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Little Log House Company’s small log cabin features an eye-catching facade reminiscent of something out of a fairytale classic, handcrafted with large semi-round logs and finished off with rustic timber flooring for maximum realism.

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Steve Bauer has amassed an extensive collection of historic structures on his farm known as Pioneer Village through years of restoration work, as a result of which they now open it annually to visitors for one weekend to view all these vehicles, tractors, buildings, and more.

What is a Little Log House?

Log cabins have become an increasingly popular trend within the tiny house movement, offering many benefits, including lower utility bills and less debt. Our company also provides plans for custom log houses with innovative space-saving features built right in.

Oregon-based company Log Homes and Cabins ships its unique log homes and cabins throughout the U.S. Each piece is handcrafted, giving each piece its natural look and feel. Full-scribe log construction ensures that corners fit together without gaps or unevenness, while mortise-and-tenon joints provide strength for a vital structure that’s both durable and beautiful.

Timber trail cabins are one of the most sought-after models, as they can be customized in multiple sizes to meet specific customer requirements. Boasting a gable roof and front porch, these structures make an excellent space to take advantage of outdoor life while their pine flooring creates a cozy atmosphere inside.

Hermit’s Cottage from this company is another attractive option, boasting a cozy 380-square-foot floor plan. Perfect for bird watchers or hunters, it even comes complete with a shed to store supplies!

Plymouth Cabin offers another attractive choice with its gable roof and covered porch, perfect for spending time outside with its large windows that allow easy viewing of birds and other wildlife. In addition, this company provides several customization options, such as loft space and dormers, to customize your cabin home further.

Little Log House Pioneer Village is an active historical farmstead that’s open to the public on specific dates each year. It boasts more than 45 restored buildings, a replica of Hastings Spiral Bridge, and over 40,000 square feet of flower gardens – perfect for wedding receptions, reunions, or any special events! Additionally, owners Robert and Karen Bauer use it as a venue for hosting their receptions, reunions, or other events on this beautiful property.

Why Choose a Little Log House?

If you’re considering moving into a log home, you must consider its benefits carefully. Not only can they provide more comfortable living arrangements, but they are also visually stunning; something about their natural charm sets them apart from other homes in your neighborhood.

Not only do little log houses possess beauty, but they’re also very affordable – built for a fraction of the price and maintenance requirements associated with conventional homes. Furthermore, log cabins make an ideal option for people living minimalist lifestyles.

The Little Log House Company offers an assortment of tiny log homes and cabin kits, each inspired by fairytales with breathtakingly detailed natural wood logs. Their flagship design, “Stunning Gate Lodge,” is an example of their creativity; this home features large semi-round records covered in wooden shingled roof and is perfect for unwinding in style; double glazed windows feature beautiful handmade details while the porch makes the ideal spot to relax while watching nature pass by.

One advantage of owning a little log house is its versatility; you can customize it easily to meet your specific needs, including choosing how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how large of a kitchen you would like, and adding loft space or basement areas as desired. Furthermore, each log used can be explicitly cut according to your specifications – giving you control over exactly how your log home should look!

If you’re interested in purchasing a small log house, be sure to research all available companies and models before making your selection. Although some might be cheaper than others, they all provide high-quality products. It is also essential to factor in materials and labor costs when calculating total costs; some manufacturers offer kits including log walls, roof joists, and doors, while others only supply an empty shell that needs finishing yourself – expenses can quickly add up, so be sure to budget accordingly when choosing the model you wish to buy.

How Much Does a Little Log House Cost?

Log cabins don’t necessarily cost more than traditional homes, contrary to popular belief. Their cost depends on several factors, such as location and materials used; generally speaking, a small log house can be constructed for around $125-175 per square foot, including construction and appliance/fixture installation, but this doesn’t include land costs.

Cost estimates for log cabin building depend heavily on the type of logs used, with hand-hewn records being more costly than machine-cut logs. Therefore, working with an established builder in your area to get an estimate of costs associated with construction is recommended; additionally, it would help if you researched average home prices in your region so as to get an accurate understanding of what budget to set.

Not only should you factor in the initial costs associated with building your cabin, but you should also factor in maintenance and upkeep costs, such as staining, caulking, and cleaning costs. Furthermore, investing in a high-quality septic tank system – typically between $3,500 and $8000 is sufficient – would also be wise, as heating may need to be provided through propane or natural gas lines.

If you want to save money when building your small log house, prefabricated models may be an economical solution. Prefab models tend to be less costly than custom log cabins and typically more energy efficient; additionally, fewer contractors are usually needed than with traditional log homes. It should be noted, though, that prefabricated models don’t allow as many customization options as hewn or log cabin models do.

Some people build their dream log cabin but find the cost too prohibitive to afford, leading them to be frustrated when they discover they cannot obtain a mortgage for it. To avoid this problem, be realistic with regard to the floor plan and features desired. Also, try cutting costs by choosing cheaper siding than accurate logs when possible.

What are the Benefits of a Little Log House?

Log homes offer many advantages over other types of houses, not least being more accessible to heat and relaxed due to the natural insulation provided by wood. Furthermore, log homes often boast plenty of windows, letting in plenty of natural sunlight that keeps the home cozy during colder weather months.

Little log houses can be very affordable. You can easily find log cabin kits for sale that include everything necessary to build your ideal home – including foundation options if necessary!

Log houses are typically designed with an open concept to foster family togetherness, making it easy for everyone in the household to see and communicate with one another – which can strengthen bonds among members of your home. Furthermore, log cabins offer the perfect escape from everyday life – you could spend weekends relaxing by the lake or admiring mountain vistas!

Log homes may seem more often associated with weekend cabins or vacation properties, but more and more people are making them their primary residences as they realize how enjoyable and healthy life in a log home can be.

There are various styles of log homes on the market, but for something with more rustic and unique charm, consider purchasing from Little Log House Company. They specialize in designing affordable custom log homes explicitly tailored to each customer and will work closely with them to create a home that meets your requirements.

The Little Log House Company provides an assortment of sizes and floor plans, but their Plymouth cabin is ideal for those on a limited budget. This log cabin features an open concept design featuring kitchen, dining, and living areas combined – along with a covered porch for additional outdoor enjoyment and an upstairs bedroom!