The Knight King Who Returned With a God Chapter 1


The White Hammer struck Knight King Gregori’s light-armored chest with lightning speed. The impact jolted his entire body and caused significant damage to his health.

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Gregori rolled to avoid being hit and quickly swung his axe at his opponent’s tower shield, sending a shockwave through it that shimmered with a golden aura.


The White Knight eyed his adversary with an intensity only a true barbarian could muster, raising his massive tower shield and threateningly flailing his mighty war hammer toward their enemy. Although prepared to die quickly in this fight, there was no point lingering longer – sooner or later his opponent would fall.

Gregori was not taken by surprise when he heard the shout. This was his natural reaction in battle, what made him such an accomplished warrior.

Gregori swung his axe with all its force without giving his rival any chance to respond, striking with devastating force against their shield. It ripped into it, shattering it entirely while hitting him hard enough that it tore into Gregori’s body, causing great pain and making him scream; otherwise, he might pass out from its effects.

But the screaming was short-lived as he activated his magic equipment. All colors faded to grayish tones as his God Bane skill worked its magic, depriving opponents of color while increasing attacks against them.

A barrage of holy energy struck him hard, but his light armor protected him, allowing him to dodge each shot and continue moving forward. With the final wave of divine energy coming, his anti-magic skill kicked into action: its axe cut clean through it while absorbing its magical power, turning it into physical shockwaves, which he then sent back towards his opponents.

Maximus had taken too much from life. His tower shield had collapsed under its weight. Maximus cried out in pain but refused to release his hammer from its grip.

Gregori was undeterred by the hot flames and lightning effects that tormented him; instead, he confidently swung his axe. He hadn’t forgotten that his opponent was a Berserker, with its class ability giving unmatched strength but also decreasing defenses and increasing vulnerability against counterattacks; nevertheless, it was a risk he was willing to take to reach ultimate power.


Gregori stepped forward, his axe poised for action. It slipped through the air like a stream of electricity through his body, unleashing fearsome blows against his opponent shielded from attack. Even with their tower shield in place, their opponents beat them, sending them skittering backward until finally stopping, after which Gregori felt a sharp pain in his jaw that told him his opponent had broken through to reach him directly.

The knight king groaned as sharp pain radiated through his body. The force of attack far exceeded what he expected, and then he realized his opponent had gone mad.

Berserk abilities could leave one vulnerable to counterattacks, but they proved effective if one remained focused and controlled. Despite his pain, The White Knight continued fighting with determination.

As his weapon sliced through the air, its shaft caught on top of his tower shield and would have forced Gregori to retreat had not his incredible athleticism come into play. Using his axe, he used a mighty blow that sent shockwaves through the shield and caused an enormous armored warrior several feet backward.

This masculine name stems from the Greek word Grigori, meaning “watchful.” In Latin, it’s known as Gregorius, and notable bearers include Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin and mathematician Grigori Perelman. Its elegant flair will stand out among any crowd – this name also doubles up as an alternative spelling for Gregory!


Emilie is an elegant yet strong girl’s name that blends beauty and strength. It comes from Aemilia in Latin, meaning rival. This name hails from Roman ancestor Aemilius of 7th Century BCE origin; Emilia eventually evolved to Emilie in Middle Ages Europe before being popularly adopted across many other cultures – Germany and Scandinavia.

Emilia Graham de Vanily was an heiress when she met Gabriel. To remain with him, she willingly sacrificed titles, rank, and wealth – showing her willingness to sacrifice her happiness for those she cares for. At first, her unruly behavior caused concern among her parents, but eventually, she settled down and conformed more to their expectations. But Emilia never forgot her promise: always to follow her heart and live according to its dictates.

Emilie, from Fontaine and recently ranked fourth in Genshin Impact version 4, will likely be made available to the public first as it’s more likely that Emilie has an adventurous and daring character compared to her sister Amelie who tends to be more subdued and reserved.

Emilie can be pronounced as an eh-MEE-lye or ay-MEE-lee-eh depending on the region it’s spoken in; in Canada and the US, it is more commonly known by its short form Emmie. Emilie is an elegant name that conveys luxury and sophistication – an ideal choice for parents of aspiring explorers and those with French roots! It also sounds beautiful when spoken aloud!

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Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and mother to Wonder Woman, is an Olympian god – Ares (god of war) and Otrera (queen of Amazons). Since both parents were Olympians as well, she inherited their demigod status within Greek mythology.

She is a warrior princess and leader of an all-female warrior society inspired by ancient Scythian peoples from north of the Black Sea who are famed for gender equality and fierce female warriors – which may explain her popularity with Greek mythologists. The Amazons appear often throughout Greek myths.

Her inherent sense of fairness and impartiality, combined with her military training, makes her an exceptional leader. Additionally, her diplomatic efforts helped end a four-month war between Athens and Themyscira, ultimately leading to her marriage with Theseus.

As a demigod, Hippolyta possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility – though she falls below that of her daughters in these areas. Hippolyta wields her sword with great skill while being proficient at traditional Greek hand-to-hand combat and master archery, using both weapons with precise aim.

Hippolyta is an expert at both unarmed and armed combat, as well as being an adept sorceress. When her Amazon sisters fail to stop Steppenwolf from entering Themyscira, Hippolyta uses her sorcerous abilities to light an ancient signal fire to warn Diana.

Hippolyta’s character shines throughout the story, as evidenced by her strong and independent nature. Her willingness to stand up for what’s right despite tyranny shows she stands firm against it; similarly, her desire to forgive Palamon and Arcite even after they killed a Theban general is a testament to her generous heart, refusing to be moved by passion or anger reinforces that she adheres to principles of chivalry; finally, her agreeing to weep women’s pleas indicates she possesses both reason and compassion – yet again showing she embodies independence despite all odds.