Mario Bounce House


Bring the video game characters you love to life with this colorful Mario bounce house! Parents and guests can watch all the fun through the safety netting surrounding its sides.

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Our blue Mario castle bouncer is ideal for school fun fairs, fundraising events, and any party-themed event fairs and festivals. It can accommodate up to 12 kids at once!

John Scurlock

John Scurlock of Shreveport, Louisiana, is widely recognized as the inventor of the bounce house. In 1959, he designed and debuted an inflatable castle at a children’s party that became an instant success; over subsequent years, his design was further refined until, by the late 60s, inflatable castles had become ubiquitously used at carnivals and fairs across America.

Scurlock was known for creating many innovations throughout his lifetime, such as inflatable domes, tents, and signs; air cushions for fire departments to use when people jumped off buildings; as well as air cushions explicitly designed to catch people who jumped off buildings or other heights. Scurlock was known for being an innovative thinker who always sought ways technology could better lives.

His work in the inflatable industry was an extension of his passion for engineering and innovation, advocating strongly for safety while supporting children’s health. His contributions will long be remembered.

John Scurlock is an award-winning mountain photographer and pilot who recently published his new book, Snow& Spire. The book chronicles a decade-long project in which he flew his home-built plane around the Cascade mountains to photograph isolated jagged peaks.

Mario and all his friends will surely enjoy this fantastic bouncy castle! Boasting beautiful graphics, it can hold up to eight children simultaneously. Your console-crazed kids will have hours of fun jumping up and down, collecting power-ups, and defeating Bowser before climbing up the wall and sliding their way to victory!


An inflatable bounce house can provide children with exercise and socialization. Furthermore, its use can help improve hand-eye coordination and balance development – activities essential for younger children. Bounce houses come in many shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different age groups. There are two primary categories of bounce houses: residential and commercial. Both types are intended to provide safe fun-filled experiences; the only real distinction is in terms of materials used – residential models are typically made from polyester/nylon Oxford material, while commercial versions use vinyl/heavy PVC instead. The material composition makes a substantial impactful statement about its durability!

Nylon is the go-to material for residential bounce houses due to its strength and ability to resist bruises while remaining less expensive than vinyl or polyester Oxford options. Nylon comes in different weight classifications depending on fabric density; higher denier numbers indicate thicker and more substantial fabric.

Nylon absorbs more moisture than vinyl or polyester Oxford materials, so any inflatable must be completely dry before storage to avoid mildew growth. Mildew can be easily removed using bleach and hot water if it does occur; commercial bounce houses tend to use heavier PVC construction that will withstand frequent usage; though commercial models might cost more, this investment ensures long-term usage of the inflatable.


Your children will love spending hours inside this officially licensed Mario Cart bounce house! From its iconic characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi to an inside basketball hoop for added entertainment fun – your children are sure to have hours of entertainment here!

This castle-themed inflatable is ideal for birthday parties, school fairs, fundraising events, or any kid-related celebration. It has space for up to 10 children at once and a built-in inflatable safety step for adults entering and exiting safely. Made of solid polyester oxford material, which resists mildew growth as well as rough play. Though polyester may be durable when wet, it may require air drying before being put away.


Safety should always be top of mind when using bounce houses with children. Check the house before each use to make sure all ropes, nets, and cords are secure; supervise carefully during each visit as it allows adults to quickly respond to incidents that arise and prevent them from worsening while also setting an example for their younger users. Set limits on the number of children entering at once to prevent overcrowding; set maximum capacity limits so as to prevent overflow; create appropriate behavior rules and post them throughout the play area; etc.

Inflatables offer children a fun and healthy way to exercise, yet injuries do occur. Minor scrapes and bruises may be treated using bandages or an ice pack, while more severe injuries require immediate medical care.