How to Define With Ease


Define is a verb that refers to providing a description or explanation of something. Additionally, the noun definition refers to something that has already been established or recognized.

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An article is any one of a small class of words used to identify noun phrases as identifiable entities; such examples include a, an, and the.


Definition is a set of criteria used to establish what something means, from its nature or essential qualities to equivalencies between terms such as synonymy. A definition can also serve to clarify issues surrounding an object, such as identity theft.

There are various kinds of definitions, each serving its specific purpose and goal. A dictionary entry contains only lexical descriptive descriptions, while precision reports go further by including additional criteria – for instance, defining a rectangle as having three straight bounding sides while squares require four.

Formal definitions provide a precise and unambiguous statement of the meaning of terms used in legal contexts or scientific/technological discussions. Although formal definitions are valuable tools, achieving them without leaving out essential concepts can sometimes prove challenging; one solution to help is using examples that clearly illustrate the idea in question.


Context refers to the surrounding environment of an event. When interpreting or quoting someone else’s words, context should always be taken into account as its meaning can shift depending on where it’s used; if your friend quotes out of context from you, it means they are misinterpreting their original intent.

Some may prefer sentences not beginning with context, though this is solely a matter of personal style and preference rather than grammar correctness. These examples have been automatically collected from corpora and other online sources on the web and do not necessarily represent the views or endorsement of Merriam-Webster or its editors – they are provided here simply for educational purposes.


The definition is a term with multiple interpretations; for instance, one explanation could refer to an object, person, or concept, while the second could mean clarify or make clear; finally, a third type refers to an idea or concept. Although an essay on definition could focus on any noun mentioned here, using nouns that refer more directly to concepts will make the writing more engaging for its readers and help them better grasp its meaning.

Definitions can also be used to characterize mathematical objects. For instance, “set” can be defined in several different ways. It could refer to all numbers equaling each other, or just all unique elements within that set, or even just being a group of distinct things belonging together – each has its meaning that can be utilized effectively in various situations.

Defining meaning is the process of discovering what gives your life purpose and gives you a sense of meaning. While this can be challenging, defining meaning is essential for happiness. While some may believe their lives lack purpose or meaning, there may be many small things that bring significance into our lives that help define them for us. One way we can cultivate meaning in our lives is by being grateful and reflecting on why our lives matter to us.

Another way of finding meaning is setting goals for ourselves – even simple things such as listing our blessings can create a sense or making a bucket list. Joining volunteer activities or helping those in need are great ways to bring meaning into our lives, either alone or together with friends and family members.

There are certain words you should never start your sentence with, but ultimately, the decision lies with you as an individual. Some rules are based on common sense while others refer to historical usage – yet keep in mind these can often change with new trends and fashions.


Usage is a noun that refers to the habits or customary ways something is done, for example, language usage. Additionally, usage can also refer to how groups of people behave together: usage of church. Additionally, usage can refer to specific words or expressions: the usage of slang.

Usage notes provide information about how a word or phrase is commonly used; they can provide details regarding its idiom, syntax, semantic relationships, or status. Usage notes typically fall into either of two categories: general (having relevance across the dictionary) or subject-oriented – the latter category contains cross-references from all relevant entries.

People often think sentences should not start with, but this is more a matter of personal taste than grammar; we can certainly begin sentences appropriately when discussing something that has become part of everyday speech, such as the use of certain words.