Survivor!.io Pets


Neemo makes an ideal support pet with his AOE Turtle Surge doing significant damage and his Time Stop skill, which freezes enemies for 5 seconds, rendering both you and Neemo invincible – however, its 60-second cooldown makes its use impractical.

Pets feature two primary skills when deployed and an Assist Skill that will activate randomly when they reach Epic or Legendary rarity levels; this Assist Skill only benefits your survivor if the pet is deployed.

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Pets are one of the latest additions to the bullet hell roguelike, adding an entirely new dimension of gameplay. Once you have cleared several Chapters in primary game mode, pets are unlocked and deployed via the Pet area adjacent to the Survivor/Outfit button and deployed from here once opened and deployed from the Pet area. Each pet possesses both active and support/passive skills, which either buff their owner in combat or provide buffs in other ways; leveling them up unlocks additional skills that you can use to boost their stats or those of survivors alike!

As its name implies, this pet is a loyal friend that will stay by your side no matter what. With a solid attacking range and the ability to resurrect itself when killed, don’t mistake its adorable appearance for weakness, as this pet can take significant damage in combat using Advanced Bravery abilities that increase speed while Time Stop helps make you and your companion invincible for five seconds – perfect if enemies appear out of nowhere to surprise your defenses!

The frog is an unlikely pet, yet its fury can be felt afar. Its acid spit attack delivers long-term acid damage against multiple enemies, while its passive skill prioritizes survivors by increasing EXP earned and their critical rate. When engaged in battle, it has an excellent ATK and skill damage output, while its Ultimate ability allows it to catapult itself towards enemies for high damage hits.

Pets can be leveled up using pet cookies you can gain by opening chests on the main pet screen or purchasing them. When leveling down an individual pet, you will get all your pet cookies back if desired; in addition, merging two identical common pets unlocks good pets while joining three comparable better pets unlocks excellent +1 pets; evolution to higher rarity levels costs gems but can still happen!


Crabs are among the few creatures capable of surviving in salt water, thanks to their shells adapting to absorb any salt. Furthermore, their compound eyes have more advanced capabilities than ours, which allows them to see better in dim and murky waters than humans can, making them efficient hunters who quickly locate food sources as well as potential mates and mates.

Of the crabs found, most live in the sea; however, some species can also make their home on land. Their life cycle remains similar – they must move into the water to lay eggs that will then be fertilized with male crab sperm collected by female crabs before hatching out and joining plankton in the water.

Water Shot, one of a crab’s primary skills, deals up to 500% damage while penetrating two enemies simultaneously – making it an effective means of clearing out more enormous hordes of enemies. Crabobble’s legendary assist skill, Super Battle Lust, can increase his ATK and skill cooldowns by 30% for greater effectiveness as an anti-fire support pet.

The turtle is another effective defensive pet. Despite its slow speed, it can take out significant enemy damage. One of its primary abilities is Turtle Surge, which lets it catapult itself onto multiple enemies for high damage output. Utmost Loyalty improves defense by minimizing shot and contact damage to keep enemies at bay.

Neemo is another crab with an outstanding balance between offense and defense; offering ranged attacks (Bubble Bullet) and increasing battle EXP and collision damage reduction. Unfortunately, Neemo may not be as tanky as other pets in this Tier list.

All the pets listed above can be obtained in various ways, ranging from daily chances to Gold Keys and Gems (high tier). You can level them up through the Pet screen by opening Chests; once leveled up, they unlock an Assist skill that may benefit both themselves and Survivor.


Since its release, Survivor!.io has been getting new content and features, including pets that enable players to bring companions into battle alongside them. These allow for new ways of playing the game, as each pet brings different statistics and abilities into play that could change your strategy significantly. Pets can be earned by participating in events and unlocking equipment or parts.

At present, there are six unique pets in the game, each offering its own set of abilities that can boost your character’s stats in various ways. You can learn more about them on the Pets page, where their stats, skills, and unlock/upgrade processes will be listed.

Each pet possesses its primary skill that activates when deployed at the top of the screen, as well as assist skills that start when either its owner dies or when their deployed pet dies.

There are various pets available, with some more powerful than others. For instance, the Murica bird can summon a tornado that covers large areas and strikes multiple enemies at once, making him an effective threat but hindered by low activation potential for its prominent ability.

Cheshires, another cat-based pet, are equipped with close-range scratch attacks that cause significant damage and become stronger as their levels progress. In some instances, these scratch attacks may even prevent fatal injury by mitigating its severity; however, this comes at a significant cooldown cost.

These pets can all be leveled up by tapping on their icon in the top right corner of the screen, increasing their ATK and HP stats as you level them up. You may also unlock unlockable skills by upgrading them to Excellent, Epic, or Legend grades; doing this can benefit the Survivor or Pet.


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Pets are another new addition to the game that can assist players during battle; however, to unlock them, you must clear Chapters first and can obtain them from Chests on the Pet Screen that can be opened either daily chances or Gold Keys (high tier).

As soon as your character acquires a pet, you’ll see it sitting on their shoulder at the bottom of the screen and using its unique skill to aid them during battle. Up to three pets can be purchased simultaneously – each offering something unique in action!

Your pet will take damage as you do and only feint when its HP falls below zero points. Furthermore, feinted pets won’t gain any buffs if they’re feinted.

Finally, make sure that your pets have attained at least blue tier level – this will enable them to deal more damage and enhance both their abilities as well as yours.