What to Eat at a Strip Club


If you’re craving something greasy, strip clubs offer plenty of choices ranging from chicken wings and nachos to curry dishes.

Many strip clubs provide bar snacks to complement drinks. Examples include pretzels, chips, and popcorn.

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Strip clubs provide adult entertainment but also serve some delicious bites! From appetizers to hearty meals, strip clubs offer something for every appetite; popular choices include burgers and fries, shrimp scampi, fried oysters, and crab cakes. Maintaining proper dining etiquette when visiting one; make sure not to touch any dancers while eating, and bring cash as tips!

While eating pizza at a strip club might not seem the most brilliant move, it can be delicious. A slice topped with pepperoni or another specialty topping is sure to satisfy. Cheese pizza can also make for an easy way to satisfy quick hunger pangs!

If you’re in the mood for something light yet filling while watching a show, a strip club offers a range of salads and sandwiches. Garden salads featuring an assortment of greens and vegetables make a healthy, filling option, while protein-packed sandwiches or burgers may provide more protein-based nourishment. Salty pretzels, popcorn, or chips make an additional tasty choice to complement beer, wine, or mixed drinks perfectly.


As much fun as visiting a gentlemen’s club for day drinking and dancing to hip-club beats, food will also play an integral part in keeping yourself from getting too drunk and bloated. While most strip clubs specialize in serving traditional fare like fried chicken and waffles (an iconic strip club staple), others have taken things a step further by upgrading their kitchen facilities.

Nick’s Crispy Tacos can be found tucked between red leather strip club booths in Russian Hill and features a cashier counter in the rear and a menu on its walls. Offering various styles of tacos — including “six-packs” with your choice of pastor (chile-spiked pork lightly charred on a rotating spit) or carbon (beef with soy sauce marinade grilled over mesquite).

My delicious fish taco included shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, nacho “cheez,” cilantro lime dressing, and luscious and crunchy “taco soy curls,” making it an absolute delight. Not to be missed by taco lovers!


If you’re used to dining at traditional restaurants, strip clubs may come as quite a shock with their extensive food options and sometimes alcohol services – here are some of the more popular food selections at a strip club:

They provide burgers, which can be customized with various toppings like onions and pickles, curly fries that pair perfectly with them, and salads that offer healthy alternatives to dinner.

Many strip clubs are open to the public and offer food that ranges from traditional American fare to international dishes and tasty bar snacks. Many also provide late-night buffets – perfect for anyone wanting a late-night party experience!

One Portland, Oregon strip club is taking full advantage of Cory’s Twitter flirtation by adding a vegetarian “Booker Burger” to its meat-free offerings. The sandwich features sesame-seed buns topped with Diablo Sauce – a mayo-free variation on Thousand Island dressing – while extra mayo has also been added because he is such a big fan. Usually priced at $11, its first 50 customers who order after an Eagles win will get one free!


Most strip clubs provide appetizers such as chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, nachos, and sliders; however, certain establishments cater more exclusively to higher-end tastes. For example, Bianca’s in New York City offers couples steak and seafood entrees; its signature grill features oven-roasted airline chicken with black truffle Perigueux sauce served by attractive Cheetah Girls.

Clubgoers looking for something different often turn to salads as an option. Chevy Woods of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang says that when he feels full from too many lemon pepper chicken pops, he likes to grab a Caesar salad at Pin Ups Club in Atlanta when needed.

Trae Tha Truth and G Herbo prefer coke over champagne or vodka when visiting strip clubs, while DJ Paul likes his “crash diet” of fried chicken and coke for maximum booty room.