Fox Sports Internships For College Students


Fox offers various internship opportunities to college students. All internships are paid and provide invaluable real-world work experience under the guidance of top media professionals. Students are assigned to departments that best match their skill set, work experience, and career ambitions.

CNN: Los Angeles-based interns for newsgathering must meet tight deadlines while maintaining an impressive 3.0 GPA to stay employed as newsgathering interns at CNN. Click here for more information and an application process.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design internships provide students who are exploring careers in graphic design with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience at one of America’s premier media companies. Interns may choose from among a range of departments, including sports, news, entertainment, and digital. Working alongside top media professionals exposes them to television’s lively world – this internship gives students an edge in entering such companies and building connections for future employment.

Fox Media Group is an innovative, exciting, and fast-paced media company offering employees an exciting range of professional opportunities. Training and development, regular promotions, work-life balance benefits, and a robust entrepreneurial culture attract the best talent from within and outside their industry. Fox also provides employees with health insurance plans and retirement savings strategies as part of their benefits package.

Fox offers not only news and entertainment programs but is also home to an expansive lineup of sports franchises, holding exclusive rights for major sporting events like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Furthermore, they host many popular sports blogs and websites that keep viewers up-to-date with all the latest information and trends from across sports.

An evident and rewarding position for an up-and-coming designer, you’ll be responsible for developing creative, eye-catching graphics to support daily editorial content across Fox News Media platforms – which include FOX News Channel, Fox Business Network, and Fox Nation – as part of daily editorial coverage. Live news demands will require quickly fulfilling requests for charts, maps, logos, fullscreen, or any custom topical images relevant to showing needs rapidly and accurately.

Fox Sports Media Group’s (FSMG) Menefee Internship program gives students an exciting and stimulating insight into studio programming in Los Angeles. This paid, full-time internship covers costs associated with housing in LA during summer housing season, travel costs, and meal provisions for the intern, who will work alongside producers, directors, and talent from studio shows produced on Fox Studios lots.

News Department

The News Department internship is an ideal way to gain experience in the television industry and explore all facets of a newsroom. Interns work closely with on-air news teams in producing newscasts, special reports, live events, and sports highlights; writing scripts; gathering news/sports highlights/clips from across media sources and helping production on studio/remote shoots; plus shadow reporters for field assignments!

NBCUniversal provides an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in journalism or communications. This hands-on experience gives college juniors, seniors, or graduate students the opportunity to work with top journalists and producers. Although unpaid, academic credit may be awarded. Flexible scheduling options accommodate any school year schedule, while interns are assigned departments based on their skill set, work experience, and career aspirations and goals.

Fox Sports Radio is a media and entertainment company operating ten national, regional, and local radio stations across the US. Fox offers many internship opportunities in public relations, marketing, and sales at FOX Sports Media Group (FSMG), which Marley Carviou used to secure her internship position through Curt Menefee of “FOX NFL Sunday.”

The Jason Show, hosted by Twin Cities media personality Jason Matheson, offers a daily entertainment talk show that covers celebrity social media updates and gossip, cultural trends in food, fitness, and fashion, as well as package segments shot in various locations around the city. Interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience throughout all stages of production for live television shows, from script preparation to assisting with rewrites and much more!

NBC News Photojournalism internship is designed to give participants both creative and technical experience with videography, photography, and journalism. The training focuses on newsgathering practices such as shadowing in-house reporters, observing general assignment editors and news producers, assisting in the preparation of news packages for on-air newscasts, and traveling with a reporter for story coverage while taking photos at various locations.

Sports Department

The Sports Department Internship provides hands-on experience in the daily operations of a television sports department. Students will assist the team with all facets of production, such as reviewing wire reports, logging feeds and games, creating initial scripts, and working with editors on highlights production. Furthermore, interns may be asked to shoot live events while shooting and editing live event footage, as well as air sports for evening newscasts or special shows. This internship is open to sophomore-level undergraduate and graduate students.

An internship with Fox News Queens, NY, can provide valuable work experience while opening doors into the media industry. Offering paid positions to college students provides an ideal chance for those wanting to pursue television or online journalism careers. There are two sessions each semester – spring and fall; the application deadline is February 1st.

Candidates for this internship program must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate college or university and possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Applicants must be available to attend all intern periods with flexible scheduling requirements, maintain professional relations when dealing with talent and executives, and have proficiency in any software applicable to placement areas.

The Department of Sport is responsible for state sports policy, managing state relations with the voluntary sector, and administering any surplus generated by Norsk Tipping that goes towards sports-related initiatives and socially beneficial organizations, along with assisting Frifond fund surplus. Furthermore, their overall responsibility includes value-added tax compensation schemes for non-profit organizations as well as civil society research projects.

Howard Cosell once described sports journalism as the toy department of human life, yet this assessment couldn’t be any less valid. Sports directors must deal with stories that move away from traditional journalistic beats like crime, business, and health journalism and lead to editorial decisions being challenged by news staff members – thus, schools must include reporting and writing skills as part of their curriculum.

Weather Department

If you are curious about meteorology as a potential career option, Fox Sports offers several internship opportunities. Working alongside our meteorologists, you will be responsible for creating daily forecasts, developing meteorological models, working with radar and satellite data, and assisting on-air meteorologists during newscasts while tracking severe weather. In addition, digital/online teams may ask you to build on-air computer graphics while working on updating websites or social media feeds – you might even get invited on live missions!

Experience the excitement and intensity of the television business first-hand while building professional skills. Work alongside an impressively diverse group of talented professionals committed to rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. Be immersed in sales, research, and marketing activities, video production, news reporting, and traffic operations, as well as FOX Master Classes — presentations, panels, and discussions focused on expanding knowledge about company software systems and improving understanding.

As part of your internship experience, you will be assigned a mentor who will offer guidance and feedback throughout the program. In addition, regular meetings with staff members will take place to review your progress as an intern and discuss ways to advance your skill set and career development further. Furthermore, meeting other interns in your department and sharing ideas could also provide beneficial exchanges.

In addition to this, your duties will also include researching and writing scripts for on-air newscasts. In addition, you will be expected to become adept in using the station’s weather software system in order to create local weather maps and animations for newscasts, as well as practice delivering live on-air forecasts.

College juniors and seniors enrolled at an accredited four-year educational institution and working towards either an undergraduate or graduate degree during the term of their internship may take advantage of an unpaid internship with this program. Each 12-16 week summer, fall, or spring session offers this outstanding experience.