Solo Max Level – Chapter 120


Solo Max Level is an engaging manga series about an avid gamer who challenges himself against the Tower of Trials, receiving rave reviews for its immersive battle scenes and fascinating world-building.

Jinhyuk faces his most significant test yet in this chapter when he battles a Murim girl looking for revenge against them after raiding their base. While he easily defeats her, soon afterward Veylordum appears as an even more significant challenger.


Solo Max Level is a top-rated manga series known for its riveting plot, unique character designs, and thrilling events. The tale centers around an unlikely protagonist who goes from novice warrior to experienced fighter. Solo Max Level also stands out as being a highly positive portrayal of male-female relationships; plus, its characters have different personality types, which makes reading this manga enjoyable across age ranges.

Solo Max Level concluded with its protagonist defeating several powerful adversaries, such as Double Dungeon and Ant King. As a result, he is now considered the strongest hunter worldwide and is further exploring his Shadow Monarch powers. While there will continue to be obstacles on his path ahead, he should indeed become more formidable over time.

The Monarch of Shadows is one of the most intriguing characters in the Solo Max Level universe. Once part of the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, until he betrayed them to become Monarch of Shadows, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming powerful enough to take over their reign and rule with absolute authority over others he could quickly transfer power onto. His abilities as Monarch include Shadow extraction, Acausality, Immense Strength, and strengthening shadow minions under him.

Even though Chapter 117 of Solo Max Level has yet to be released, readers have begun counting down. Their excitement for this manhwa stems from witnessing its protagonist face and overcome various hurdles throughout its storyline.

Manga is an engaging read for anyone interested in adventure and fantasy, from fans of action and adventure to those looking for positive representations of male-female relationships. With its gripping story and stunning artwork, you’re guaranteed an exciting and captivating read! Plus, its gripping endings won’t let go until they catch your imagination, and its breathtaking artwork really captures it all. Fans of action/adventure should read it no matter their gender preference, and it features well-developed characters with action-packed fight scenes that genuinely give this tale its incredible qualities!


Solo Max Level is an engaging manga series with captivating plotlines that keep readers gripped throughout its chapters. Fans have eagerly anticipated Chapter 120 in order to see what lies in store for their beloved character, who may face intense battles or progress as part of this chapter. Solo Max Level’s fans should expect nothing short of pure excitement with this chapter’s debut featuring battle scenes as well as character advancement!

Solo Max Leveling follows Kang Jin Hyeok, a struggling gaming Nutuber who rises to fame after clearing the Tower of Trials game. Set against an intricate world filled with monsters and hunters alike, his journey through this virtual realm left him deeply indebted to its Rulers for survival. When this virtual universe suddenly impacts real life and humanity’s fate is linked with Jin Hyeok’s success in clearing it, human fate hangs in the balance.

Chapter 117 sees Jinhyuk’s quest for victory thwarted by an aggressive female Murim warrior, accusing him of intruding into their stronghold. Jinhyuk easily defeats this opponent; however, things take an exciting turn when he encounters Veylordum – an opponent with powerful healing capabilities who proves more challenging for Jinhyuk to defeat than expected.

Readers of Solo Max Level Chapter 124 will witness an exciting battle between two characters that will leave readers on the edge of their seats! Along with thrilling combat, this chapter also shows us that one of their comrades has been corrupted into an enemy entity by one of the death knights in this chapter.

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Plot twists

Previous chapters saw our main character, Jin-hyuk, take on an enormous monster in a double dungeon. Although he faced significant odds to do so, he managed to come through unscathed while learning more about Shadow Monarch’s powers and relationship with other Monarchs. The next chapter will shed even more light on these events and keep fans guessing!

Solo Max Level Newbie is an engaging manga series for anyone looking for action-packed stories. This manga features an interesting protagonist and captivating plotline, set against a fantasy world setting and following an adventurous young hunter as they seek to become the strongest hunter ever before meeting many different characters along the way.

Chapter 119 will be released on September 29, 2023, and promises some exciting developments. It will shed more light on the relationship between its main characters, and it will delve deeper into some of the mysteries in this fascinating world. With action and romance combined into one exciting tale, readers of all ages should find this chapter riveting!

This manga has received positive reviews from critics and fans. With an appealing cast of diverse characters exploring themes of tolerance and acceptance, this story has also been turned into video game adaptations and light novels, with its anime version streaming live on Crunchyroll.

In this chapter, the MC Hunter Group encounters yet another obstacle. Murim’s forces have opened more gates and are targeting Teresa. They plan to use her pain as leverage against Jin-hyuk – although what exactly the Lich intends to achieve remains unknown at present.

Manga authors are known for their captivating writing style that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. They excel at creating unexpected plot twists and dramatic situations while maintaining humor throughout. Furthermore, touching scenes will often make readers cry! It is rare for authors to be capable of conveying profound emotions through writing alone; manga authors can do so brilliantly!


Solo Max Level is an acclaimed manga featuring thrilling fight scenes and compelling plotlines, garnering widespread acclaim among its followers and leading to its adaptation as an anime by Crunchyroll and Aniplex. Solo Max Level also stands out for its world-building capabilities as well as distinct character development.

Jang Sung-Rak, an outstanding artist renowned for his work across multiple genres, passed away in 2018. As CEO of REDICE Studio, which adapts novels into webtoons and had several critically acclaimed pieces to its name; as well as being a teacher and mentor who helped shape many young artists during his lifetime, his legacy will live on through many manga and anime adaptations he produced during his lifetime.

Manga is known for being full of both action and romance, with romance being its key focus. Kang Jin Hyuk, its main protagonist, is an online streamer specializing in the Tower of Trials game who obsesses about it – his story promotes perseverance and hard work even during humanity’s most trying moments.

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Solo Max Level chapter 127 is widely known for both its gripping plot and breathtaking art, which you can experience on Naver Webtoon and Manhwa Book Shelf’s official websites. Both offer high-quality content that helps support authors and artists.