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About Elwood Clothing:

Elwood Clothing was founded as a skateboarding brand in the 90s and has since become a well-known and respected brand in the streetwear industry.

Today, Elwood Clothing includes a collection of everyday staples, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s designed and curated in LA. Their focus on quality & innovation has helped the company become a successful brand with a loyal following of customers worldwide.

Starting with cult-favorite loungewear and closet staples, the brand has since evolved to include fashion capsule collections, exclusive graphics, and monthly vintage drops (that sell out in hours). Their Los Angeles design team pays close attention to every detail, resulting in high-quality pieces at a price that won’t break the bank.

Stay tuned, as in this Elwood Clothing review, I’ll go over their core collection, share customer feedback, sizing information, FAQs, and more.

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To give you an overview, here are some potential highlights of shopping at Elwood Clothing:

  • Style: Elwood Clothing offers a unique style that pays homage to authentic vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s with hand-distressed details and single stitching. 
  • Quality: Many customers report that Elwood Clothing offers good quality products made with durable materials, like 100% organic cotton.
  • Affordable: Compared to other fashion brands, Elwood Clothing is relatively inexpensive, which can be a pro for those looking for trendy clothing at a lower price point.
  • Variety: Elwood Clothing offers a variety of products, from t-shirts & sweatshirts to jackets and pants. Their line spans from loungewear staples to statement fashion pieces, which can appeal to many customers.

Overall, Elwood Clothing can be a good choice for casual and trendy clothing at an affordable price.

What Makes Elwood Clothing Different?

Elwood Clothing differentiates itself from other clothing brands in several ways:

  1. Vintage-inspired designs: Elwood Clothing’s designs are heavily influenced by streetwear and vintage fashion from the ’80s and ’90s, which sets them apart from traditional fashion brands. This gives their clothing an edgy aesthetic that appeals to customers looking for something different.
  2. Affordable price point: Elwood Clothing offers fashionable clothing at an affordable price point, making it accessible to a broader range of customers.
  3. Unisex designs: Elwood Clothing offers many unisex designs that can be worn by both men and women, which can appeal to customers looking for versatile clothing options.
  4. Variety: Elwood Clothing offers various clothing options, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and jackets. This variety allows customers to mix and match different styles and create unique outfits that will become closet staples.
  5. Quality: Elwood uses 100% organic cotton in their Core Collection, making for durable pieces that stand the test of time.

Elwood Clothing’s streetwear and vintage influence, affordability, unisex designs, variety, and collaborations make them a distinctive clothing brand in the fashion industry.


Elwood Clothing offers a variety of sizes for both men’s and women’s clothing. Here are some general guidelines for their sizing:

  • T-Shirts: Elwood Clothing’s t-shirts are generally true to size, so you should order your standard size. They also recommend calling your size for the oversized tee for a roomier fit.
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Elwood’s Crewnecks feature an oversized vintage-inspired fit, so they recommend ordering your typical size. Their hoodies run with a more standard fit, so if you’re looking for an oversized fit, order a size up.
  • Pants: Elwood Clothing’s pants are generally true to size, so you should order your standard size. However, if you plan to wear multiple layers underneath, you may want to size up.

It’s important to note that sizing may vary depending on the product and style, so you should always check the sizing chart provided on Elwood Clothing’s website before ordering.

Contact their customer service for assistance if you are still determining your size. I’ll share those details at the end of this Elwood Clothing review.

5 Elwood Clothing Core Collection Bestsellers:

Elwood’s Core Collection features their classic Oversized Tee, Crewneck, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, and Sweatpants in vintage washes of brown, white, grey, and black. They’re made from lightweight brushed terry in 100% cotton.

Seasonal releases are also offered (3 new beautiful shades every quarter). They are limited releases, so “once they’re gone, they’re often gone for good,” says the brand.

Elwood has added fashion capsule collections to their bi-monthly drop rotation. Several influencers across the internet have sported their workwear-inspired Petrol Jackets and Industry Pant during the Fall/ Winter season. There will be even more exciting drops of workwear, shirts, shorts, and woven pants this spring and summer.

