Solo Leveling 181


Solo Leveling has taken the manga world by storm with its action-packed narrative and captivating art style. The story centers on Sung Jin-woo, an ordinary hunter who strives to become stronger so he can pay for his mother’s medical costs.

Ten years ago, an unknown phenomenon known as “The Gate” opened up to allow ordinary humans to enter an extraordinary fantasy realm filled with monsters and magic – where Sung hunts monsters in an attempt to become the world’s strongest fighter.

Character Creation

Ten years ago, an obscure Gate opened, connecting real life with an alternate universe entire of monsters and magic. Humans now have access to superhuman abilities that enable them to become Hunters for this vast world of monsters and charm; Sung Jin-Woo is one of these Hunters, though low ranked (known as the World’s Weakest due to his limited strength against even common rank monsters at Gate), yet continues to hunt regardless as he hopes of earning enough money to cover medical bills of his mother’s care costs.

Solo Leveling is an immersive manga experience with thrilling action sequences and world-building that will leave you wanting more! Boasting masterful storytelling and stunning artwork, Solo Leveling should not be missed by fans of adventure manga!

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Solo Leveling is an award-winning web novel series that follows Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter specializing in hunting monsters and demons that threaten humanity. This captivating tale has amassed an enormous fan base both domestically and abroad thanks to its compelling storyline and likable protagonist. Additionally, Solo Leveling also provides valuable insights into improving one’s gameplay and becoming a better solo player.

The Solo Skill is one of the five new skill progression categories introduced with version 2.0 and provides players who advance in it with a number of passive bonuses. Contrary to its name, however, this ability does not refer to being alone – instead, leveling it can be accomplished just as efficiently in parties than individually.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to level Solo is by engaging in combat with both blunt and heavy weapons, as each kill will grant significant progress toward increasing your skill’s rank. You can also earn progression XP for this Solo skill by killing enemies using any weapon that boosts Body points – including fists, hammers, clubs, shotguns, or LMGs!

Damage-related interactions will also make an impactful contribution towards leveling up Solo Skill. This includes forcing open doors, knocking turrets off their mounts, and engaging them with melee attacks – though this method isn’t always easy, it can be an efficient means of increasing Solo Skill levels to reach higher ranks more rapidly.

Once your Solo Skill reaches rank 60, it will offer numerous passive benefits to the player, such as increased carrying capacity, health, Perk Points, and attack speed/damage with both Fists and Gorilla Arms. To quickly level up this skill soon, engagement in combat with these weapons as often as possible should help earn progression XP as much as possible; additionally, sniper load-outs that prioritize ranged/long-ranged attack damage may speed things along as well.

Attaining this goal may take some time, but it’s an efficient and effective method of leveling Solo Skills without engaging in PvP battles in Night City. Players must remain persistent when grinding to achieve results that may not appear instantly.


Ten years ago, The Gate opened, creating an unbridgeable barrier between our world and a mysterious realm full of magic and monsters. Since then, ordinary humans can now take on these supernatural beings as Hunters with special superhuman powers – one such Hunter being 20-year-old Jin-woo, often dubbed as the “World’s Weakest.” Yet despite his meager strength, he continues to hunt monsters at low-rank gates to help pay his mother’s medical expenses.

The Brightest Fragment of Luminosity takes notice and appreciates Jinwoo’s desire to establish himself within the game, providing him with the Cup of Reincarnation as a sign from Him.


Solo Leveling is a manga series about Sung Jinwoo, an underdog hunter who gains extraordinary powers through an unusual program and becomes one of the greatest hunters worldwide. Packed with thrilling action sequences and immersive world building elements, Solo Leveling should not be missed by fans of Manhwa!

Sung Jinwoo lives in a fantasy world where people engage in an online game known as Solo. Players, known as Hunters, battle monsters in underground dungeons. Although Sung Jinwoo may not be one of the top Hunters yet, he remains committed to becoming one of them and becoming the best hunter ever seen on earth.

Solo Leveling features a captivating storyline and beautiful art, as well as a fascinating cast of characters. Sung Jinwoo stands out as its protagonist with his charming smile and wears striped business suits; his strong sense of justice prompts him to assist those in need, and has the uncanny ability to predict his opponent’s moves.

Solo Leveling features Baek, an unsympathetic but unyielding swordsman. His short orange hair and protruding canine teeth make for an intimidating image, with his eyes flashing red when in combat. Baek is an expert swordsman capable of taking down even powerful warriors with just one strike of the blade.

Baek has the unique power to slow time by creating multiple copies of himself at once and using these copies to attack his enemies from various angles at the same time, making him extremely dangerous in battle. Unfortunately, these duplicates can only be created when their life is threatened; otherwise, they would remain just a memory.

The manga contains 189 chapters and was released on December 29, 2021; however, its central story concluded in Chapter 179. However, Tappytoon will continue serializing side stories indefinitely.

This series, created and illustrated by Chugong and Dubu, has been translated into English by various translators and made available on Kakao Page and Tappytoon – two popular platforms where manhwa content can be found online – where it is free for reading; if you would like to support the creators financially by purchasing coffee as their hosting fee can be covered!