Foresight Mental Health


Foresight is an online mental health platform offering therapy and psychiatry services. They accept various insurance providers and also provide video sessions.

Limited research indicates that those diagnosed with schizophrenia have impaired foresight. Eack et al. evaluated patients diagnosed with schizophrenia across two global assessment items and determined that foresight was independently associated with functionality independent of psychopathology or neurocognitive ability.

What is Foresight?

Foresight is a multidisciplinary approach to change that brings together knowledge from fields as diverse as economics, engineering, sociology, systems theory, creativity, and community building. Instead of trying to predict THE future directly, foresight involves uncovering a variety of possible future scenarios while investigating which conditions make these more or less likely to come true.

If we are concerned about how new technologies might impact our environment and sustainably use resources, foresight can help us understand what might happen under various scenarios by employing scenario planning – which involves identifying multiple possible outcomes and assessing our readiness for them. Furthermore, foresight can assist companies in making strategic decisions by looking at various alternatives and their implications.

Foresight has become increasingly popular as an effective business planning and development method in corporate settings. Typically, foresight involves three key steps: scanning, envisioning, and designing. Scanning consists in identifying changes to domestic and international environments that could impact an issue or system embedded within it by studying literature reviews, current trends analysis, or interviewing experts who possess intimate knowledge. Weak signals with the potential to disrupt are then identified and converted into insights.

Once the scan has been completed, it is essential to envision possible outcomes. This can be accomplished by creating scenarios of what might transpire given various enabling conditions; when creating designs, it is necessary to take both negative and positive implications of each outcome to pinpoint likely and unlikely scenarios better.

Finally, strategic approaches must be developed to prepare for desired outcomes. This is where foresight becomes particularly helpful; it can be used to craft strategic plans, policies, and initiatives, identify gaps in current capabilities, and ensure the organization is ready for future endeavors.

Foresight Mental Health offers online therapy and psychiatry for children & teens, individuals, couples, and families across 11 states at $80 to $200 per session. They accept major insurance providers, which may bring down costs further.

How Does Foresight Work?

Foresight is a mental health service provider based out of Berkeley, California, offering affordable telepsychiatry and therapy services. Their goal is to deliver high-quality psychiatry that’s affordable and accessible to all; their services include personalized member profiles, caring providers, evidence-based treatments, advanced technology monitoring capabilities, and continuous monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, Foresight provides its employees with numerous benefits, such as dental and vision insurance plans, 401(k) plans, medical coverage, office equipment, and paid time off for work performed on projects completed for foresight projects.

In addition to offering counseling services, Foresight provides various products and tools to aid its clients’ mental well-being, including a mental health coach and wellness program. A mental health coach will work directly with each client in identifying any factors contributing to their difficulties; additionally, they’ll teach strategies they can employ daily to manage these difficulties more effectively and improve overall well-being.

Matt Milford and Doug Hapeman, the cofounders of Foresight, graduated from UC Berkeley with a passion for revolutionizing mental health care. Together, they assembled an interdisciplinary team composed of psychiatrists, therapists, neuropsychologists, software engineers, bioengineers, nutritionists, and nutritionists to revolutionize treating mental illness. Since its launch, Foresight has received multiple rounds of funding, including one from Sequoia Heritage of $25 Million. It has had to let go of many employees as it has grown significantly.

The Foresight Method involves several steps designed to identify possible futures and create conditions necessary for their realization. The initial step should be framing your problem broadly rather than narrowly; this will enable you to uncover hidden risks and opportunities that would otherwise go undetected if you only focus on a tiny area.

Next, create an expected future model to clarify how the system operates and what may occur shortly. Be sure to surface and test assumptions during this step so you can engage in productive dialogue with those participating in your foresight project.

Who is Foresight for?

Futurist or not, foresight professionals dedicate themselves to exploring and anticipating future trends, identifying primary drivers of change, and creating alternative scenarios – used then to assist organizations in adapting their strategies and making informed decisions. Strategic foresight has gained increasing traction within occupational safety and health (OSH) communities and other industries; more people have become acquainted with its concepts and tools, allowing it to affect organizations, communities, and our planet positively.

Foresight is not a crystal ball and cannot accurately predict the future. Instead, it serves as a means to understand and engage with it. Foresight methodologies can be implemented across many business contexts, from planning and risk assessments to marketing, design, and engineering projects. At Autodesk, a foresight group works alongside strategy and risk activities by critically exploring future possibilities and identifying risks and opportunities. This team uses foresight-based analysis to develop thought leadership and strategic approaches, as well as working with internal teams on creating a common vocabulary and storytelling methodology so they can share their work more efficiently.

Foresight-based approaches are also effective ways of recognizing potential gaps and unintended outcomes that might otherwise go undetected, leading to more informed, robust decision-making and more resilient, agile strategies that adapt quickly to change and uncertainty. As an essential aspect of long-range planning, foresight is vital in ensuring OSH efforts remain future-ready. They can rapidly adapt in response to emerging threats without leaving anyone behind.

Many stakeholders can utilize foresight, but to ensure its success, it must begin with building an experienced and cohesive team adept at using foresight tools and methodologies. An ideal team would include individuals from various backgrounds with various viewpoints who can explore potential options based on evidence while exploring possible outcomes from them. Furthermore, members must receive adequate training and support to use foresight effectively within their organizations.

What is the Cost?

Foresight Mental Health’s cost depends on the therapy you select and whether or not you have insurance. Individual, couples, and nutrition therapy sessions typically cost $200 per 60-minute session, while group and family therapy costs $450 for an entire session. Subscription-based packages that include monthly sessions with a therapist cost between $80 – $147% more.

One Trustpilot review mentions using Foresight with their insurance and having issues scheduling appointments; she claims they charged her for two sessions she didn’t attend and that their customer service was inadequate. Another review mentions a positive experience and being matched with a fantastic therapist from Foresight.

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