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A healthy diet and regular physical activity are cornerstones of ESSE HEALTH. By choosing nutritious food choices such as lean proteins and whole grains that provide essential nourishment for body building and maintenance, ESSE HEALTH strives to promote wellness within.

Anthem and Esse Health today unveiled a patient-centric care agreement. The new model will improve the quality of care while decreasing avoidable readmissions.

About Us

Esse Health is a physician-led organization founded on the idea that physicians organized as part of a shared practice model can significantly affect healthcare delivery systems. Utilizing their collective knowledge, Esse Health has focused on improving quality care delivery while decreasing costs and expanding access to services within the St. Louis area.

Organization of over 200 primary and specialty physicians located throughout St. Louis’ Metro Area. Their team of experienced healthcare professionals strives to offer patients an exceptional patient experience and achieve outstanding clinical results.

Esse Health offers comprehensive primary and specialty care in addition to providing advanced laboratory testing, radiology, and cardiology services. Their team of doctors is committed to helping improve patients’ overall well-being with preventive screenings for preventable illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

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At Empowerment, Honesty, and Collaboration, we hold onto our core values with great importance, believing them to be essential for company success. If you want to join a passionate group with similar goals, contact us!

CareSignal, a St. Louis-based remote patient monitoring company, and ESSE Health have collaborated to offer real-time COVID-19 information via an Esse COVID Companion free text messaging program. Members can subscribe by texting “ESSE” to 67634; once subscribed, the app will ask primary symptoms questions before linking users with Centers for Disease Control prevention tips and local public health resources. It is available to members and non-members alike, with exceptional advice for those over 60 or those living with chronic diseases.

Find a Doctor

Esse Health offers health services in 45 convenient locations throughout the St. Louis metro, providing advice and care services for you and your family. Through their Patient Portal, patients can connect with their doctors. In addition, patient forms and insurance information can also be easily found here.

Established in 2005 and located in St. Louis, Missouri, Physicians Atrium Health Centers’s physicians are committed to providing superior medical care and building positive patient relationships. They are innovative by participating in value-based contracts with insurance providers. Furthermore, this company offers primary care, mental health, and orthopedics services.

Esse Health reports that 77% of its physicians have received recognition from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for shared savings they have achieved, providing their patients access to quality specialists.

Multiple physicians at our company have been honored as Best Doctors by their peers and colleagues. To become one of these prestigious awards, one must be nominated by another current Best Doctor, undergo an independent, confidential evaluation process, and satisfy specific eligibility requirements.

Esse Health employees enjoy working from home and receiving plenty of vacation leave. In addition, employees can participate in wellness programs to reach fitness goals more easily; professional conferences and seminars are encouraged, and myEsseHealth, a free app on iOS and Android devices, allows employees to connect directly with their doctors.

Patient Portal

Patient portals are online communication tools that give patients 24-hour access to their medical records and communicate with physicians around the clock. Patients can use these portals to request prescription refills, schedule appointments, or email their physician with questions at any time of day or night. In addition, patient adoption of these tools presents unique challenges.

Step one in using a patient portal is logging in and creating an account. For this, a valid email address and computer or smartphone with internet connectivity are necessary; then follow the website’s instructions on how to set up your account. Once set up, click links within it to complete various tasks.

Patient portals allow patients to access their data securely. You can view past and current test results, immunizations, medications, and allergies; you will even be reminded about visits such as annual checkups or flu shots through this secure environment.

Patient portals also enable communication between yourself and your physician via email or video chat, saving time in the office while making scheduling easier for both of you. This can help prevent unnecessary delays to treatment while improving overall patient satisfaction.

Additionally, the portal will help you communicate with other practitioners on your team. If you see different specialists for treatment and primary care providers alike, all can post notes and reminders in the portal for you to see. This ensures you receive top-quality care while helping you remember scheduled appointments.

An increasing number of clinics are adopting patient portals as part of their offerings for telemedicine services, so you must monitor these tools closely to get maximum benefit out of them for your practice.

Payment Options

Esse Health offers comprehensive medical services at 45 convenient locations throughout St. Louis. Their physicians provide advice and care services for people of all ages; additionally, Esse offers imaging and testing services. Esse Health gives clients access to their doctor from home through its patient portal, asthma, and allergy relief center, and health education programs and health insurance plans accepted. Esse Health works in association with Aetna, First Health, Choice Care, Cigna, and United Healthcare medical insurance plans, as well as Purkinje Medicare Advantage plan as well as Essence, an HMO or PPO D-SNP that contracts with both Medicare and state Medicaid programs.

To help reduce hospital readmissions and emergency room visits, the organization has implemented a patient-centric medical home model that prioritizes improving quality of life through lifestyle modifications and early diagnosis. The Million Hearts Initiative recognized them for helping to control hypertension effectively.

Surround Care was recently formed when it merged with Navvis, an organization dedicated to population health management and value-based care creating Surround Care. This merger is anticipated to help speed up their shared goal of improving healthcare for everyone.

Navvis and Esse Health will offer solutions that facilitate and accelerate the transition to value-based care for health systems, physician enterprises, and health plans. Their primary objective will be to provide superior experiences to consumers, providers, payers, and all those in between by helping make care more efficient, effective, and affordable.

The clinic offers self-pay discounts that align with rates negotiated with private insurers and financial counseling available on staff to assist patients in understanding all available options. Its online billing service is safe, convenient, and fast: Customers can pay using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or a linked bank account.