A Review of B & D Plumbing


Commercial Plumbing

Commercial properties’ plumbing systems are much more intricate than residential ones, which is why any issues should be dealt with promptly by professional plumbers. Commercial properties must adhere to higher standards for compliance and health care regulations than their residential counterparts and may face greater risk if plumbing problems go untreated.

Before selecting a commercial plumbing service, you must learn more about their rates. Make sure to inquire whether they provide free estimates or hourly rates so as to avoid being nickel-and-dimed by their plumbers and find out whether there are warranties or guarantees available for their work.

B & D Plumbing Contractor is a locally owned and operated plumbing company that specializes in commercial projects. Their team of licensed journeyman plumbers can take on anything from minor repairs to complete remodels of large-scale plumbing systems. In addition, B&D also offers 24-hour emergency repair services should issues arise that necessitate urgent attention.

This company provides various plumbing services to their customers, such as water heater installation and drain cleaning. Additionally, they can assist with installing green plumbing fixtures like low-flow toilets and hand-free faucets at affordable prices. Their dedication lies in offering high-quality plumbing solutions at reasonable costs while striving to provide quick response times and exceptional customer service – their customer base includes both commercial and residential clients.

Toilet Replacement

Toilets are used extensively in your home, and having them work correctly is of vital importance. A malfunctioning toilet can severely impact both its functionality and aesthetics, requiring our Hudson Valley plumbers to come and fix or install one as soon as possible. They will assess your current system before providing solutions that will deliver lasting results that don’t tear out walls in the process; plus, they took time to explain everything they were doing as well as make suggestions that will save us money in the long run!

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Our company has provided drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, sewer video inspection and repair, trenchless sewer line repair, plumbing services, and family ownership since 2003. Licensed and insured employees wear uniformed vehicles marked as such, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is provided with all services offered by this family-owned business.

Drain clogs are usually caused by heavy-duty build-up of soap, grease, and sand that accumulates over time, and these clogs can be challenging to clear using traditional drain snakes and chemical cleaners. To help avoid them altogether, it’s a good idea to keep hair out of bathtub drains while only flushing toilet paper or human waste through toilets.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners as these can damage pipes and fixtures, as well as put undue stress on water lines. Incorporating drain stoppers on both kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks is also advised, in addition to monitoring your water usage to avoid overspending on these lines.