Rose Gold Wedding Cakes


An elegant rose gold wedding cake is the perfect way to emphasize your color theme and complement the other components of your celebration.

Elegant cakes are an effective way to add luxury and flair within budget.

Combining two complementary hues can produce stunning results; take this gorgeous cake from City View Bakehouse as an example: its rose gold luster is overlaid on an iconic vintage damask pattern for an eye-catching effect.

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Rose gold makes an elegant wedding cake choice and adds a sophisticated, romantic look that will indeed wow guests. Pairing perfectly with pink for a truly memorable look!

Traditional wedding cakes consist of several more miniature cakes stacked together into “tiers.” Each layer is typically decorated with different frosting colors and designs before the couple stacks them all and cuts a slice from each tier to share among their guests. Cutting the cake signifies a new beginning for couples while providing guests with a fun activity they can participate in as guests cut slices without knocking them over, which hopefully ensures many children.

At any wedding reception, the wedding cake is often the focal point; therefore, it must reflect both your taste and the vision of your wedding day. Luckily, brides- and grooms-to-be have many choices available that can satisfy their palate – be it rustic, modern, or even traditional styles; there’s sure to be one to match any style or preference!

Tree House Cakes’ two-tier cake with delicate rose gold details would be the perfect finishing touch to an elegant and sophisticated wedding celebration! The beautiful pairing of colors creates an exquisite piece that would be hard to resist in terms of its visual beauty – almost too pretty to consume!

Rose gold is an adaptable hue that works beautifully with any palette, but blush pink is especially good. The two warm tones complement one another beautifully to produce an elegant finish that complements any bridal style and decor scheme. In fact, rose gold makes an eye-catching accent in floral or foliage wedding cake designs as well!

Bronze and copper tones combine beautifully with pastel shades and primary accent colors – as evidenced by these mesmerizing designs from Faye Cahill Designs (left) and Merely Sweets (right). Additionally, grey-blue shading and lace piping pair beautifully on this contemporary piece from Wow Factor Cakes (left), while delicate mulberry and mauve florals create an exquisite piece by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium (right).

If you want an elegant rose gold wedding cake but want to amp up its glam factor, try an edible metallic finish instead of bronze powder. Although this technique requires some practice and may take a bit more effort, the results speak for themselves! Use food coloring or dusting powder as your substrate for applying metallic dusting powder directly on top of your cake surface. When finished off with hand-painted flowers or foliage decorations for an extra special touch!


Rustic wedding cakes can add the perfect rustic accent to your dessert table and wedding decor. Rustic cakes typically feature earthy elements like pinecones and flowers to complete its rustic aesthetic, such as berries, flowers, greenery, or any combination thereof – like this couple’s gray-blue cake from Cake-Catholics, which featured foraged grasses and blooms to complete its rustic theme.

Rough icing is another popular element for creating rustic wedding cakes, creating an organic look with its rugged and uneven appearance. Perfect for rustic ceremonies! Additionally, this style can easily add texture and dimension to a classic buttercream cake, as well as fresh fruits or flowers for an authentic organic touch.

If you prefer keeping things straightforward, opt for a semi-naked cake featuring subtle floral accents. Alliance Bakery created this lovely birch-inspired cake featuring petite pink cabbage rose sprays for a chic, shabby aesthetic. Dried elements, such as eucalyptus leaves or pinecones, are another simple way of adding rustic charm – these understated details could be ideal additions for an organic barn or countryside wedding celebration!

One way to add rustic charm to your wedding cake is with edible flower petals. This style works equally well on either semi-naked or naked cakes and makes your guests feel as though they are dining at an idyllic countryside estate.

Rose gold is an elegant choice that complements both light and dark-hued cakes, creating an eye-catching contrast that is sure to wow guests at a rustic wedding cake reception. Pair this shimmering hue with deep navy for an eye-catching effect certain to wow guests at your celebration!


Rose gold is one of the trendiest metallics, often used to add an upscale edge to wedding cakes. Cheryl Bottomley Cakes’ stunning creation is an excellent example of this trend, featuring elegant blush hues combined with shimmering rose gold detailing and gorgeous sugar flowers.

Make an impression statement at your wedding with an extravagant glittery rose gold wedding cake from The Pink Cake Box, like this stunning design featuring a sparkly top layer and three-tiered layers adorned with sugar flowers and round candy pearls for added romance.

Rose gold can add texture and visual interest to your wedding, such as this stunning cake from Tree House Cakes that showcases marbled pink colors with intricate rose gold detailing for a modern take on rustic vibes.

Ceri Olofson is an artist at heart who uses her artistic vision to craft exquisite wedding cakes for clients with discriminating tastes. Drawing inspiration for her designs from fashion, art, and architecture, Ceri first attended the Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Montreal before creating a style all her own that stands out among its peers.

Ceri’s designs feature delicate wafer paper florals in pastel hues. Her florals are carefully handcrafted to look real yet light as air, creating the ideal finishing touch to any luxury wedding cake. She has also used gold leaf, marbled icing, and monochrome techniques to produce pieces that fit right in on modernist bridal tables.

Jasmine Rae, another talented cake designer and baker with an early interest in art and painting, began working as a mural painter but now uses her creative energies in designing custom wedding cakes. Inspired by nature and botanical life, she excels at recreating it on delicious edible canvases – including delicate flower details from vines or vintage romance details that give off an air of vintage romance in her romantic designs.


Glitter wedding cakes are an eye-catching way to add shine and shimmer to any celebration, making for the ideal cake addition for anyone seeking an extravagant aesthetic or those planning weddings with contemporary or romantic themes. Edible glitter can be sprinkled over fresh buttercream or painted on more complex finishes for texture and shine; additionally, rainbow weddings may opt for this look with cascading multi-colored sugar roses like this stunning bake from Bluebird’s Bakehouse featuring cascades of multicolored roses cascading down its centerpiece!

If subtle shimmer is more your style, wedding cakes flecked with edible gold, silver, or copper make for stunning alternatives to metallic coating. Their warm tones complement many color palettes, from pastel hues to vibrant primary accent colors; bronze tones create an impressive visual in this sophisticated Erica O’Brien wedding cake design, while copper and blush pink come together beautifully in Merely Sweets’ beautiful cake design.

For the hopeless romantic who wants a memorable centerpiece, a personalized silhouette wedding cake by Heart and Soul Cakes could make the perfect centerpiece. Not only can it make an eye-catching statement about your special moment in edible form, but its sweet design can help commemorate it for future generations, too!

Wedding cakes with metallic finishes can be challenging to photograph due to catching flash and creating reflections on their surface. If this poses any difficulties for you, ask your cake designer to ice the base in a matte finish instead to prevent unwanted shine from coming through.

Remember that metallic wedding cakes make a bold statement, so when selecting one, it is essential that the design is one you love and are proud to display at your reception. Additionally, mixing different metallic shades may cause eye strain or create visual confusion.