Ivy League Learning Center


Though many perceive Ivy League education to offer career advantages, its success should not be taken as a guarantee. Public universities are also known as Public Ivies, which can provide an educational experience similar to Ivies but at much-reduced costs.

Admissions into these schools are highly competitive and include meeting SAT/ACT scores, recommendations, and other achievements as requirements for consideration.


The Ivy League Kids offer safe and enriching before and after school care to Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Their program emphasizes physical recreation and academic enrichment in a caring, supportive environment, with strict reporting requirements from the New York State Department of Health and compliance with child abuse prevention laws.

Ivy League Preschool is a smoke-free environment both inside and outside the building. The staff strives to minimize discipline issues among its students while encouraging reflective communication as an outlet to express feelings. A zero-tolerance policy regarding violence applies; guns, war toys, or any associated items cannot be brought onto campus; show-and-tell items must remain stored safely until teachers approve them for display purposes.

Additionally, each child’s emergency release information will be filed with the Director and may be shared with parents, if necessary, on an individual case basis.

Most Ivy League schools boast rigorous campus safety programs. Yale University in New Haven features the LiveSafe app, which gives students and staff a quick way to communicate with the Yale Police Force. Dartmouth College and Cornell University both feature departments of public safety that conduct theft awareness programs and provide students with personal alarm devices they can wear around their necks or attach to their belts for extra peace of mind.

Nurturing Environment

Ivy League schools are highly prestigious institutions with rigorous curricula. Attending an Ivy League university can signify academic and career success, leading to better job prospects after graduation and providing access to outstanding alumni networks and research programs. Attending one is unnecessary; many other schools offer equally competitive educations.

An environment that fosters child development is crucial. Development occurs rapidly before age six, so supporting them is critical for optimal growth. A nurturing environment helps children adapt, develop, and socialize successfully.

At Ivy League Learning Center, our teachers are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. Each is trained specifically to cater to each child’s needs, making the Ivy League Learning Center the ideal place for your child to discover, create, and grow. Choose Ivy League Learning Center today so your little one can find new things while exploring within a warm, caring, scholarly atmosphere!

Ada Weinstock has been part of the Ivy League family for 16 years, serving 2-year-olds and Pre-K programs. Her most significant source of joy comes from helping students read for the first time or complete arts and crafts projects with pride. Michelle Hornstein is an assistant teacher working with three-year-olds; she graduated from Rider University 11 years ago and has been with Ivy League both day camp and Preschool programs ever since.

Social Interactions

Teachers provide children with opportunities to develop social skills and interact with one another throughout their school day, providing both play- and academic-based centers, using visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic methods of instruction explicitly tailored for each learner.

Ivy League schools are legendary higher education institutions known for their distinguished academic programs and rigorous admission standards. Ranked among the country’s premier universities, they offer many benefits to their students, including scholarships, research opportunities, alumni networks, and extensive alumni support networks.

At Ivy League, our teachers work tirelessly to make every child feel secure and supported. Early years development is at its fastest rate; therefore, we strive to meet every child where they are on their journey.

Denise Daniels is an energetic teacher dedicated to encouraging young minds. With over two decades of experience teaching special needs and early childhood education in various environments, Denise is now part of an Ivy League team! Living in Commack with her husband and three children, Denise believes a foundation built upon social interactions and early exposure will pave the way to tremendous success in grade school and beyond.


Ivy League learning centers provide children with various educational and personal growth opportunities. Their curriculum emphasizes six keys for academic achievement: environment, development, nurturing, adaption, and socializing – helping children not only excel academically but become contributing members of society as a result.

Working at an Ivy League education center offers numerous advantages, from competitive salaries and benefits packages to networking opportunities and selectiveness of admission. While “Ivy League” initially referred to universities that participated in NCAA sports leagues, now this term refers to some of the world’s premier universities.

Denise Daniels has taught at Ivy League Day Care Center for over a year as a certified special education teacher. She enjoys watching children develop into individuals while developing a love of learning in her Duckling infant class – she lives in Commack with her husband and three children.