Hot Rod Power Tour, Driven By Continental Tire, Passes Through Boone and Watauga County on Friday


On Friday, Boone and portions of Watauga County will host the 29th annual HOT ROD Power Tour presented by Continental Tire. Widely considered America’s largest traveling car show, this five-day road trip features cars from every generation, with thousands of enthusiasts gathering along its path.

AJ Meadows will bring his all-patina 1954 Chevrolet powered by an LT4 engine to this event.


The 29th annual HOT ROD Power Tour, Driven By Continental Tire, kicked off June 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway and will travel north through Georgia and North Carolina before arriving at Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway for its finale on June 17. This year marks an extra special milestone as HOT ROD celebrates 75 years. Thousands of cars and trucks from different eras will participate in what has become one of the largest traveling car shows ever seen; over 10K fans join every year!

This year’s route includes stops at South Carolina State Fairgrounds in Columbia, Rockingham Speedway near its namesake town, zMAX Dragway in Concord, and Bristol Motor Speedway. The Power Tour is an inclusive family event dedicated to HOT ROD culture that includes activities like drag racing, autocross racing, and live entertainment.

Day two of the Power Tour saw participants depart early Tuesday morning and head toward Columbia, South Carolina. Due to so many vehicles taking off simultaneously, traffic jams and taxed cooling systems were inevitable, yet all drivers made every effort to arrive at their destinations on schedule.

AJ Meadows took his all-patina 1954 Chevy with an LT4 engine to Columbia for Power Tour 2017. Since 2012, he’s attended every stop, enjoying its familiar atmosphere. For him, the most enjoyable aspect is building relationships among those attending each year – something that happens organically with every Power Tour event.

Chevrolet Performance’s Columbia stop featured an array of current models, such as Camaro, Corvette, Silverado, and Colorado, along with classic vehicles equipped with an LT powertrain system. Furthermore, their eCrate powertrain system, components, upgrades, and vehicle modifications were on display, as well as their 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville fitted with an LT4 E-ROD crate engine+.


As the HOT ROD Power Tour travels down through Carolinas and Tennessee this week, Elizabethton will get its first taste of America’s largest traveling car show. I expected to pass through on Thursday and Friday before moving on to Bristol Motor Speedway; those unable to attend in person can follow along via the live Facebook page here.

This year’s Power Tour marks the magazine’s 75th anniversary and will consist of five stops across Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Each visit will include hundreds of cars, trucks, and motorcycles – as well as exciting high-octane events like drag racing and autocross – along with hundreds of spectators. In addition, one-day participation options are also available to those without specialty vehicles or trucks – more adventurous participants may take on the “Long Haul” challenge by completing it all the way for an award plaque commemorating their achievements!


Rockingham Dragway will once again host the National Motorcycle Racing Association and National Mustang Club All-Star Nationals in April 2023, featuring both championship series. Racing action will also include Manufacturer’s Midway and UPR Products Show & Shine competitions, as well as Top of the Rock fan experiences that celebrate muscle cars and Mustangs.

Hampton County boasts a rich racing heritage, as it was the site of America’s inaugural professional stock car race in 1902. Hampton Beach and Rye Harbor State Park both draw visitors throughout the year for vacationing, as well as horseback riding, boating, fishing, golf, and other popular recreational activities such as horseback riding. Furthermore, Hampton County is known for producing agricultural goods like tobacco, corn, peaches, apples, and tomatoes, which makes for great local agriculture!

Rockingham County has become increasingly competitive during presidential elections since 1964; three Democratic nominees have won Rockingham County outright since then, split between its Seacoast region stronghold and more conservative western sections.

JAUNT’s regional public transit system will make an appearance in Harrisonburg. Irma Serrano Carballido of Valley Interfaith Action notes how this program would provide significant benefit to residents throughout Harrisonburg County – particularly for people without transportation who find it challenging to access work or other essential appointments.

Skat will offer its routes in Eden, Reidsville, Wentworth, and Western Rockingham through transit offices as well as printed schedules at selected local businesses. A PDF version can also be found here for convenient downloading. Our routes include stops in Eden, Reidsville, and Wentworth for your convenience.


HOT ROD Power Tour 2023 will be a fantastic journey from start to finish. Beginning June 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia, and winding its way across Georgia and Carolina before ending up at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, classic cars and trucks will travel city to city as performance car enthusiasts, HOT ROD editors, and photographers follow along – this event is widely recognized as being one of the largest traveling car shows ever seen in history.

Dan Dulcich from DD Speed Shop will be participating in this year’s tour with his LT4-powered 1955 Chevy wagon, eagerly awaiting meeting fellow hot rodders and taking in each stop’s atmosphere. However, there are a few things he notes should be kept in mind prior to embarking on any trip of this nature.

Power Tours provides an incredible way to enjoy time with your friends and family, but be mindful not to drive too fast. Be aware of your surroundings as well as local laws. Furthermore, learn the regulations surrounding vehicle emissions if this is unfamiliar territory to you – or hire a professional.

Jason Aldean’s Jelly Roll: Backroad Baptism Tour promises an incredible concert experience for audiences with chart-topping hits like “Rearview Town,” “Tattoos on This Town,” and “Amarillo Sky.” Boasting soulful melodies and exhilarating performances, fans will be transported into an arena where music reigns supreme.


The 29th annual HOT ROD Power Tour, Driven by Continental Tire, kicked off June 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, snaked its way across Georgia and South Carolina before arriving at Columbia State Fairgrounds and heading north through Rockingham Speedway and zMAX Dragway before entering the High Country on Friday heading toward Bristol Motor Speedway. Considered one of the world’s premier traveling car shows, drawing more than 6,000 vehicles of various generations as well as thousands of fans over five days – this year marked HOT ROD magazine’s 75th anniversary!

This week, the Power Tour makes its annual trek through the High Country, stopping in Boone and Blowing Rock on Friday. If you can’t make the event itself, be aware that traffic may be heavy during this time of year – otherwise, take advantage of livestream coverage to catch some fantastic cars in action!

Green Drinks Boone provides an opportunity to meet others who care about environmental sustainability in the High Country. Hosted by Appalachian State University, the Town of Boone, and local small businesses – as well as students and faculty interested in these topics – Green Drinks will take place on Wednesday, April 17, at Lovill House Inn.

A spokesperson for the event promised it would be an enjoyable day for all, noting there are no age restrictions or year restrictions, praising organizers for creating such an accessible family event, and hoping it continues to gain in popularity.