Wright Builders – River Country Cooperative


Customer Service

Wright Builders is honored to have collaborated with River Country Co-op over the last eight years on numerous projects, from walk-in more astonishing installations and remodels to c-store remodels to complete meat department rebuilds in 2015. Wright Builders understands their operational and physical plant requirements while being aligned with their values.

This cooperative company is headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and boasts more than 40 locations statewide. Offering services such as agronomy services, fuel oil and propane delivery, grain drying/storage/feed sales, and complete lines of agricultural products/equipment are among their offerings. Their facilities also include 21 Cenex convenience stores, two NAPA auto parts stores, an Auto Value parts store, 29 Pines Restaurant & Lounge, Sleep Inn Suites conference center, and an A&A automotive dealership for their facilities’ statewide offerings.

River Country Co-op board members are patrons themselves and work in the best interest of their customers. Their dedication is evident as they deliver quality products and services in a safe shopping environment, work alongside local farmers and food producers, serve as a resource to patrons by connecting them with value chain partners, fundraise locally through local fundraising events, and volunteer their services – these efforts all help strengthen communities!


River Country Cooperative is committed to environmental sustainability and works closely with its customers to offer eco-friendly fuel options that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that contribute to climate change and poor air quality. They also recycle materials at their stores in an effort to further the cause.

As one example, they installed a rain garden in their parking lot to reduce the amount of sand and sediment entering the Mississippi River through a partnership with the Waste Wise program of Illinois. Furthermore, all convenience store locations provide recycling bins within their facilities.


River Country Co-op provides agronomy services, including grain drying, storage, and trucking; its fuel oil and propane business services to both residential and commercial customers; feed sales for hobby farm animals as well as nutritionist support are provided; 21 Cenex convenience stores; 2 NAPA auto parts stores; as well as operating an on-site Sleep Inn & Suites conference center and 29 Pines Restaurant are also part of its services portfolio.

At their new Merrill store, the team wanted to give customers an easy shopping experience and expand upon existing services. Partnering with Minnesota Waste Wise allowed them to add recycling bins alongside trash bins – meeting Anoka County business recycling requirements without incurring additional expenses for bins and signage.