Pittsburgh Eras Tour: Taylor Swift’s Pittsburgh Concerts Are Now a Movie


Taylor Swift returned to Pittsburgh this weekend as part of her record-setting Eras Tour for two sold-out concerts at Acrisure Stadium, filling it each night. Thousands of fans filled Acrisure Stadium for each performance.

Swift made her surprise song portion even more exciting by inviting Aaron Dessner from The National to perform the 2020 folklore track “Seven.”

She created an immersive universe during each era, changing lighting, outfits, and video screens to form a coherent show that moved between themes and emotions.

AMC Classic Theaters

Swift brought her beloved audience on an exhilarating tour through nine albums during the Pittsburgh Eras Tour, with an extensive setlist spanning three hours and full of surprises and glitter. Now, this concert film will be shown across theaters nationally this fall; tickets sold out quickly at many theaters. In addition, digital platforms will make available this movie; few acts have managed to release concert films that rival their popularity. BTS released one such concert film this year called BTS Live World Tour; however, Swift’s is predicted to surpass even that one.

There are various AMC Classic theaters near you showing Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film. Some feature IMAX; those without do not. IMAX provides superior viewing, with larger and sharper images than standard formats; it also better delivers sound – an essential consideration when dealing with movies that rely heavily on music.

AMC Classic Theaters provide premium amenities, such as recliner seats and Dolby Cinema, at its over 2,000 locations nationwide. AMC also has a loyalty program that lets customers earn points through ticket and food purchases to unlock additional benefits such as free movie tickets and priority seating – the AMC Rewards app is available both for iPhone and Android devices to enable customers to purchase tickets and redeem rewards quickly and efficiently.

Some AMC Classic theaters also offer Dolby Vision Dual 4K laser projection, providing more vibrant colors and more profound contrast for action and adventure films. Furthermore, Dolby Vision makes for an engaging viewing experience thanks to surround sound technology and HD quality video quality.

If you plan on attending an AMC Classic theater, make sure to visit their website regularly for updates regarding showtimes and special events. Some theaters also provide group discounts or other deals; AMC CLASSIC Mill Plain 8 in Portland, Oregon, has recently offered a Family Pack deal, which includes two tickets and popcorn for only $25!

AMC Stubs members who purchase tickets to see OPPENHEIMER in IMAX between July 20 and August 3 can earn 500 bonus points – and upgrade their experience for $1 at the theater box office – plus, these points can be applied towards future ticket purchases!

Burgatory Bar & Shorty’s Waterfront

Taylor Swift kept Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh pulsing with her new and old hits during a nonstop performance that kept fans singing along to every track for hours, leaving some exhausted by its conclusion.

Pittsburgh was Swift’s inaugural concert of her record-setting tour, and tickets quickly sold out for both performances. Tens of thousands of fans made the trip for an experience they will remember for years – it truly celebrated Swift’s career while providing many memorable moments for her loyal followers.

While thousands of Swifties packed Acrisure Stadium, another group was gathering outside Shorty’s Pins x Pints at The Waterfront shopping center to queue up and play back-in-time at Shorty’s Pins x Pints at 4 p.m. The take-you-back-in-time game room and bar became packed quickly after opening at 4 pm with all ages wearing period-themed costumes such as sequined dresses.

Shorty’s is set to open its second location (and the inaugural of what its owners intend as a national chain) at The Waterfront on December 19, in what used to be Bar Louie space, just across from Burgatory and AMC Waterfront 22 multiplex. While it won’t feature duckpin bowling like its North Shore location does, three traditional metal dartboards equipped with technology that shows players their chance at hitting bull’s-eye target are present here, as well as an intimate karaoke room reminiscent of That ’70s Show.

Boards & Baskets will be another exciting newcomer to this space, owned by the owner of Fudge Farm, a locally-based Fudge Farm selling traditional charcuterie and cheese with vegetables, crackers, and olives in a market-style setting. Shoe Fly, affiliated with Gordon Shoes but purchased by a Pennsylvania shoe company, will open its storefront at Eyepolis, while Appalachian Running Co., specializing exclusively in running shoes, will move into what used to be New Balance Pittsburgh space.

Herky Pollock, founder and chairman of HiLife Hospitality (which operates the Shorty’s and Burgatory restaurant chains), welcomed attendees at this new venue. A nationally renowned commercial real estate broker who has helped lease properties for many of Pittsburgh’s major entertainment destinations like Heinz Field and PPG Paints Arena, Pollock fielded questions from Patch about this venture.

Taylor Swift Movie Theaters

Taylor Swift sent shockwaves through Pittsburgh’s Acrisure Stadium with her “Eras Tour” show on June 16th. The Karma singer put on an unforgettable display that rivaled even Super Bowl halftime, complete with fireworks and glittery jackets exploding into the audience while she strode across an impossibly long catwalk stage – keeping fans singing and dancing for nearly three hours!

Swifties around the globe have been abuzz about her show since it was announced. Outfits, setlist speculation, and speculation over a possible secret album opener have kept fans talking for days since. And it will remain an iconic cultural moment that fans will recall fondly for years to come.

Now, concert fans can experience the magic of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” the movie adaptation of her concert, on a bigger screen. Local theaters are showing it, and bars and restaurants are offering specials to mark its release; for instance, at Squirrel Hill’s Manor Theater, fans are being invited to wear concert attire and make friendship bracelets during a Taylor Swift Movie Night event!

The movie chronicles Swift’s tour through 10 cities and two stadiums, documenting each high-flying stunt and elaborate set. Not only is the spectacle entertaining, but it provides a rare insight into a megastar at work. Swift was able to command her audience well while also building relationships between herself and them throughout this movie, drawing closer and strengthening bonds even further as she performed live for them.

Director Joseph Kahn makes it abundantly clear that this film is no ordinary concert movie: instead, it provides a breathtaking showcase of Swift’s artistry as one of the most celebrated entertainers of her generation, as well as showing her development as a performer throughout each phase of her career.

Not only does the movie boast stunning production value, it is further accentuated by intimate moments between Swift and her audience. From winking cheekily at them to intense gazes directed directly at them or gestures made towards the camera aimed at engaging her viewers as though they were longtime companions, Swift engages them as though they were close family members.

Swifties will love this film, which is already making history as one of the highest-grossing concert movies ever released on cinematic release. It may soon eclipse 2011’s “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” record and even overtake 1970’s “Woodstock.” This unprecedented partnership between an established music star and a movie studio marks an exciting new chapter in how we experience live concerts on film.