Let’s look at the basics from the core collection to keep this Elwood Clothing review moving along.

Elwood Clothing Oversized Core Tee:

Elwood’s vintage Oversized Core Tee is so popular it had to be restocked four times! This cult favorite is made from 100% cotton, washed, single-stitched, and hand distressed.

When this drop-shoulder tee becomes a staple in your work-from-home outfit, you’ll want to pair it with matching sweatshirts or sweatpants (which I’ll cover next) for ultimate coziness.


  • XS = chest 21″ x length 26″
  • S = chest 22″ x length 27″
  • M = chest 23″ x length 28″
  • L = chest 24″ x length 29″
  • XL = chest 25″ x length 30″
  • XXL = chest 26″ x length 31″

With the brand’s try it before you buy option, you can select up to 8 items from Elwood for seven days for free. Just send back whatever you don’t want to keep, and you won’t be charged for those items. The Oversized Core Tee costs an affordable $30. If you love it, it’s also offered as part of a $75 multipack featuring white, gray, and black shades.

Elwood Clothing Core Sweatshirt:

The Core Sweatshort fits just above the knee and has a slightly wider thigh. It has long drawstrings for a laidback look and one pocket on the back to throw your phone into when you’re on the go.

Style it with a matching tee and work boots, or mix it with different colors from the core collection—they all flow together!


  • XS = waist 25-27″ x inseam 4.5″
  • S = waist 28-30″ x inseam 5″
  • M = waist 31-33″ x inseam 5″
  • L = waist 34-36″ x inseam 5″
  • XL = waist 36-38″ x inseam 5″
  • XXL = waist 38-40″ x inseam 5.5″

The Core Sweatshort sells for $55.

Elwood Clothing Oversized Core Crewneck:

Once you put on the Core Crewneck, you’ll want to eat, sleep, and live in it forever. Its baggy sleeves and drop shoulder make it effortless to style and won’t add any frumpiness to your fit.

The exciting thing about Elwood Clothing is its variety of unique shades, evoking nostalgia for the ’90s skatewear scene. This crewneck is available in their chill core colors but also in brighter variations which you can find with the seasonal releases.


  • XS = chest 21″ x length 26″
  • S = chest 22″ x length 27″
  • M = chest 23″ x length 28″
  • L = chest 24″ x length 29″
  • XL = chest 25″ x length 30″
  • XXL = chest 26″ x length 31″

The Core Crewneck comes to $65.

Elwood Clothing Core Hoodie:

Featuring eye-catching details such as a slightly cropped fit and textured hems, the Core Hoodie is the epitome of fashion that meets everyday comfort.

I’d recommend ordering it in your favorite shade from the core collection because it’s bound to become your go-to during the colder summer nights or days when you want to retreat into a shell. It’ll keep you warm while feeling like a chic streetwear influencer.


  • XS = chest 21″ x length 24″
  • S = chest 23″ x length 25″
  • M = chest 25″ x length 26″
  • L = chest 27″ x length 27″
  • XL = chest 29″ x length 28″
  • XXL = chest 31″ x length 29″

This Core Hoodie costs $75.

Elwood Clothing Core Sweatpants:

And lastly, in this Elwood Clothing review, we’ve come to the Core Sweatpant. This classic piece is a standard fit and high rise, inspired by vintage garments, and made from 100% cotton.

Pair with the Oversized Core Tee in a matching shade to complete the ensemble, or try it with a more fitted top and accessories, depending on your mood du jour. If the brand recommends ordering a size up, you want more wiggle room in these pants, but the regular sizing is as follows:

  • XS = waist 25-27″ x inseam 27″
  • S = waist 28-30″ x inseam 27.5″
  • M = waist 31-33″ x inseam 28″
  • L = waist 34-36″ x inseam 28.5″
  • XL = waist 36-38″ x inseam 29″
  • XXL = waist 38-40″ x inseam 29.5″

You can find these Core Sweatpants for $65.

