FX Sport Fitness Bike


FX Sport is an ultra-sleek, high-performance fitness bike designed for riders passionate about their health and fitness goals. It features an ultralight 400 Series OCLV carbon frame and fork, which allows swift looks with smooth acceleration, as well as its 1x drivetrain to simplify shifting.

Light and fast riding geometry combine with Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler to reduce road vibration. Upgrades to Bontrager rolling stock from Trek can make an immense difference.


The FX Sport Range was designed as a comprehensive fitness bike solution. Featuring narrower road tires and lightweight frames, this bicycle is perfect for covering long distances without worrying about rough terrain or speed limits – an ideal solution for commuters seeking an alternative mode of transport.

These bikes feature mudguard mounts and rack mounts for convenient full-on commuting use, as well as tubeless-ready rims, which can be upgraded with Bontrager’s high-performance Affinity hoops for increased dirt path/trail capability. The FX sport carbon 4 and 5 models step it up by featuring carbon frames equipped with IsoSpeed decouplers; moreover, they use higher-end GRX drivetrains explicitly designed for road riding.

This bike represents the pinnacle of FX Sports technology and is an excellent option for riders who enjoy pushing themselves on their rides. The carbon frame and IsoSpeed decoupler make for an exhilarating ride, while its 1x drivetrain offers easy gear shifting across a range of gears.

This bike features disc brakes for outstanding stopping power and larger all-terrain tires for enhanced off-road capability. Furthermore, it’s equipped with the IsoSpeed decoupler, which absorbs road bumps for less fatigued riding, allowing further and harder journeys without overexertion.

Carbon forks offer an outstanding stiffness-to-weight ratio and ensure confident handling, and this combination works in perfect tandem with the lightweight 400 Series OCLV carbon frame, providing the power transfer and agility you would expect from professional-grade racing bikes.

Shimano components complete this top-of-the-line FX sport model from Bontrager. Featuring a full range Shimano drivetrain and lightweight Bontrager components, this fast, comfortable bike is suitable for everything from group rides to workouts or races, with IsoSpeed decoupler and carbon frame designed to keep riders going longer; lightweight wheels and an easy drivetrain make life on the bike more straightforward – not to mention compatibility with DuoTrap S sensor (sold separately), so you can connect it all directly with your smartphone and track your ride data!


FX Sport bikes are designed to offer premium flat-bar bikes before transitioning to full-road bikes. That is why all FX models feature quality components, an extensive gear range, and lightweight frames.

The FX family features bikes with both alloy and carbon forks; FX 1 uses alloy while 2 and 3 use carbon, offering smoother rides overall while remaining relatively affordable. Additionally, these bikes are surprisingly quick, considering their low prices.

Both the FX and FX Sport lines offer relaxed geometry to allow a more upright riding position and to help conquer rougher terrain without too much of your bike bouncing around.

All FX models feature hydraulic disc brakes to keep you safe in any condition and come equipped with rack and mudguard mounts for increased versatility. In addition, FX Sport Carbon 5 and 6 models take it a step further with gravel-specific Shimano drivetrains designed for off-road riding, plus Bontrager Aeolus Elite carbon wheels provide further performance enhancement.

The lightest bike in the FX series, the Fx Sport 6 offers all of the performance features of high-end racing bikes with its flat handlebar design for comfort and control. Boasting an ultralight 400 Series OCLV carbon frame and premium Shimano drivetrain components, as well as Bontrager carbon wheels, this fitness bike is perfect for ambitious riders with serious goals.

The Fx 3 Disc features a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork to ensure quickness, comfort, and durability for commuting or leisurely weekend rides on both pavement and rail trails. Plus, it comes equipped with powerful disc brakes that stop reliably in any weather, as well as an easier-shifting 1x drivetrain to facilitate climbing.

Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler on their Fx series bikes helps reduce road buzz and fatigue so that you can tackle rougher roads with confidence. It works by allowing the seat tube to flex independently of the top line without altering the rigidity or pedaling efficiency of the bike – technology used by pro racers such as Fabian Cancellara to tackle Paris-Roubaix cobbles with ease!


The FX Sport series of flat bar bikes provides all of the speed and performance of a road bike with all of the comfort offered by its flat handlebars. Its lightweight carbon frame and 1x drivetrain make it suitable for solo rides as well as faster group rides; their IsoSpeed decoupler smooths out rough roads to push for more comfortable rides; plus, their wide variety of gears allows them to tackle anything from solo workouts to fast group rides!

The FX Sport bikes feature lightweight and responsive Aeolus Elite carbon wheels and puncture-resistant Bontrager tires with wire bead construction and 60 TPI ratings, providing superior traction and durability. Their carbon frames are lighter than steel or aluminum frames for increased comfort on bumpy roads; additionally, they come equipped with mounts for rear racks and fenders to take you riding in almost any weather condition.

Are you in search of an efficient, high-performance fitness bike? Trek has just what you need – their Fx Sport series of bikes feature lightweight yet high-quality Shimano drivetrains as well as flat handlebars for optimal comfort and control, along with hydraulic disc brakes to provide superior stopping power in any situation.

FX Sport series bikes are an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels but are especially favored among those seeking a fitness bike with plenty of mileage capacity. Their carbon forks provide superior handling on both paved and dirt trails, while the 1×11 drivetrain simplifies shifting while giving access to an expansive selection of gears.

The Trek FX WSD offers a women-specific model designed to make cycling more accessible for smaller riders, with its relaxed geometry making it easier to maneuver than similar men’s bikes. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a suspension fork and broader tires for enhanced stability and comfort – as well as being compatible with the DuoTrap sensor, which wirelessly connects your bike to your phone or computer – perfect for avid cyclists interested in tracking progress while improving fitness levels.


FX Sport is our lightest bike with a lightweight 400 Series OCLV carbon frame designed for road racing speed. Equipped with performance road features like an IsoSpeed decoupler to smooth out rough roads and upgraded hydraulic disc brakes that deliver serious stopping power across different terrain, the FX Sport also comes equipped with Shimano’s 2×11 drivetrain and Bontrager Affinity rims that give race-quality tech performance for riders who demand race-grade equipment.

Fx Sport models feature shorter reach and higher stack height than most road bikes, providing you with an ideal riding position. Their geometry is also relaxed enough for use beyond paved pathways with plenty of clearance for larger tires on light gravel and dirt trails, making this versatile bike the ideal option for exploring further than usual routes. This makes them the perfect bike choice for anyone wanting to go further out than their regular route.

All FX Sport models feature high-quality components to ensure you remain comfortable, confident, and fast on every ride. Its flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful stopping power with multiple gear ratios to tackle any hill or grade with ease, while its lightweight frames and forks let you ride longer and faster. Furthermore, FX Sport includes a compact chainring, making shifting to smaller gears easier when climbing hills.

Fx Sport bikes are ideal for anyone who wishes to push themselves harder in training and riding hybrid bicycles. Their lightweight carbon frame and fork come equipped with high-quality Shimano components for an optimal workout, while they include accessories like fenders and rack mounts to make them even more functional.

FX Sport bikes are engineered to be the fastest fitness bikes on the road – and they deliver. Equipped with lightweight Shimano drivetrain components and an IsoSpeed decoupler to smooth even rough roads into smooth rides, IsoSpeed allows the seat tube to flex independently of its top line, absorbing road bumps without impacting pedaling efficiency or rigidity – technology so reliable it has even become popular among professional road racers like Fabian Cancellara!