Farm Bureau Health Plans


Farm Bureau Health Plans offer a range of health plan options. Choose between lower-cost plans with higher deductibles that qualify for tax-friendly Health Savings Accounts or traditional comprehensive coverage benefits plans to find what suits you best.

Iowa Farm Bureau policies technically don’t qualify as insurance policies and thus don’t adhere to federal consumer protection regulations – and that poses a problem, according to Democrats.

Health Insurance

Suppose you can’t secure coverage through the Obamacare marketplace. In that case, there are still alternatives to traditional health insurance that provide lower up-front costs or greater flexibility than conventional policies, such as Farm Bureau health plans, healthcare sharing ministries, and fixed indemnity plans. Farm Bureau offers major medical programs in six states where members pay a monthly premium in exchange for covered benefits; these plans don’t need to comply with federal consumer protection standards and may medically underwrite applicants with preexisting conditions or require waiting periods before acceptance into coverage.

Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Tennessee Farm Bureaus have teamed up with Medica to offer short-term health plans with up to 364 days of coverage (though Nebraska does not currently provide this more extended duration option). While not considered health insurance according to federal rules, they meet the requirements of association health plans under President Donald Trump’s new direction. They may allow sole proprietors without employees to enroll.

Ohio and Georgia Farm Bureaus also offer guaranteed-issue plans that work similarly to ACA-compliant small group plans but for individuals. These plans are only offered during limited open enrollment periods, can be medically underwritten (meaning individuals with certain preexisting conditions may be rejected), and will only become available if actively farming in Ohio or Georgia is not covered under an ACA-compliant small group plan.

Michigan Farm Bureau also offers a Medicare Supplement insurance plan to anyone who holds Parts A and B of Medicare. You must be a member to apply. However, you can purchase this policy outside of open enrollment periods or during Special Enrollment Periods due to life events like moves, marriage, or divorce.

Dental Insurance

Farm Bureau members can use insurance plans for automobiles and homes, vision, and dental. Some states even offer packages at rates less than $2 per day that cover expenses that Medicare doesn’t, like glasses or routine visits to the dentist.

Farm bureaus offer members numerous benefits that vary by state, such as discounted hotel stays and rental car rates offered through Avis, Budget, and Hertz; theme park admission discounts provided with specific chapters; and reduced prices at several pharmacy chains for prescription medication.

As one of the country’s premier farmer organizations, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) offers unparalleled opportunities and support to its membership. From farmers and ranchers to individuals involved in various aspects of the economy – not to mention insurance programs explicitly designed to meet each member’s specific needs – membership benefits greatly from joining this federation.

Farm Bureau insurance companies operate in every state except Hawaii and Washington, with regional companies located in 10 additional states. Most AFBF offices provide auto, home, and business coverage through various carriers and offer loans and mortgages through their federation membership.

Farm bureaus in some states offer medically underwritten health plans as an alternative to Affordable Care Act-compliant policies, similar to what would be found through traditional auto and homeowners policies. Unlike the latter, however, these medically underwritten health plans do not require farm bureau membership – instead, they’re available year-round, and anyone interested can purchase one if desired.

Iowa and Kansas have adopted legislation authorizing their Farm Bureaus to sell medically underwritten plans; these state Farm Bureaus do not consider these medically underwritten plans to be insurance, thus exempting them from applicable rules and regulations.

Vision Insurance

Farm Bureau Federation membership grants access to various health insurance products available through your South Carolina Farm Bureau agent, such as individual and group plans. In addition, vision insurance policies may also be offered as add-ons; these can be found through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, BlueChoice HealthPlan of Arkansas or UnitedHealthcare (a UnitedHealth Group company).

These plans are tailored to help you affordably cover the cost of eye care with low in-network deductibles and discounts on frames and lenses. Programs also cover routine vision needs like testing and screenings and more comprehensive medically necessary services; individual plans offer dentists access to the Delta Dental PPO Plus PremierTM network and the VSP’s Choice network for optometrists.

Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plans offer an attractive solution for self-employed people, part time employed, or are unable to secure group health coverage through an employer. Not regulated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), these plans don’t need to meet all of its requirements as traditional plans would. Furthermore, in Georgia and Ohio, these plans offer guaranteed issue status, so their premiums won’t depend on an individual’s medical history when setting premiums.

Since these plans don’t require medical underwriting to qualify for coverage in ACA-compliant marketplaces/exchanges, they tend to be cheaper for most healthy individuals. They are not subject to the restrictions set by ACA regarding how much insurers can charge in benefits charges, such as annual and lifetime limits.

These plans do not require that you are an active farmer to qualify for membership; anyone can apply and be approved as long as their membership dues are paid on time. Farm Bureau members in all 50 states can use these health insurance products! To learn more, reach out to your local Farm Bureau agent now.

Life Insurance

Farm Bureau agents are well-versed in your region’s various policies and coverage options, making working with them invaluable when purchasing life insurance. They can explain all your options – term and whole-life policies alike – in terms of costs and coverage options and help determine which approach might be right for your circumstances based on factors like coverage needs and current finances.

Farm Bureau agents are committed to helping their customers find the ideal coverage, with personalized quotes tailored specifically for your family’s unique requirements and assistance in selecting new policies or transferring your existing ones as necessary. In addition, they may help determine if it would be more affordable to combine home and auto policies under one provider – potentially offering even further savings!

Farm Bureau Insurance stands out by offering an array of insurance products and its commitment to its local communities through sponsoring various events and donations with particular emphasis on supporting initiatives for families, youth, education, health, and wellness.

Are You Curious About Farm Bureau Home and Auto Insurance Policies? They Offer Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage that Pays up to 125% of the Dwelling Limit.

Farm Bureau Insurance’s offerings encompass various policies, from auto and home coverage, life and dental, to vision. Their auto policy is competitively priced, receiving favorable ratings from third-party agencies; payment plans are flexible enough for premium payment purposes. Furthermore, life coverage options make this an appropriate choice in various circumstances.