How to Sell Pecatonica River Popcorn


Increase sales by having youth go door-to-door selling popcorn to friends and family. Be sure to send along with them a Prize Tally Sheet so they can keep track of all their prizes!

Unit Kernels should collect popcorn flyers and money from Scouts during sales events and submit them to their Council by the close of each sale event. Online Sales commissions will be deposited directly into your unit Scout Shop account.

Show & Sell

Show & Sell is our primary fundraising method and involves selling popcorn to neighbors, coworkers, relatives, and friends. It provides Scouts with an excellent introduction to sales as they gain confidence when approaching potential customers and asking for orders. Scouts should wear their uniform when meeting with potential customers to present themselves professionally while answering any inquiries regarding varieties and prices of popcorn offered, as well as bring along an order form with a pen at all times – be sure to thank everyone despite not purchasing anything!

Enhance sales by organizing a tasting session at the pack level with permission from the establishment so Scouts can experience popcorn flavors and price points firsthand. This strategy works well when serving neighborhood and community groups or businesses, as well as holding booths at high-traffic areas like storefronts or sporting events.

Units earn commission from both Show & Take Order product totals as well as online sales, while Scouts qualify for the Council Prize Program based on individual product sales (see PTAC 2023 Popcorn Prize Sheet). Prizes will be mailed directly to each Scout by the Council, while Winner Circle awards can only be earned once every sale period. Prize Tally Sheets must be submitted via the online system by their Unit Leader in order to count towards all Prize levels.

Take Order

Take-Order Sales allows Scouts to sell popcorn to friends and family who cannot attend in-person sales events. Scouts use Pecatonica River Popcorn’s online system to create personalized email links, which they send directly to customers in order to purchase their popcorn online and have it shipped directly from them, making reaching sales goals much simpler! Unit masters can submit all online and Take Order sales data back to the council using an online prize submission form.

Each unit that generates at least 30 Orders (including online) will receive one ticket to an exclusive Top Seller Party at Scene 75! This party features pizza and dessert, a $15 Scene 75 card for use at games and attractions, plus extra prizes from our popcorn supplier! Plus! The top 10 selling units at the end of their sale will win additional gifts from us as well!

Prize submission for Winner Circle must be made via the Council Online Prize Submission Form by 6:00 PM on December 4th. Each level offers prizes based on cumulative Show and Sell, Take Order, and Online sales activity; to be eligible to claim these awards, an individual must hold a valid Seller ID number.


Pecatonica River Online offers Scouts an innovative opportunity to increase sales by selling popcorn directly from Pecatonica River through the Internet to friends and family. Units receive a straight commission on online sales, which is then deposited directly into their unit accounts via Kernel Tracker or Scout Boss; sales can also be tracked in real-time using the MyPR Popcorn app; the Unit Kernel is responsible for signing their Scouts up for online sale with Seller IDs assigned by Kernel Tracker or Scout Boss.

Scouts selling at least $3,000 worth of popcorn qualify for Pecatonica River’s Winner Circle Prize Program, where they get to select one prize at their desired level for every $3,000 they sell. Prize selection must be completed and submitted no later than December 4th using Kernel Tracker or Scout Boss system; prizes are then sent directly back out by mail in mid-December provided units were entirely paid by this deadline date; alternatively, they may opt-out and return their funds as refunds if desired.

Site Sales

Scouts can take part in Site Sales with their families at local storefront locations during September and October weekends. Registered leaders can sign up to participate by using a Sign-up Genius link sent from your Unit Kernel.

Site Sales differs from Show & Take Order and Online Sales by providing Scouts an opportunity to sell to individuals directly rather than their entire families and friends at once. This gives Scouts another way of increasing sales!

Pecatonica’s Winner Circle Prize Program allows Scouts of every level to select prizes at each level (see PTAC 2023 Popcorn Prize sheet). Scouts who sell the most popcorn in each unit will receive an exclusive “Top Unit Seller” patch as an award for their efforts.

Unit leaders/Kernels can now track individual Scout sales online using the Kernel Tracker tool, providing a running total of all Show & Take Orders and Online sales that a Scout incurred throughout the sale. This information will be updated daily, making it available both to parents and Scouts through personal profile pages; furthermore, Scouts can use the PTAC Popcorn Tracker mobile app to assist with sales efforts. All individual sales data must be entered by Wednesday, November 1st, into the Council Online Prize Submission Form to qualify for prizes at the end of the sale, including Spin-n-Win Party rankings or Free Camp!