Who Is Elwood Clothing For?

Elwood Clothing is a streetwear brand that caters to both men and women interested in comfortable, casual clothing with a trendy edge.

Offers the brand a range of products, and sweatshirts, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, and accessories. Elwood Clothing’s target market is generally young adults interested in fashion and music culture.

Elwood Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To round out this Elwood Clothing review, I searched the web for some testimonials from customers since the brand’s website doesn’t publish too many. As of May 10, 2023, I found some ratings and comments on Amazon, Reddit, and TikTok.

Hopping over to a post on Reddit, one user shared about the Core Tee 3 Pack, “I got a recommendation from one of my friends about this brand a while ago too. The best thing about Elwood is their multipacks, they aren’t too pricey, and I didn’t mind investing a little more cash on some shirts.”

TikTok content creator @abbcat_ sported pieces from the brand’s core collection and raved, “I love this stuff, my boyfriend loves this stuff, we seriously wear it all the time.”

Wearing the sweatpants and crewneck from Elwood’s Spring Core Collection, @adeliaclark stated, “These are the absolute comfiest things I’ve ever put on, and you just don’t want to take them off.”

After trying on their clothing, people are eager to share their experiences with the brand. Many positive Elwood Clothing reviews reveal that the core collection is comfortable, true to size, and good value for price.

It’s also good to mention how large they are on TikTok. i.e., check out #elwoodclothing on TikTok (2.4M views).

Is Elwood Clothing Worth It?

If you’ve come this far in my Elwood Clothing review, you can already guess the verdict—the brand is worth checking out. Timeless, detail-oriented, and consistently high-quality, their clothing has been admired by many over the decades.


If Elwood Clothing is inaccessible to you, there are several alternatives on the market that you can check out:

  • Cuts Clothing – They offer minimalist and premium t-shirts for the modern man. Their “work leisure” tees come in three trendy cuts, designed for office, travel, and date night. 
  • Alternative Apparel – The brand sells comfortable, simple garments that are sustainable & affordably priced. They sell various high-quality pieces for men, women, and kids.
  • Panagia – This brand also has a high customer rating, a relatively affordable price, and excellent quality, which leads us to say that it is worth buying.

Where to Buy Elwood Clothing:

Does the Elwood Clothing review catch your eye? Shop the collection through their official website at elwoodclothing.com, brick and mortar in LA at 305 S Hewitt Street.

Elwood Clothing Promotions & Discounts:

At the time of this Elwood Clothing review, there are no active promotions on the brand’s website apart from free US shipping over $100. That said, I’d recommend checking their social media and signing up for the email newsletter for $10 off.


Who owns Elwood Clothing?

The current owners of Elwood Clothing are Jackson Wirht & Justin Saul.

What is Elwood Clothing’s Shipping Policy?

Elwood Clothing ships its products to customers within the United States and internationally. Their shipping policy is as follows: Free standard shipping with the US on orders over $100 Typically takes 3-7 days to arrive, depending on the destination. Expedited shipping varies according to the weight of the package and destination. Customers will receive a tracking phone number once the order has been sent out.

What is Elwood Clothing’s Returns Policy?

Elwood Clothing offers refunds and exchanges within 30 days of the delivery date. Here are the details of the brand’s policy: Must be all items returned in their condition, unworn, unwashed, and with all tags attached. Must be returned accompanied by the original packing slip or order confirmation email. Must-be customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless the item is defective or there was an error with the order. To initiate a return, customers can go to the website and click Returns, fill out the necessary info (including the reason for return), print out and attack the return label, then drop off the package at a local USPS. Once Elwood Clothing brand receives returned items, they will process the exchange or refund within 7 to 10 business days.

How to Contact Elwood Clothing?

I hope you enjoyed this Elwood Clothing review. To get in touch with the brand, use the following channels: Email: service@elwoodclothing.com Instagram: @elwoodclothing Their customer service team can assist you Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM PST.

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