage of their batteries.

SOLA’s liability for damages that occur after risk has passed to customers – such as loss of profit and other economic losses – is limited to the value of goods purchased, although this doesn’t apply to damages caused by slight negligence. All other claims against SOLA, its representatives, or vicarious agents are explicitly disallowed; its seat serves as the venue of jurisdiction, while all sales agreements between SOLA and customer shall be governed by Austrian law without regard to bilateral and multilateral agreements on sales terms.