The Best Defensive Playbook in Madden 23


Defense wins championships, and Madden 23 offers some of the finest defensive playbooks in this franchise.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s defensive playbook boasts many base defenses, such as 33 Cub and 245 Odd, both practical for blitzing quarterbacks. Furthermore, their nickel formations include Dollar Over G and Big Nickel Over G formations to offer additional options when attacking offensive plays.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offer an exciting defense, boasting various blitz options to pressure quarterbacks and stop runs. Their solid secondary coverage and strong group of linebackers make them an excellent choice for any player looking to dominate defensively in any game. They are an ideal team choice for players seeking a challenge against opposing receivers.

The Buccaneers offer an adequate base 3-4 setup with two effective formations — Bear and Cub — in their bottom 3-4 defense, along with access to crucial meta Nickel packages like 33 Cub and 24 options to ensure players remain on par with other online securities. Furthermore, the Buccaneer’s Boca Blitz 2 package sends out corners from the quarterback’s throwing side as part of its zone-based blitz package explicitly designed to cover sideline passes.

Cincinnati Bengals boasts one of the premier defensive playbooks for Madden 23, boasting multiple options to stop the run and rush the quarterback. Their base 4-3 defense features an intense look against teams using two wide receivers, while Nickel and Dime formations provide space for three or four-receiver sets. Furthermore, unique shapes like Trips TE and Gun Bunch TE provide additional challenges.

Multiple D is a fan-favorite defensive playbook in Madden 23, and this year’s version doesn’t disappoint either. The 46 playbook offers several noticeable adjustments that make it one of the better defensive options – such as accessing famous meta formations such as 33 and Big Nickel; plus, its Dime normal and Dollar variants make excellent options against most offensive formations.

Overall, Madden 23’s top defensive playbooks will differ depending on who’s playing them; however, Confidence stands out as superior with its effective blitz plays and secondary coverage options. Finding one that best fits your playing style and strategy will be key – the ideal playbook should help shut down mobile quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen that have become standard features of modern NFL offenses.

2. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears defense, led by superstar linebacker Roquan Smith and rising star Jaylon Johnson, emphasizes security. Their playbook offers players a mixture of 3-4 and 4-3 formations along with Nickel and Dime sets for passing downs; additionally, it contains numerous Big Nickel/Dollar formations, which can create fast pressure on quarterbacks.

This Madden 23 defensive playbook boasts various defensive formations, such as ones not as common as Meta 46’s defense. These formations include Big Nickel Over G, Over A, and Big Nickel UG formations for safeguarding against three-receiver sets. Big Nickel 2-2 looks against two receiver sets and 3-3-5 DBL A Gap dime formations to protect the quarterback from quick-out routes.

The New England Patriots playbook provides players with an abundance of defensive formations. Their three I-Forms (Slot, Tight, and Z Close) feature a second running back that adds speed to stop opposing teams from running through the middle. Furthermore, numerous nickel and dime formations can match up with two or four-receiver sets to give teams maximum opportunities.

Jacksonville Jaguars may be relatively young, but their playbook remains solid enough to rank among Madden 23’s top defensive playbooks. While not as many options as some other teams’ defensive playbooks exist here, this playbook still contains proper formations worth using, including 46 defense and Big Nickel formation that can protect against most three and four-receiver figures as well as 32 MUG’s Big Dime package which protects against spread looks while limiting opponents from gaining too much yardage on early run downs.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Playbook in Madden 23 is widely considered the best defensive playbook available and is an excellent way for users looking to thwart heavy passing offenses. Andy Reid’s pass-oriented play calls allow this playbook to include various passing concepts that target different field areas; from deep balls that take advantage of Patrick Mahomes’ arm strength to short passes benefitting players such as Travis Kelce and Juju Smith-Schuster, the Chiefs playbook provides solid coverage options.

This playbook offers a range of defensive formations and blitzing plays designed to wear down an opposing offense, such as the Sam Edge 3 blitz, which sends a linebacker right at a quarterback when they attempt to throw. Furthermore, there are run-stopping techniques included that players with stronger defensive linemen may utilize.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ playbook offers another excellent option for users seeking to stifle passing offense. This three-four defense has several blitzing plays suitable for either man coverage or zone coverage and features some unique formations like 3-3-5 odd and Big Nickel Over G.

Madden 23 offers another excellent option for users seeking to develop an effective pass-rush. The Baltimore Ravens playbook centered around dual-threat running back Lamar Jackson features several running plays designed to keep opponents guessing and many surprises that may surprise opponents. In addition, standard running plays are also provided alongside several trick plays which may catch opponents by surprise.

The Baltimore Ravens playbook may be ideal for those who prefer more aggressive defense. This 4-3 defensive scheme includes numerous effective blitzing plays like Nickel 3-3-5 odd, Big Nickel Over G blitzes, famous dollar 3-2, and DBL A Gap formations, which create quick pressure in passing situations.

4. Las Vegas Raiders

When playing Madden, many players follow one playbook and formation for an entire season. Some focus on specific plays or fronts, while others offer various defensive moves that could cause offense problems; these playbooks allow players to mix things up while remaining comfortable with what is familiar and challenging themselves.

The Multiple D playbook is one of the most versatile defensive playbooks in the game, featuring everything you need to defend any offense your opponents might run at you. It boasts three safeties, four different linebacker formations (including 3-4 Odd and 4-3 Even 6-1 ), as well as nickel and dime defense options, and easy user navigation. In addition, audible opportunities abound, and audibles are simplified with this playbook.

The New England Patriots playbook is another excellent defensive playbook. This playbook offers several options for linebackers with quick feet. Furthermore, its coverage and blitzing plays provide pressure against quarterbacks for speedy turnaround in games.

This playbook is ideal for anyone seeking more involvement in the passing game. It contains various run and pass plays – such as QB blast – plus several different TE slants, Play Action passes, and various blitzing and coverage plays.

The Alternate 46 playbook is one of the premier defensive playbooks available in Madden 23. It specializes in pressure through blitzing and provides you with an extensive array of audibles. Furthermore, this playbook includes a dime defense to help stop mobile quarterbacks. Overall, this option makes an excellent way to add speed to any defense team.