Friends School League Sports


The FSL (Fall Sports League) is an athletic competition league in which student-athletes from Upper School compete to win league, sectional, and state titles. Many Upper Schoolers have participated in its history – winning numerous championships over time!

Social organizations may register multiple teams per sport; however, only one will earn points toward the Fraternity and Sorority Life Cup at the end of the Spring semester. These points will accumulate throughout the year and be calculated at its conclusion.


Basketball is a team sport in which two teams compete against one another to score points by shooting the ball through an elevated 10-foot basket. Basketball was created in 1891 by physical education teacher James Naismith as an indoor game with fewer injuries than football; since then, it has become an international sensation with tournaments taking place all year round and various rules varying wildly; most include an enclosed rectangular court, five active players and a ball as fundamental elements.

Basketball is played using only one piece of equipment: a basketball. To be effective, this ball must be bounced continuously while passing among teammates or shooting into a basket (passing). Furthermore, its bounce can also be used for tricks, like spinning it on one’s index finger while performing aerobatic maneuvers during slam dunks.

Players in this game must attempt to prevent their opponents from scoring by stealing or blocking shots, stealing balls from them, or engaging in illegal plays such as pick or screen to avoid technical fouls. Each half lasts fifteen minutes, with five-minute breaks between halves. The team that scores the most points will win.

Moorestown Friends School participates in both the Friends School League (FSL) and New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, allowing its Upper School student-athletes to compete for league, sectional, and state championships. Over recent years, MFS has garnered eight FSL and 10 NJSIAA Sectional Championships in girls’ soccer and girls’ tennis, three FSL state Championships in boys’ basketball, as well as multiple Divisional Titles within its division in both seasons of girls’ basketball – an achievement which showcases hard work from students, coaches, parents as well as an annual tradition of supporting charitable causes!


Volleyball is an intense team sport requiring its participants to collaborate in order to score points against their opponent. Each team consists of six members with specific roles – passing, volleying, and serving must take place between teammates to return the ball before it touches the ground within their playing area; this helps develop teamwork and communication skills while the game itself takes place on a sand court divided by a net.

Volleyball offers many different approaches, and each position requires unique responsibilities. A middle blocker must excel at both blocking and attacking; liberos must excel at serving and passing; defensive skills are also paramount as players often jump around during matches; therefore, players should wear comfortable clothing to prevent injury.

Volleyball has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved pastimes, providing women and girls alike an excellent form of exercise as well as social interaction. Not only can volleyball improve cardiovascular health and bone density while decreasing osteoporosis risk, but its many health benefits extend far beyond this arena – including increased balance, coordination, and stress relief!

Volleyball was initially created in 1895 by Holyoke College physical education instructor William G. Morgan as a way of replacing less emotional gymnastic exercises with something fun and attractive. Soon after that, volleyball became widely popular thanks to YMCA societies, which introduced it.

Volleyball’s rules have developed over time. For instance, in the early 1900s, lighter and smaller balls were introduced, providing new strategic play possibilities. Later on in its history, however, adaptations included adding more points per set as well as other adjustments.

In order to compete in an FSL volleyball tournament, it’s necessary to possess several essential skills, including serving, passing, setting, and spiking. It would be best if you tried practicing these abilities as frequently as possible so as to increase your odds of victory and improve your odds of winning. Whether competing in beach or indoor competitions, remember that success lies in staying focused on your goals while remaining positive and dedicated!


Soccer (commonly referred to in America as football) is one of the world’s most beloved sports. A dynamic team sport requiring exceptional ball control, precise passing, and strategic positioning, it attracts millions of amateur and professional players worldwide who compete on both amateur and professional levels; its pinnacle event is the FIFA World Cup tournament, which draws billions of viewers from over 200 nations annually at stadiums around the globe.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) serves as the governing body of association football worldwide, creating its Laws of the Game and providing a standard set of rules for its most beloved sport. Furthermore, FIFA oversees player transfers between teams as well as international competitions, provides refereeing education programs and sports medicine education, and encourages its development worldwide.

Fsl offers more than league games; in addition to league championships and intra-league cup competitions, confederation tournaments provide teams an opportunity to score additional points than they might during regular season games. Furthermore, it offers many educational resources for its players, including an in-depth rules guide and interactive tutorials.

To become a better player, practice is an invaluable way of refining your techniques while also spending quality time with friends. Furthermore, practicing will help develop mental skills essential to playing. By developing these cognitive capabilities and practicing regularly, you’ll become better at making decisions while broadening your awareness of the game itself.

No matter, if you’re an experienced or novice soccer player, respecting the rules, is critical to playing fairly and without making costly errors. Furthermore, being aware of what restrictions apply at every point helps prevent becoming disenchanted with the sport as quickly as possible.


The Friends Schools League’s girls” softball team has proven itself highly competitive over time and made two appearances in its championship game – 2016 and 2018. The group welcomes both experienced varsity-level players as well as those newer to softball, using various practices and techniques in off-season practice to prepare them for games in coming seasons – winning numerous regular season titles and two Quaker Cup championships along the way!

When an athlete uses an illegal bat during a sanctioned event, they will be permanently barred from any AFSL Softball play – this includes practice and tournament play – along with being required to pay a $100 fine per incident. Furthermore, any athlete found guilty of violating softball-related criminal codes will also be permanently banned from participation in any AFSL-sanctioned events for life.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Cup Points

Campus Recreation coordinates the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Cup as an incentive program designed to foster widespread intramural sports participation among social organizations. It rewards teams that earn the highest sportsmanship rating from their rating system, including teams registered and certified with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life; these teams may only compete in one division during any tournament weekend (specialty divisions are exempted from this rule).

Moorestown Friends School’s Upper School sports teams have achieved tremendous success since joining the Friends School League this past year, winning eight FSL playoff berths, three sectionals championships, and two NJSIAA state titles across girls’ soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Moorestown Foxes also boast ten regular-season titles and are hoping to add one more.

Academy of the New Church earned their spot in the FSL championship game on May 18 by defeating Westtown School in an intense semifinal matchup, lasting over two hours and ending when junior Emilia Weinberg and senior Rachel Weiss both drew back-to-back walks, drawing potential walks from outfielders that could have allowed them to score but their runners never managed to advance.