A Tale of the Former Hero Who Saved Another World


Once an icon in another world, he now lives as an isolated high schooler who spends much of his time playing computer games alone in his room.

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Naofumi stands out with short black hair that spikes in every direction and sharp green eyes. He views life as unfavorable and frequently insults those who wrong him.

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As his name implies, Abel is an extremely wise individual with a stone-faced personality and amber eyes that complete his appearance. A mighty magician, he knows how to harness his mystical powers for good use while being adept in fighting techniques.

Abel from the Bible is often seen as the precursor to Jesus Christ in Christianity. Abel was considered the first martyr; even Jesus acknowledged his righteous deeds. Unfortunately, however, Abel is less widely known worldwide than Jesus Christ.

Unlike his brother Abel, Cain was preoccupied with materialism and ego; Abel instead devoted his energy towards spirituality and acting from his pure heart – unfortunately making him an easy target for his jealous brother, who killed Abel in a field before hiding the body in a cave.

Abel was born into a farming family who practiced polytheism. Although his mother encouraged him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a farmer like him, Abel instead studied magic. Over time, he became a powerful magician with amber eyes who could forecast future danger and warn people to prepare themselves, using his chantless magic to heal others while protecting them from harm.

Young Abel met Garius in an orphanage. Garius taught Abel how to use his magical abilities and encouraged him to use them for good. Abel later found himself awkward when older children bullied Maria; using magic, Abel used his powers to scare away the bullies while healing Maria before leaving.

At one point in his journey, Abel became estranged from his family and lived on the streets. Garius eventually picked him up and brought him back to an orphanage; though initially isolated due to his magical abilities, Abel quickly developed a close friendship with Maria.

Abel struggles to build his fortune in America while dealing with loss and tragedy. Yet through it all, Abel manages to overcome them all while reconciling with his daughter and grandson William. Abel is known to offer assistance when needed and is always willing to lend a helping hand when others need help.


Satou Matsuzaka used to be an enthusiastic schoolgirl who was particularly fond of candy decorations that she often attached to her schoolbag and cell phone case with staples of candy floss, movie watching, shopping, and meeting friends at cafes. After awakening in an interactive virtual reality world, however, her lifestyle drastically altered – now she spends most of her days in her apartment with Shio Koube, whom she considers her true love.

Satou is a seemingly kind and helpful girl, yet her appearance masks an insidious dark side below the surface. Without parents to guide her life, her only parental figure was her masochistic whore aunt, who brought in men for abuse as an act of love for Satou. Because of this abusive experience, Satou became obsessed with finding true love, believing there must only ever be one true partner she should love in the world – often sleeping around with both boys and girls to do just this – until eventually finding only bitterness in her experiences.

She is an excellent cook, skilled at creating candy decorations she wears on her school bag or cell phone cover, and an exceptional waitress praised by her coworkers, who nickname her “Sato.” However, Satou also keeps a secretive side, hiding her relationship with Shio from everyone, even coworkers!

Although she attempts to hide her obsession for Shio, she remains very caring. She frequently checks on Shio’s condition and comes immediately when hearing that she has become sick; additionally, she tends to her wounds and bathes her regularly. Additionally, she may make personal sacrifices, such as when she killed Shouko to protect Shio (even though this was not her responsibility); nevertheless, she takes great care not to burden Shio with additional issues from her family life.


Naofumi, an ordinary university student brought to another world as the Shield Hero, is often portrayed as a stoic individual with an arched brow and an implacable expression. While initially open-minded and trusting of others, after being looked down upon by other Heroes and subject to religious prejudice from citizens, he developed into someone whom other Heroes did not trust and became suspicious of; consequently, he struggles with trusting others, often employing underhanded tactics to secure the survival of his party despite criticism by others in his party despite their being criticized by them all.

Naofumi may not have many friends, but animals take to him quickly. All kinds of creatures treat him with friendliness and respect. In addition to being friendly towards animals, Naofumi is also known for being an excellent cook, often providing food for parties. Furthermore, his combat and magic skills make him an invaluable companion as he fights in defense of those he feels cannot defend themselves. His strong sense of justice makes him willing to fight alongside those unable to protect themselves against injustices that arise against them.

Naofumi spends much of his free time either working at his part-time job or fighting for the freedom of Melromarc’s people; when not doing either, he plays video games or reads manga. Galga-themed games are his passion and are considered “otaku” among his peers.

Naofumi gradually comes to see his party members as his extended family, providing for his younger siblings Raphtalia and Filo with the care that one would expect of a father; additionally, he treats Ruftmilia like she were his daughter even though they’re not related.

Naofumi stands out from his fellow heroes by being highly pragmatic and considering all possible consequences before acting. As such, he is the most effective of the trio when it comes to getting things done or correcting issues caused by other heroes in their party or worsened by them. Sometimes, this leads to using underhanded tactics; nevertheless, despite its downsides, his other party members respect and admire him. His greatest strength lies within perseverance despite obstacles – never giving up until his mission is accomplished!


Zen is a young man born into a wealthy family and living with his parents and older brother, yet his mother often teased and belittled his looks, leading him to feel inferior. Zen would frequently confide in his older brother for support, who comforted him by explaining that his mother was trying to protect him from being used by others due to his appearance.

Zen is one of RFA’s friendlier members despite his difficult childhood. He doesn’t treat MC like she’s an inconvenience and flirts with her while befriending her, yet he can be cautious around her when she attempts to offer cat spirits as inducements for his friendship.

He is close with Yoosung and acts like his big brother. He attempts to help Yoosung improve his image by criticizing his excessive gaming habits and suggesting he start dating more frequently; additionally, he’s the only member of RFA who doesn’t tease Yoosung, instead offering kindness and concern instead.

Zen practiced Rinzai Buddhism alongside other Japanese monks until he moved to China to study at Linji School. After that, his teachings combined the Japanese Zen tradition formed Obaku in seventeenth-century Japan.

Zen was the protagonist in Mieruko-chan, an early 2000s anime. As its central hero, he excelled at purification techniques and holy swordplay; using his mindpower, he could even convince the souls of the dead to serve him. Unfortunately, Unknown eventually defeated him after the tale and forced him into retirement as a hero.

Presently, he works as a low-tier actor in small musicals, although his reputation precedes him, and finding roles can still be challenging due to his lack of experience. Mieruko-chan has made him somewhat of a minor celebrity due to her stressful and annoying character.