Baldur’s Gate 3 – How Many Acts Are in Baldur’s Gate 3?


Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 role-playing game provides players with an epic Dungeons and Dragons experience set in the Forgotten Realms, offering plenty of combat, dialogue, and exploration possibilities.

Players should expect to spend at least several hours completing the main storyline alone; if you’re an obsessive collector, this number could increase significantly.

Act 1

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the biggest RPGs to hit shelves recently, boasting an expansive world and numerous quests. This Dungeons & Dragons title also offers hundreds of character races and classes to select from for every playthrough; each experience will differ. Given such extensive content, it is vitally important that players know exactly how long it will take them to finish this adventure!

This article will highlight how many acts are in Baldur’s Gate 3, their length, and any key or side content within each show. Ideally, this should give an accurate idea of how long playing through will take and whether or not it’s worth your while.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1 introduces its world and characters, including its protagonists and antagonists, while setting up events that will unfold later in the story. You will visit various locations within Faerun, such as Goblin Camp or Druid Grove, and travel beneath Grymforge for underwater exploration before discovering Githyanki Creche.

Act 1 should take approximately 15-20 hours, although that timeframe can change based on your exploration habits and side quest decisions. Furthermore, game developers have suggested that more in-depth experiences could take over 100 hours in the first act alone!

Once you’ve completed Act 1, Act 2 will present itself. Here, you will learn more about The Absolute’s influence over Faerun while choosing your party members to battle a formidable foe. It will be the shortest but also the most demanding and satisfying.

Act 2

Larian Studios’ latest installment of Baldur’s Gate, Act 2, is an expansive Dungeons and Dragons RPG with hours of combat, dialogue, exploration, and new adventures for players to experience. Tens of thousands have already taken advantage of its launch week to share all its content, yet its size may make it easy for some content to slip past you. That’s why we have provided this handy guide to help you navigate Act 2.

BG3’s first act is relatively short and is an extended tutorial, covering many of the mechanics you will need throughout the campaign. Completing all side quests should take around 20 hours, but this could vary depending on how fast or slow you play!

This first act can be more complex than expected, as your party must contend with goblins and other troublemakers out to kill them. Furthermore, they must infiltrate Moonrise Towers to fight off an unknown god of the Absolute before ultimately meeting some key characters on their journey forward.

Instead of the lush druid groves and goblin camps of Act 1, this new section of the Sword Coast is shrouded in darkness that threatens to consume any attempt at wandering off-path, forcing players to avoid important content like Rosymorn Monastery or Githyanki Creche; even more surprising may be missing essential characters like Volo.

This second act of BG3 can take 30-50 hours to complete as you slowly unmask a more sinister threat and must find three Netherstones to take down it. As well as new locations and partners, you’ll also gain experience to level up your party before engaging in battle again in BG4.

Act 3

Since its release, Larian Studios’ Dungeons & Dragons RPG BG3 has taken the world by storm. Its massive scale has given players hours of gameplay with endless character race and class combinations available. Yet, many gamers remain curious about its length overall and how many acts are included in its storyline.

As it turns out, BG3 offers three playable acts plus a Prologue. Following the classic three-act structure of setup, conflict, and resolution seen in most RPGs but adding its twist – no two games will ever be exactly alike; extensive exploration, captivating stories, and deep dialogue trees ensure something here for everyone!

The first act of BG3 starts by infecting the player and their party with Illithid Tadpoles aboard a mind Flayer Nautiloid ship. From here, players must decide which companions to bring and how best to progress the main storyline. This initial stage generally takes 20-30 hours of gameplay, though more time may be spent exploring and completing side quests.

Act 2 is where BG3 starts to shine, with most players experiencing its most extended action. The opening section introduces new regions, characters, and threats and begins the hunt for Netherstones! This section also takes players through several twists in time, which build tension throughout.

When the final act of BG3 begins, players will be forced to select their best party to face a monumental godlike threat that poses imminent peril to humanity. Though challenging, this act is also one of the shortest; completion can often be completed in as little as 10 hours for players who do not explore every corner and cranny of this game’s vast world. With hundreds of playthrough options and over 2 million words written into its script, BG3 ensures no two experiences will ever be identical. It produces an exciting and rewarding game where no two outcomes can ever be predicted with absolute precision!

Bonus Content

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an ambitious Role-Playing game created over many years. Taking full advantage of the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms setting and telling an epic tale in three Acts and a Prologue, many players wonder how long the game will take to complete. This article attempts to answer that question by breaking it down into its acts and providing estimates of how much time players should expect to devote to each.

BG3’s first act acts like an extended tutorial, as players become acquainted with its world and the characters that inhabit it and create their party. This first act should last approximately 20-30 hours but could extend even further if players explore every location or complete all side quests.

Act 2 marks the actual start of the game, as it will reveal the nature of the threat and send players on an adventure through new locations while meeting new allies. It typically lasts 40-50 hours but could stretch further if players explore every area thoroughly or complete all main and side quests at leisure.

Once players have completed the second act of BG3, they’re prepared for the game’s final confrontation. Players will need to form a party comprised of favorite BG3 characters and fight off an overwhelming enemy force – making this part of BG3 both challenging and rewarding! Players will see all their hard work pay off.

Overall, the game will likely take 75-150 hours to finish due to its immense content and the fact that players may need to replay it multiple times for rewards and achievements eligible to them. This estimate is based on average completion times for games of this nature but will depend on each player’s pace, the side quests they complete, save-scumming decisions made, and overall dialogue choices available.