Floated Leisurely Down A River Crossword Answer


If you need assistance with solving the “Floated leisurely down a river” crossword clue, look no further. This page offers an array of solutions.

Word Search puzzles are a fun and engaging way to increase vocabulary while giving the mind an effective workout. Word search puzzles require uncovering hidden words on a rectangular grid; these challenges provide great mental stimulation while expanding vocabulary.


Wordplays are an enjoyable and effective way to expand your vocabulary and increase mental stimulation, both of which are crucial components of good health. From quick games on lunch breaks to complex word puzzles you can tackle at home, wordplays come in a wide range of varieties for you to enjoy!

One of the most beloved wordplays is a crossword puzzle consisting of a rectangular diagram with blank and shaded squares surrounded by lists of definitions or hints. Players complete the crossword by filling in its grid with words matching these clues.

The LA Times crossword puzzle can be found daily in both print and online versions of the Los Angeles Times newspaper and is widely popular with crossword enthusiasts worldwide. If you’re stuck on any particular clue, let us help find you an answer by entering both the crossword clue and some letters of the answer into our search box. For better results, refine your search by specifying length or pattern in answer length/pattern options.


Chess has long been played as a strategy game. Originating in Spain, where nobles and scholars played it for entertainment and learning purposes, its cultivation spread to feudal castles and princely courts across Europe before remaining unchanged for nearly millennia until modern-day players use the game to improve mental well-being while helping reduce the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Crossword puzzles provide a fun way to exercise both your brain and expand your vocabulary. When solving one, it is critical to pay close attention to all of the clues and hints provided by the puzzle editor in order to locate an answer to the puzzle quickly. If you find yourself getting stuck, try looking at each clue from different perspectives or thinking out how the definition, pun, or play-on-word might apply in that particular instance.

If you’re searching for a specific word or pattern, enter it in the “Enter the name of a word” box, and this tool will generate a list of related words with their total letter count displayed. Furthermore, you can refine your search further by entering multiple letter lengths and patterns, all for free use! This tool will save time and effort when searching and is free for all.

Word search

Word searches are a type of puzzle where players attempt to uncover hidden words on a grid, sometimes known as mystery word puzzle, word find, or clued crossword. They provide an engaging challenge that tests both your brainpower and vocabulary; different word searches provide different degrees of difficulty, but all offer benefits to improve one’s vocabulary and develop cognitive ability. There are numerous varieties of word searches; each provides its challenges as you try to find those hidden letters!

As with any puzzle, solving a word search requires carefully reading each clue and trying to determine its type and what its likely answer may be. Are we dealing with definition, pun, or word clues here? Additionally, attempt to recognize any tenses and parts of speech so as to arrive at an answer quickly.

Search the online crossword clue search engine to quickly and efficiently gather answers from the Internet. This free service features an extensive database of crossword clues and answers, with results organized according to relevancy; further, refine your search by providing more specific criteria such as a number of letters or pattern matching.

The New York Times Mini crossword is a daily puzzle that features clues and answers from the NYT newspaper, available both on its website and its mobile app. These crosswords are an effective way to keep your brain stimulated while fighting cognitive decline.


Crossword puzzles are an enjoyable and stimulating way to hone both vocabulary and logic, providing an excellent opportunity to expand one’s vocabulary while challenging one’s reasoning abilities. Many find them exciting, while some even claim they improve memory! If you get stuck, approach each clue from different angles; for example, look out for any hints in the clue itself, such as definition, pun, or play on words as well as synonyms, antonyms, and homographs; you could also try other hints such as tense or part of speech.

The New York Times crossword puzzles may seem complicated, but you can quickly solve one by following some basic guidelines. First, read and comprehend the puzzle entirely before trying to solve it. If a particular word stumps you, consider whether or not it is used frequently in English; an online dictionary might also come in handy here.

Solve the puzzle before submitting. Make sure you check all answers before submitting; if in doubt about any clue, visit the New York Times website and look up its list of correct answers to all clues; some crosswords have “colloquial” solutions, which refer to common phrases found everyday life; for instance, in America, ch (sounding similar to letter ‘t’) is considered one letter and occupies only one square.