Rescue Box Loans


Rescue Box Loans are a form of tribal lending that provides what are commonly referred to as bad credit personal installment loans. Tule Lake Lending dba Rescue Bucks is owned and run by Tule Lake Lending (Tranche 1 Pomo Indian Tribe of California) as their economic arm and, thus, must abide by both Tribal law and applicable federal legislation when operating as a tribal lender. Expert guide on what is cup loan program?

How to Get a Rescue Box Loan

Tule Lake Lending dba Rescue Bucks (“Rescue Bucks”) is a financial services provider offering installment loans to consumers across California, licensed by the Consumer Finance Division of that state. Tule Lake Lending is owned and managed by the Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians as the economic arm of EIC Enterprises Inc.

thredUP is an online fashion resale company that contributes to creating a circular fashion industry through various means, including its Rescue Box program. Here, you can find treasure trove items that have been in their inventory for some time or may require repair at deep discounts.

As there’s no telling what will be in a Rescue Box, opening one is always something of a gamble. You could get all sorts of great items that could turn into profits quickly, or it could contain subpar items that you don’t require.

Rescue Box orders are final sale and non-refundable, meaning if anything doesn’t meet your expectations, you won’t be able to return it – something which could prove costly should you make mistakes while buying for yourself or as an investment opportunity. It is, therefore, vital that all aspects of this form of borrowing be considered before applying.