Victoria Cakes and Pool Noodler


This pool offers the ideal place to unwind. Not only is it huge, but there’s even an on-site cafe offering food and refreshments! Plus, their staff is extremely welcoming and friendly – genuinely making this experience enjoyable.

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It’s delicious

Victoria’s sponge cake is an easy and tasty way to commemorate any special event or anniversary, whether that be a birthday or any other reason. Not only can it impress friends, but this recipe also works perfectly well on vegan diets!

Use pink and green sprinkles to represent water. Push two tiny dolls through jelly rings as children float in rubber floats; spread some buttercream on their heads, then dip into green sprinkles for bathing caps; secure 5cm pieces of jelly snakes together using either buttercream or toothpicks to form a rubber mattress atop the cake.

It’s perfect for parties.

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While you’re lounging poolside, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset! Not only is it an incredible way to wind down after a long day, but it can also serve as an opportunity to discover some new music that’s making waves!