What does Qatar Airways Business Class include?



Imagine embarking on a long-haul trip where the journey is just as unforgettable as the destination. In Qatar Airways Business Class, your experience is not only memorable, it is truly remarkable. Our newly launched Qsuite challenges the industry standard and completely redefines Business Class travel.

Hopefully, the following guides will help you decide whether upgrading to Business Class with Qatar Airways is worth it.

Ten reasons why Qatar Airways has the World’s Best Business Class:

1. Experience complete privacy in the sky-

Qatar Airways has created Business Class suites with sliding doors, taking luxury to new heights. Air travel redefines expectations of comfort so that you can relax in complete peace within the confines of your personal space.

2. Customize your comfort-

Qsuite can convert into a unique duo or quad configuration by introducing a new level of innovation.

Adjust the walls of your suite to create a personalized space designed for you and your travel companions’ needs. Set the table for a family of four and enjoy a sharing platter from the on-demand menu, or order a round of coffee and hold a business meeting with colleagues. You can even project a presentation on your Qsuite screen. And when it’s time to relax, convert your seat into a fully lie-flat bed. Two hearts can even turn into a double

3. Indulge in delectable, world-class cuisine-

Designed by the best chefs in the world, Qatar Airways is revolutionizing the meaning of ‘plane food’ and whipping up delicious, world-class dishes at altitude.

Ingredients are taken directly from the farm, bread is baked fresh in the oven, meals have been seasoned to delight, and every drink is poured, shaken, or stirred to perfection.

With plenty of international gourmet dishes, even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied with Qatar Airways’ Business Class.

4. Dine on-demand, as much or as little as you choose-

Qatar Airways dine on-demand a la carte menu provides you with the most mouth-watering dishes whenever you choose. Upon boarding the aircraft, you receive a menu from which you can order at any stage in the flight.

Indulge in a luxurious cheese plate alongside a glass of fine wine while watching a new release film. Or tuck into a succulent lamb loin served with butternut squash at 2 am, just because you feel like it.

5. Be pampered on board-

It’s difficult to remember everything for a vacation, especially when packing amenities for the flight. Qatar Airways provides every Business Class passenger with luxurious amenities to keep you pampered all day.

From lip balm to hydrating facial mist, anti-aging moisturizer to a plush set of ultra-comfortable pajamas. The 100% cotton pajama set is a favorite amongst frequent travelers, providing a comfortable outfit for your long-haul journey.

6. Rest peacefully on a fully lie-flat bed-

Qatar Airways is doing everything possible to minimize travelers’ jet lag and ensure your journey is the best you’ve ever experienced. Introducing fully lie-flat beds, where you can sleep peacefully atop a quilted mattress with a plush duvet and pillows. Going the extra mile for comfort, Qatar Airways offers a turn-down service with chocolate on your pad.

7. Relax with ambient lighting that mimics natural light-

Experience sunrise and sunset from the aircraft, with advanced LED lighting that helps you adjust to changing time zones.

The relaxing ambiance accompanied by the comfort of the fully lie-flat bed ensures every traveler will arrive at their destination feeling as refreshed as possible.

8. Stay diverted with endless entertainment options-

When you embark on a journey with Qatar Airways Business Class, watch a new release film from your relaxing suite in the sky. With over 4,000 entertainment options, you can watch many movies, laugh at your favorite series, and listen to the radio while listening through your complimentary Bose headphones.

Not only this, but you can also stay connected with those on the ground using the onboard Wi-Fi on most aircraft.

9. Take advantage of generous storage and advanced suite technology-

Creating purpose for every space within Qsuite, each seat has been designed for comfort and convenience. Open up your wide, plush armrest to find a generous storage hole for travel knick-knacks you’d prefer not to put overhead.

Each suite has an all-access power port, USB, HDMI, and NFC ports.

10. Experience outstanding service-

Qatar Airways cabin crew are internationally known for their award-winning hospitality and world-class standard of care.

From receiving a luxurious beverage upon boarding the aircraft to ensuring the restrooms are always in good condition, the Qatar Airways cabin crew ensures that every traveler’s needs are anticipated and taken care of.

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