Royal Enfield Motorcycles


During World War II, this company manufactured military motorcycles to be dropped by parachute along with airborne troops. To avoid being bombed out of existence, their factory relocated to Westwood Quarry near Bradford-on-Avon, where it continued manufacturing motorcycles as well as high-precision engineering machinery.

Company History

Royal Enfield Company was established by the Eadie brothers in 1896. Although originally bicycle manufacturers, after World War I, they switched over to manufacturing motorcycles as well. Military bikes produced by this company included the WD/RE 350cc side-valve and WD/CO 250cc OHV singles, which featured unique bulbous tanks and center spring girder forks for front forks – becoming among the first businesses ever using such designs.

In 1910, the company introduced a model featuring a 297cc Swiss Motosacoche V-twin engine, which was later expanded to 344cc in 1912. They entered and won races at both Brooklands and Isle of Man TT races.

Royal Enfield continues to create motorcycles today, with their most renowned model being the Bullet 350. There are multiple variants of this motorcycle available; the X variants feature blacked-out fenders, rims, turn indicators, and engine. Meanwhile, standard variants feature original old-school Royal Enfield badgering, while electric starters can also be purchased separately for use with its models.


Royal Enfield is the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer, still in continuous production, and has made a name for itself with its innovative modern classic bikes. Based in Chennai, India, and with subsidiaries that include Eicher Commercial Vehicles, which produces heavy vehicles like trucks and buses while producing Eicher-branded engines and components for Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Royal Enfield’s inaugural motorcycle model was the 350cc Bullet, manufactured at Redditch and assembled at Madras Motors in Madras. Subsequently, 500cc Bullets were also made available – these models were intended to compete with Japanese imports; both models proved extremely popular among young and old riders alike. Royal Enfield later introduced X models of their popular model featuring blacked-out components.

Cecil Barrow became the oldest person ever to complete the Isle of Man TT on a 500cc Bullet, finishing eighth. Later that same year, Johnny Brittain won the Scottish Six Days Trial riding his Bullet. To commemorate these successes, the company released its Bullet Trials Works Replica bike, designed after Johnny Brittain’s all-conquering trial mounts.


Royal Enfield made a variety of 250cc motorcycles during the late 1950s and early 1960s, such as racer GP and scrambler Moto-X models. Both bikes used Crusader frames with leading link forks equipped with Villiers Starmaker engines; Moto-X utilized a modified Crusader fitted with an OHV single engine of 248cc capacity.

Today, Royal Enfield offers several variants of its iconic Bullet. Their standard 350 model maintains its classic look while their X models boast modern amenities such as electric starters and blacked-out fenders, rims, engine, turn indicators, and battery cover.

The company also produces other motorcycles, such as the Shotgun Twin 650, designed to be both agile and comfortable during long rides. Its engine provides sufficient power to keep up with traffic while remaining quiet and smooth; first displayed at the Motoverse 2023 event in Goa, India; anticipated US availability by summer 2024.


If you’re planning on purchasing a Royal Enfield bike, you must know its prices. Knowing these can help determine whether buying it makes financial sense or if there are cheaper models out there.

Royal Enfield is a division of Eicher Motors Limited and produces motorcycles, trucks, buses, and components. Established in 1901, and one of the oldest continuously grown motorcycle brands worldwide based out of India.

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Royal Enfield plans to increase US sales via 60 domestic dealerships, giving the Indian company an edge in appealing to some of Harley-Davidson’s younger millennial demographic. While Royal Enfield may not pose an immediate threat to Harley, its organization and know-how allow it to set up functional dealer networks.

Enfield Cycle Company produced not only motorcycles but also bicycles, lawnmowers, and stationary engines. Their legacy in weapons manufacturing is evident through their logo, which features a cannon alongside “Made like a gun.”

During World War II, this factory was relocated underground in order to protect it from airborne bombings. Furthermore, mechanical “predictors” for anti-aircraft gunnery were manufactured there as well. Postwar, the site continued operating with engine production and high-precision machining operations taking place there.

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