Jeppesen Learning Center Announces New Private Pilot Online Course


Jeppesen recently unveiled its online Private Pilot course. According to Jeppesen, there are three versions: Part 61 with enhanced Ground School, Maneuvers, and Test Preparation modules; 141 including Stage Exams and Flight Lessons versions.

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Private Pilot Online

Jeppesen recently launched an online course designed to equip private pilots with all the skills necessary to pass the FAA knowledge exam, providing flight maneuver information in animated form and preparing students to pass the FAA knowledge exam, according to Jeppesen. It will be released as the first of multiple offerings from them in the coming years.

This course includes videos, interactive study questions, and exam preparation lessons that can be viewed on any computer or smartphone. Topics covered include airplane performance, aviation weather, radio communication and air navigation safety, practice maneuvers, and an in-depth quiz section. You can customize this self-paced learning experience based on your learning style by speeding up or slowing down at will.

Students and instructors can use this site to track lesson completions, review individual question answers and exam results, and view video content directly on phones or tablets. A total of 40 hours should be allocated towards this course, and the subscription is good for life.

Rod Machado’s online private pilot training course features short, easily understandable videos featuring an instructor speaking over slides, similar to classroom learning. This format makes the program immensely popular among pilots – you can either sign up for a free course or purchase it for $239 with lifetime access.

Sport Pilot Online

Acquiring a private pilot license is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to flying, but its costs can quickly increase. A more accessible and cost-effective alternative may be earning a sports pilot certificate, which enables pilots to use similar equipment with reduced training requirements and costs.

Jeppesen recently introduced a course to its online learning center that will assist students in preparing for the FAA sport pilot written exam. Based on content within its private pilot textbook, this new course utilizes its platform to track individual student’s progress through individual lessons; instructors then receive automated reports with this data.

Gleim 2023 Sport Pilot FAA Knowledge Test is an all-inclusive study tool, providing all the knowledge you’ll need to pass the sport pilot written exam. Perfect for new pilots beginning their flight training or experienced ones looking to refresh their knowledge base, this book can be an invaluable asset when taking this test.

Once you’ve met your minimum flight time requirements and completed training with your CFI, they will sign off on your skills and help arrange a check ride with a designated pilot examiner (DPE). At this exam session, a DPE will conduct verbal and practical exams, commonly called “check rides.” This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you possess all the skills for safe sport aviation flight.

Instrument Pilot Online

Instrument rating opens a world of flying possibilities, enabling you to navigate in conditions without visible ground or horizon. Commercial pilots significantly benefit greatly from having this rating as it allows them to fly regardless of weather. Online instrument pilot training courses can help pilots pass their FAA written exam in as little as one month!

Sporty’s Instrument Pilot Online Ground School features an expansive library of supplemental documents, an innovative Windows tablet app for studying on the go, and powerful study tools. Additionally, this course includes in-course messaging features, FAR bookmarking capabilities, and even a flight simulator to practice instrument maneuvers!

This instrument pilot training course features an extensive set of FAA-approved flight charts and navigation aids, including E6B procedures and a complete list. You can study at your own pace; videos and animations are high-quality; you can adjust audio according to your learning style; this course also comes equipped with a practice exam as well as an extensive maneuvers guide; plus there’s even a free 30-day trial available so that you can see if this course suits you!

Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) IR

Air Transport Pilot Licenses (ATPLs) are higher levels of pilot licensing permit holders to act as Pilot-in-Command of flight operations conducted for fees. This certification takes years of training, thousands of hours in the cockpit, and an unwavering dedication to mastering flying. They represent your first step toward becoming a commercial airline captain!

This theoretical Airline Transport Pilot License IR (ATPL(A) IR) course is tailored towards students who already possess either their Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL), providing them with all of the theoretical knowledge needed to pass ATPL(A) theory exams and embark on their flight career journey.

Jeppesen offers an online classroom version of its ATPL(A) course, enabling students to complete theoretical studies from the comfort of their homes or offices with assistance from an instructor who guides them through each module of this e-learning platform. Each academic class meets once every weekday (ochtend or midday).

To ensure the VLP part of this course is successful, students must attend scheduled class times and actively engage with webcam, audio, and text chat interactions. Please review our VLP Code of Conduct and Student Responsibilities before enrolling for this training course.