Top Real Estate Agents In Hermosa Beach, CA


How We Find Top Agents in Hermosa Beach:

U.S. News has partnered with U.S. News to use actual real estate sales data to compare the HomeLight performance of real estate agents & Realtors® across the United States. For Hermosa Beach, we analyzed real estate, including, but not limited to, how many properties the real estate agent has worked with, how quickly they have sold or bought properties for their clients, and how much money they’ve earned or saved.

U.S. News The Find an Agent tool identifies your needs maps your requirements to an advanced real estate database, and connects you with the most qualified real estate agents in Hermosa Beach. Your top real estate agent recommendations are unbiased: Agents can’t pay for placement, & your matches are based on how the agents handled properties like yours in the past. Agents are compared to all other agents on key performance indicators like transaction listings, volume, days on the market, property type expertise, sale price to list price ratio, and other relevant data points in their transaction histories. To learn more about Home Light’s real estate database and algorithm, visit How We Identify Top Real Estate Agents.

10 Top Real Estate Agents in Hermosa Beach by Sales Transactions:

Judi R First Team Real Estate 324 $468,484.50 – $780,807.50
Chris & Andrea M RE/MAX Empire Properties 174 $408,942.75 – $681,571.25
Cari & Britt G Vista Sotheby’s International Realty 80 $1,457,443.50 – $2,429,072.50
Joshua H Compass 56 $905,443.50 – $1,509,072.50
Edward K The Kaminsky Real Estate Group 41 $1,630,236.75 – $2,717,061.25
Leonard L EXP Realty of California, Inc. 34 $929,406.00 – $1,549,010.00
John C Northwest Realty 25 $3,065,355.00 – $5,108,925.00
Nick P Compass 24 $1,216,624.50 – $2,027,707.50
Anne H Re/max Estate Properties 20 $808,706.25 – $1,347,843.75
Kim D Compass 15 $1,021,280.25 – $1,702,133.75

FAQ for Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Hermosa Beach:

What questions should I ask when interviewing a Hermosa Beach real estate agent?

Some questions you might consider asking a real estate agent are:

How long have you been selling real estate?

An agent with several years in the business may stay calm if bumps in the road occur during the buying or selling process. And because real estate is a commission-based field, it may be a good sign that the agent provides good service if their career has longevity.

How many homes have you sold/closed on in the past six months?

This could indicate the real estate agent's success rate in the current market. In addition, some agents work primarily with either buyers or sellers, so you'll want to know if the agent can meet your needs. If you sell one home and purchase another, having one agent who can work with you on both transactions might make the process smoother.

What is your average number of clients?

The number of clients the real estate agent is working with could directly impact how much time they have to give attention to you and your situation.

Do you work with a team?

It's important to know whether you'll be working with one agent the whole time or if there's a chance you'll meet with other team members at some point.

What area(s) do you cover?

Some real estate agents are neighborhood experts, while others cover a broader territory. Know where the agent has a footprint and ensure the area –and the agent's local expertise –are compatible with your needs.

What is your marketing and negotiation strategy?

Whether you're a buyer or seller, you'll want to know how an agent plans to negotiate on your behalf. And if you're selling, you'll want to see the agent's approach to advertising your home to potential buyers.

What type of communication should I expect from you?

How often you and the agent will communicate with one another and the best means of communication for the involved parties should be established early.

Can you provide me with contact information for three references?

Speaking directly with a real estate agent's former clients can help you get candid reviews of working with them.

What is negotiable with real estate agents?

A real estate agent's commission is technically negotiable. Commission from a real estate transaction is usually split between the listing agent & the buyers' agent and the brokerages they work for, and it's often between 5 and 6%. But there are situations in which the seller could try to negotiate for a slightly smaller fee. Some examples include if you're selling a home that's move-in ready, if you're buying and selling using the same agent if you allow a lockbox so the agent doesn't have to host every showing of the home, or perhaps if your home is in a hot market and you expect it to sell quickly. Conversely, agents and brokers don't have to lower their fees. But it could be worth a discussion, depending on your bargaining chips.

What do real estate agents do for their commission?

Real estate agents earn commissions by providing various services during a real estate transaction. The commission ensures homebuyers and sellers get the assistance they need during this process. Agents help search for sale properties, set the home price, market the listing, show the home to potential buyers, negotiate the sale, assist with home inspections and appraisals, and close the deal. In addition, good agents are reachable to their clients at all times, so paying for an agent should get you full access to them.

How important is it to hire a top real estate agent?

A real estate agent's job is to find you the right home as seamlessly as possible, so hiring a well-regarded agent can expedite the process. Top agents are trained to understand the complete home buying process, and you can seek out agents with specialized training to fit your needs. Whether buying or selling a home, the odds of securing your desired price are higher if you work with a best-performing real estate agent. A seasoned professional can negotiate the best deal for you by using tactics to lower closing and repair costs, for example, or advocate for extra incentives within the agreement. In addition, a well-connected real estate agent can give you referrals for services and professionals you may need for your new home.

When should I hire a real estate agent in Hermosa Beach?

It all depends on the state of the Hermosa Beach real estate market at the time, but we speak to a real estate agent as soon as you are thinking of buying and selling a home in the area, which may be anywhere from three to nine months before you want to move. Leave time to interview agents if you are new to home buying or selling or if you'll be using an agent you've never worked with. Sellers generally should reach out earlier than buyers, and you should contact a real estate agent before making any pre-sale home improvements.

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