Starting a Corn Roaster Business


Corn roasters are large grills used by concession vendors at festivals, fairs, events, parties, and holidays to roast multiple ears of corn at once. These machines provide convenient food services at festivals, fairs, events, parties, and holidays and offer other food such as turkey legs and potatoes.

EZ Corn Roasters was designed and built for effortless transport in the back of your pick-up truck, enabling easy hauling across festivals or fairs with no effort required! Just one successful event or fair could see your investment pay back quickly!


No matter your experience or ability level, starting a corn roaster business can be both thrilling and fulfilling. Not only can it generate significant profits with minimal capital investment needed to launch it successfully, but you should also carefully consider all costs related to this endeavor before embarking on your work; these may include equipment costs, storage fees, and transportation. In addition, be mindful of insurance and tax liabilities as you begin.

Corn roasters provide an ideal environment for cooking ears of corn on the cob by applying heat directly. Their primary function is to provide the controlled application of heat from propane or natural gas burners; internal components like metal grates and rotating drums help distribute it evenly for consistent results. Many roasters also feature fans for air circulation.

Roasted corn is a tasty snack popular at fairs, festivals, and community events, making this business both lucrative and straightforward. To succeed in this field, find an attractive retail store or kiosk that will attract customers, select a beautiful name for your business, and create a logo that distinguishes it from competitors.

If you are contemplating starting a corn roaster business, you should devote sufficient time and thought to researching business opportunities and developing an action plan. Doing this will enable you to avoid making costly errors that could compromise its success. Additionally, you should explore funding options that will assist in getting your business up and running as quickly as possible – this could include applying for a small business loan or even taking on angel investment. As a final step, you must secure adequate business insurance to safeguard your financial interests in case of loss. Your coverage needs will depend on both the size and risk profile of your operation; an experienced insurance agent can assist in finding suitable policies.

Easy to operate

The EZ Corn Roaster is an affordable solution for entrepreneurs seeking to start a profitable business. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it simple to transport, fitting easily in the back of any pickup truck or SUV. Plus, its quality materials ensure its durability and safety for users.

Roasters feature metal grates or rotating drums equipped with metal grates on which ears of corn are placed for roasting, which allows heat to circulate evenly and prevent burning or overcooking of ears of corn. Furthermore, this method drastically decreases roasting time so that consistently cooked corn ears are produced – typically within 15-30 minutes, depending on the size and moisture content of corn ears soaked overnight in water.

Roasting corn is a beloved treat at fairs, festivals, and carnivals, as well as backyard barbecues, making for an easy snack or side dish for meats and other picnic foods. Corn roasters are an ideal solution when catering events.

The EZ Corn Roaster is cost-effective and easily operated and maintained; its simple setup means single-person use. Furthermore, most states do not require a license or permit approval to perform one; additionally, it can even serve as a food truck/cart when selling other foods, such as hot dogs or hamburgers.

Profitable corn roaster businesses are relatively straightforward to run if you possess the appropriate equipment and know how to manage them efficiently, but to reap their total rewards requires considerable time and effort from you as an operator. For instance, it would be prudent to prepare a business plan as well as find suitable locations for setting up stores, in addition to hiring staff members who will assist in running it efficiently.

Owning a profitable corn roaster business also gives you the flexibility of working from home or your own office, which may appeal to people who dislike traditional corporate settings or who struggle with dealing with coworkers they don’t click with. Being your boss may present challenges; however, being self-employed allows for much greater freedom in making decisions and taking risks than with other types of businesses.

Easy to transport

Corn roasters are specialized cooking devices designed to cook ears of corn using high heat, producing its characteristic smoky flavor and tender texture. Commonly found at festivals, fairs, and barbecues, it can cook other food, such as turkey legs or potatoes. Corn roasters are lightweight and portable while durable enough to withstand many years of use.

Corn roasters consist of metal bodies with lids constructed from durable materials like stainless steel or cast iron. Their interior is lined with metal grates or rotating drums upon which corn can be placed for roasting, with enough room for heat circulation for even roasting results. Corn should first be soaked in water to help prevent it from burning or drying out, and also remove any extra seeds or skins before roasting begins; this also serves to remove any stray seeds that might cling onto its kernels during this process.

When purchasing a roaster for regular use, portability should be top of mind. Consider investing in a portable model that can easily fit in the back of your truck or SUV, and choose an insulated roaster that won’t generate too much smoke.

One of the easiest ways to make money with your corn roaster business is by selling at local events and carnivals. Selling is an effective way to attract customers and increase brand recognition; plus, you may offer free samples! Ensure your inventory remains adequate at all times to prevent running out during a jam-packed event!

If you are planning on starting a corn roaster business, make sure you do extensive research into both your competition and the market. Find an area in which your services can stand out from existing companies while simultaneously challenging established players in this highly competitive field. This will ensure a strong start and the long-term success of your venture.


Corn roasters are an efficient and convenient way to prepare corn on the cob. Utilizing propane or natural gas burners to generate high levels of heat that rise through its interior and cooks ears of corn on top, giving this method of roasting its distinct smoky flavor profile that’s difficult to replicate with other methods. They’re frequently found at festivals, fairs, and other outdoor events – many people opting to roast their ears while others purchase from concession stands; these machines are designed for easy one-person operation!

Since 1900, corn roasters have been used in the United States. Festival vendors often opt for them as they allow multiple ears of corn to be cooked simultaneously and are available in various sizes and models with additional features such as temperature controls and timers – plus, they’re easy to transport and set up quickly!

These devices typically consist of trailer-mounted roasters that utilize LPG fuel as their primary source. These roasters can be found serving various commercial settings and residential backyards. There are even smaller tabletop versions of these units available from several US-based manufacturers.

Corn roasters in Wisconsin typically make their living from selling roasted corn and can often be found at county and state fairs, town events, flea markets, baseball parks, farmers markets, or farmers markets. Their popularity among health-conscious consumers who prefer something other than deep-fat fried foods makes them even more sought-after. Furthermore, these businesses may sell other forms of food, including turkey legs or sweet potatoes and roasted corn.

Some women who sell roasted corn at roadside stands claim they make substantial profits from this business, using these profits for school fees and personal expenses, with some savings set aside in accounts or tontines. Yet most wish they could find an alternate source of income; after all, even working hard won’t build four-bedroom buildings overnight!