Lighted Gingerbread House


Be the envy of everyone at Christmas time with this ceramic gingerbread house! Perfect for tabletops, mantels, and kitchens during this holiday season.

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The dough contains fragrant spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) to repel ants while sweetening it up and aiding its quick rebake time. Molasses provide sweetness while helping the pieces to rejoin quickly after baking.

Product Description

A lighted gingerbread house is an impressive Christmas decoration featuring an illuminated base and LED lights, boasting a charming candy design with red doors, peppermints, gumdrops, candy canes, and frosting trim.

It makes an elegant addition to any holiday display and makes an excellent present for anyone on your list. Additionally, its convenient box packaging makes wrapping and shipping hassle-free.

Make this project an enjoyable and memorable family activity with this fun project for all the members of your household! Make sure you set aside enough time for this task, which often takes several gatherings: making dough and pattern pieces, rolling out and baking pieces, and finally, when everything is finished, assembling and decorating!

The recipe is simple to create, with various templates readily available online. After cutting out a template from card stock or cookie sheets, use a marker to outline its shape on cardboard. In order to roll out dough without sticking too much, a large, flat surface and some flour are also necessary.

Once the dough is formed and rolled out, it should be put into the refrigerator for at least two hours (preferably overnight) so it becomes firm yet malleable when working with it. At this point, you should also add any windows or doors as desired.

Once your dough has been chilled and your pieces baked, they need to cool for assembly. This will make handling the fragile parts much more straightforward. Once assembled, royal icing serves as an adhesive that holds everything together securely – perfect for grabbing houses together while decorating with whatever type of candy your heart desires!

This festively lit gingerbread house will make an attractive display on any tabletop or mantel in any room of your home or a holiday village display. The setup is simple and will add festive cheer.

Product Features

Make this holiday season memorable with a lighted gingerbread house! Crafted of resin, this resin house resembles a sugary cookie with white frosting accents, peppermint candies, gumdrops, and holly berries adorning its facade. Fractured windows, a red door with star cutouts, and two charming gingerbread people standing by its steps further add charm. When plugged in, this house lights up inside with an LED C7 bulb for maximum fun – the ideal piece to add festive cheer to any tabletop display or mantel display when combined with other holiday decor pieces!

Add warmth and cheer to any space with this delightful, hand-painted gingerbread house that illuminates your holiday decorations with this charming piece. Featuring hand-painted ornaments such as peppermint candy, gingerbread man/woman figures, and more. Additionally, it boasts beautiful decorations, including holly, berries, and green icing with white frosting for extra decoration!

This LED-illuminated gingerbread house offers delightful hand-painted details that add a magical touch to any decor. The warm LED light illuminates every aspect of the house, from its frosted rooftop and candy cane columns to its timeless elegance, delighting guests and homeowners alike. At just 9.5″ in height, its compact size makes it suitable for kitchen countertops or dining room tables alike.

This lighted gingerbread house runs on three AA batteries and operates on a 6-hour timer. Batteries are included for its operation. Handling its coated electrical wires may cause harm; please keep them away from children. Prop 65 Warning: Due to lead content found within this product, California authorities have identified it as being capable of causing birth defects or reproductive harm, and it should not come in contact with bare hands directly or with damp cloth before and after every use.

Product Options

A lighted gingerbread house is an eye-catching decoration perfect for adding festive cheer to any home decor. These houses typically boast traditional or whimsical designs adorned with candy elements like gum drops, peppermint candies, and licorice whips; others even feature windows and red doors decorated with star cutouts – illuminating any home during Christmas time and providing an inviting glow on tabletops, mantels, and other holiday displays.

Construction of a lighted gingerbread house begins by creating templates from cardboard that serve as guides in building its walls and roof. If the house will be internally lit, windows should also be cut out at this stage in order to insert lighting fixtures. Once all pieces have been cut out and assembled with icing – vegetable shortening-based frosting would hold up better in an oven than butter-based versions! – an assembly date can be determined.

Some people get very creative when creating gingerbread houses, mixing sugar, water, and food coloring to form “stained glass” window panes. Others opt for beating egg whites into fluffy snow-like substance for the roofs and chimneys of their gingerbread homes. Others focus on creating cute and tasty treats!

Lighted gingerbread houses offer the perfect festive touch without all of the effort or expense of baking and building their own home from scratch. Available from various retailers and in multiple colors, these houses can add festive flare without the hassle of baking from scratch. Most models include mini lights in addition to being the house itself; those wanting an added splash of sparkle may opt for one featuring glitter coating applied directly onto its exterior walls.

Product Alternatives

Add a sweet touch to your holiday decor with this light-up gingerbread house! Made of resin, this resin piece boasts an eye-catching gingerbread design with swirls of frosting, candy canes, gum drops, and two gingerbread people standing by its front door. Completed by windows and red door; dusted with powdered sugar “snow.” A switch at its base casts warm yellow light for an inviting display that stands out. Pair with other lighted gingerbread village pieces for an impressive collection!

This light-up gingerbread house kit is a fun alternative to traditional equipment and is sure to please customers! Plus, its ease of building makes it great fun for children, too! Purchase some graham crackers, royal icing, and candy from your local shop, and then build the foundation using candy before layering up! When finished displaying, place it in an acrylic container for display – or serve it up at your bakery or restaurant as edible decorations! Note: This item can also be shipped directly to customers via drop shipping! Please enter their total quantity needed below before selecting drop shipping addresses when prompted – when setting this option on.