Nestlé Business Services


About Nestlé Business Services:

Nestlé Business Services (NBS) is a shared service of Nestlé. NBS is a shared service center of Nestlé and supports the services across continents. At NBS, they value their employees’ talents and work tirelessly to ensure everyone on the team is engaged and putting out their best effort at work. They also prioritize personal growth and work-life balance.

The benefits of joining Nestlé Business Services (NBS) include-

  • Increasing knowledge of Nestlé’s Shared Services Business
  • Integration with a multicultural team
  • Both regional and global exposure
  • Workplace flexibility Engagement and well-being activities
  • Flex Benefits: At NBS, you can select the benefit that best suits your needs.
  • Join the Nestlé Club to receive discounts from many partners.
  • Free java (and good coffee)
  • A company laptop and other tools tailored to business requirements
  • E-learning courses and medical support accessible at the office
  • The office offers E-learning and training programs with medical support to help you achieve your goals.
  • Professional advancement and options for an international career

Employment benefits at Nestlé Business Services (NBS)-

Employee support:

To be resilient and to feel good while you go about your daily activities, it is crucial to have emotional support at home and work. When the unexpected occurs or you feel overwhelmed, Nestlé offers access to private counselors who can help. ​


A satisfactory salary and benefits package will be given to you as compensation for your contribution. Also, you will profit from Nestlé products offered at a discount or even for free. Even retail goods, services, and activities will be inexpensive.

Parental leave:

Your new family life can start well with at least Eighteen weeks of paid parental leave for the primary caregiver and the option to take additional leave. Additional perks and resources, such as creches or feeding rooms, will be available at the workplace.

What do they offer candidates?

Nestlé Business Services (NBS) is the “heart” of Nestle Group. NBS is a multicultural team that cares about providing high-quality services to support the agility of e-digital innovation of all Nestlé businesses.

What does NBA look for in candidates?

To bring NBA’s vision to life of being the preferred partner in providing services to the entire Nestlé Group, they are looking for talents who are

  • Eager to learn,
  • Enjoy being in a different environment,
  • Are “digitally savvy” and want to grow in num dynamic context.

Why should you join Nestlé company?

Innovative and drive change:

When you work with Nestlé, you’ll be a part of a flexible and collaborative workplace that challenges your ideas and promotes creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Also, you join a Nestlé culture based on respect and encourage experimentation and learning. At Nestlé, you can confidently create, challenge, and promote change because they have learned from experience that we can accomplish far more together than individually.

Make an impact:

Nestlé believes in the power of ‘good’ to enhance the quality of life. This belief fuels their commitment, and they use their resources and expertise to contribute to a healthier future for people and the planet. You’ll be part of a company aiming to make a positive impact.

Learn and grow:

Nestle provides a global platform for learning, developing, and reaching your full potential. They are present in almost 190 countries. The size of this company gives international career options across many brands and products and the chance to learn from coworkers’ diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

Nestlé Global Awards:

Nestlé gets awards from regional, national, and worldwide organizations for their supportive workplace culture, associate-centric approach, and career possibilities. Each prize is a genuine testimonial to the company’s culture and demonstrates its commitment to enhancing employees’ working lives. Everyone at Nestlé who continues to raise the bar is to be commended. Here is a list of a few awards they have won.

  • World best workplaces 2022
  • University World’s most attractive employers
  • Bloom Berg gender-equality Index 2022
  • Fortune change the world 2021
  • Fortune World’s most admired companies 2021
  • Bloom Berg gender-equality Index 2021
  • Forbes 2021 is the best world employer for diversity.

Other Nestlé Business Services:

Nestlé Business Excellence (NBE) was established in 2014 to lead a significant transformation in the Nestlé Group. This aims at providing fuel for growth through the optimization of End to End (E2E) flows, the delivery of best-in-class business services, and the support to demand-focused organizations. NBE has three goals: To standardize what can be standardized, simplify what can be simplified, and share what can be shared at the highest possible level.

NGBS (Nestlé Global Business Services) is within NBE. This structure ensures an integrated service delivery model for Centers of Scale and Centers of Competence and will hence be at the heart of company changes.

Final thought:

Nestlé business services work with thousands of suppliers, hundreds of partners, and millions of farmers around the world. They care for their employees and aim to develop thriving, resilient communities as part of a secure, long-term supply chain. NBS recruits youths and trains them to become more innovative and gain experience to improve the world.

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