Cat Grooming Service in Bangkok


Grooming your cat regularly is essential to their overall well-being and happiness. From an early age, your pet should become used to being groomed – this should not be stressful or uncomfortable! Look into the Best info about Cat grooming service in Bangkok.

Micaela is a passionate cat enthusiast who enjoys ensuring each feline client feels relaxed during grooming sessions. Micaela brings immense joy in helping felines look their best!


Micaela used to work as a marketer until she decided to follow her true passion of working with cats. Being an owner herself, Micaela found great satisfaction in helping other cat owners care for their cats. Working in this capacity allows her to spend every day around cats – which she believes has allowed her to develop as an individual and person.

Micael is an attractive feminine name that denotes mild, gentle, and kind qualities. This name can also be interpreted as being in the Hebrew tradition, meaning “Islamic.” Micael can also be pronounced Mikaela or Michella.

Pet grooming was among the few occupations permitted to return after Thailand relaxed some COVID-19 restrictions last week. At Hato Pet Wellness Salon in Bangkok, clients such as Ella, a teacup Maltese, and Giddy, a miniature poodle, were getting their hair washed and blow-dried; an entire bath, blow-dry, and haircut can cost as little as $10 for toy breeds or $25 for larger dogs.

Pet owners can also find food, bondage products, and anti-rabies vaccines for their furry companions at this venue. There is also a booth dedicated to the Cat Adoption project and a raffle for stray cats; additionally, they can have their pets vaccinated for free with an anti-rabies vaccine and sterilized in exchange for a donation.


Carrie grew up loving cats and has long had a deep-seated passion for animal care since she was young. Grooming became her way of relating with them and providing the highest standard of care possible, including reading cat body language to make grooming sessions comfortable for felines. Carrie enjoys her job immensely as helping pets look and feel their best is very fulfilling; she currently owns two cats she considers true loves – spending free time playing with them while giving out treats!


Aini is an avid cat groomer. She owns five cats and thoroughly enjoys grooming them herself, working with dogs and small animals such as guinea pigs. Aini recently left her job in customer service to pursue her passion for working with animals full-time.

People named Aini tend to be free-thinkers, artists, and leaders with strong opinions who also care deeply for others and feel deeply. Each one is extraordinary with their passions that drive their life forward.

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Jingyu, an expert cat groomer, takes great pleasure in connecting with each feline she grooms and providing them with impeccable service. Jingyu finds the greatest fulfillment in seeing cats and owners smile after their grooming sessions.

Bangkok has seen businesses open again as COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease, including restaurants, cafes, and street-food vendors; markets and food courts; parks and outdoor sports complexes; hair salons/barbershops/pet grooming salons. Pet owners have seized this new business opportunity – no longer willing to let their furry companions go more than one month without showering/brushing their hair – thanks to COVID-19 being eased gradually.

The Royal Canin International Cat Show at Central Plaza Lat Phrao offers events from February 28 to March 1 to entertain cats and humans alike. A grooming contest, with its winner receiving both a trophy and Bt6,000 cash, features at this year’s show; also, there is an adoption project booth and rare collectibles featuring cats from around the world that look similar. There’s even the Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation raffle and Lend a Hand Project that assists stray cats in finding homes.


Nicole is an experienced pet groomer with extensive experience grooming cats. She finds great satisfaction in working with felines and grooming each one satisfying and fulfilling. Nicole excels at cat handling and understanding their body language, taking great pride in providing impeccable grooming services to every cat that walks through Nekomori’s door. Nicole also mentors new groomers towards attaining grooming certification, spending time with her cat Bane while studying animal behavior to help owners understand their pets better, and serving as lead grooming artisan at Nekomori.


She spends most of her free time cuddling one or more of her six cats at home, as she believes regular grooming sessions are necessary to ensure the well-being of pets and prevent illness. In addition, she teaches junior groomers how to manage and trim cats properly.

Bangkok is known for its love of purebred dogs – you’ll see huskies, malamutes, labradors, and Weimaraners at every street corner, along with an abundance of Labradors and Weimaraners. The Soi Dog Foundation receives many requests to find homes for these stray pups; unfortunately, the coronavirus ban impedes international adoptions, while mass layoffs prevent some from spending on services like haircuts, bathing, or blowouts for their dogs.

Feline Fabulous Salon on Sukhumvit 103 provides two separate suites dedicated to cats, with full grooming services offered from primary to complete grooming services. Their friendly staff helps meet the needs of each feline client, giving you peace of mind knowing your feline friend will be in safe hands here.

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