A New Inner Harbor Learning Center


Finding child care that fits our busy lives can be difficult, but one Inner Harbor organization hopes to ease that burden by opening a learning center.

Fisher looks the part of a mariner with his ruddy complexion and thick sea captain beard, yet his passion for education far outstrips that image.


Students engage in a curriculum that addresses all areas of learning. Classrooms are organized to foster an ideal learning environment that promotes organizational skills while teaching self-control and independence. Schedules typically include circle time, lessons, art, science, language learning skills, socialization, music, and physical education classes.

Academic Tiers are designed to assist students in mastering core subjects like reading, math, writing, and social studies while simultaneously developing vocabulary, pragmatic language use, metacognitive processing, phonological awareness, and visual/sensory discrimination. Reading instruction varies based on each student’s instructional level and aims at building reading fluency by decoding sound-symbol relationships for greater reading fluency.

KidaEUR(tm) ‘s Harbor Learning Center boasts a team of teachers who strive to give their students the best educational experience. Their passion for instilling lifelong learning has propelled many children past the boundaries of their center.


Harbor provides an environment that nurtures children, cultivates their imagination, and develops strong learners and leaders who will demonstrate compassion and tolerance within our global society. At Eagle Harbor, students learn to view themselves as works-in-progress, understanding that meaningful work is vital to a fulfilling existence. Furthermore, the school emphasizes play as a method for encouraging problem-solving and creativity among children of all ages. As well as classroom instruction, this school offers extracurricular activities beyond classroom learning, such as field trips, music and movement classes, art projects, library media resources, and technology use. They even have a full-time nurse! Furthermore, enrollment options allow parents to select an enrollment schedule that best fits their family.

Physical Activity

Physical fitness is an integral component of children’s learning and well-being. Studies show that physically active kids exhibit better concentration and remain on task in class more easily; additionally, these kids often demonstrate greater motivation and academic achievements.

Many states have implemented mandates that require physical education and recess time in their schools; however, most of these do not guarantee students meet the National Association for Sport & Physical Education’s (NASPE) recommendation of 150 to 225 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity each week at elementary and secondary school levels, respectively.

Pre-K class at Sag Harbor Learning Center (formerly Pierson Middle and High School) marked their 100th Day of School with a special sing-a-long.

Arts & Crafts

The center offers arts and crafts classes for children, teens, and adults of all ages. Courses offered include fused glass, pottery, painting, sewing, quilting origami – even cake decorating classes! In addition, students can take a Canon Rebel camera camera course.

On Sept. 6, Sag Harbor School District prekindergarten and kindergarten classes returned to the Learning Center following classroom repurposing due to COVID-19 school reopening logistics. At home are ten directors as well as experienced teachers, Sisters, and members of the community.

This new facility is fully licensed to provide child care, offering families in Inner Harbor another viable solution when seeking childcare services. This is especially helpful to those who struggle to locate affordable childcare solutions.

Music & Movement

Music and movement activities can help develop gross and fine motor skills, improve balance and coordination, and heighten listening comprehension and cultural knowledge worldwide. Your classroom should include various musical instruments, CDs, and resources – bilingual materials are especially beneficial in raising cultural awareness and understanding.

Children love dancing and moving their bodies around! A music and movement learning center is an engaging way to engage young children while developing motor skills.

Children from prenatal through kindergarten can participate in music classes designed specifically for their age range, including parents or caregivers. Our research-based program includes singing, instruments, props, and musical education instruction.

Library & Library Media

Harbor’s students, parents, trustees, and faculty members form an engaging community that enjoys many family-focused events throughout the school year!

Students often benefit from taking their education outside the classroom and into real-life experiences such as school art exhibits, science fairs, and Harbor Corps programs to advance their skills, gain confidence, and apply what they learn to solve real problems.

All Harbor students are invited to showcase their artwork during our Annual Art Show. This exciting and elegant event showcases every student’s artistic achievements from floor to ceiling!

Computers & Technology

OLLU provides bachelor’s degrees in Computer Information Systems and Security (CISS), with curriculums tailored to align with top industries. Students learn the skills to effectively develop, manage, and protect data within government agencies, hospitals, financial centers, and almost any industry.

SAMSAT stands as a vital regional center of science, technology, engineering, and math education in the Port. Offering classroom learning sessions, camps, and engagement demonstrations that build innovative minds. Their vast collection of technological exhibits chronicles aerospace, architecture, and telecommunications breakthroughs.

Like AT&T Connected Learning Centers that opened at Family Gateway and CitySquare, the new CLIC will provide free internet access for students and families that may otherwise lack affordable broadband service, helping to further digital inclusion within communities. This is an essential step toward increasing digital inclusion within society.


At lunchtime, students receive a healthy food selection in a safe environment. Students remain on campus during this period and cannot leave without prior parent/guardian approval.

One of the Learning Center’s primary focuses in the inner Harbor is to address local childcare struggles so community members don’t have to choose between work and their children’s school schedules, enabling parents to maintain long-term employment while helping drive economic development in their local economy.