Patriots Cake For Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots Fans


No matter if you support the Patriots, Celtics, or Red Sox, this sports-themed cake will undoubtedly please any fan! With affiliate links included that do not cost extra to help support this site and the creation of these cakes!

Boston Bakery created this enormous Tom Brady-shaped cake to feed fans at the team’s send-off rally at Gillette Stadium. It took six bakers six days to craft it!

Patriotic Theme

Patriots cakes are an excellent way to mark any holiday, particularly the Fourth of July party or picnic. Their red, white, and blue theme is sure to bring cheer and add festive charm.

At Gillette Stadium’s send-off rally for New England Patriots fans, Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, Massachusetts, created a massive cake decorated with Patriots symbols from Montilio’s Baking Company, estimated to weigh 1,400 pounds and took six bakers three days to develop according to WHDH reports. The treat for fans also makes a perfect treat during Super Bowl LII festivities!

This classic lemon poppy seed coffee cake is a delicious and refreshing choice for Patriots fans. Packed with juicy New England blueberries and Cape Cod cranberries, the soft and moist cake adds depth of flavors and textures that make an impressive presentation at breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

Patriotic Colors

Red, white, and blue desserts are iconic symbols of America. Making these patriotic cake recipes at home is accessible; ensure all ingredients are at room temperature when mixing and use a high-quality pan for optimal results, as well as grease it beforehand.

Most popular patriotic cakes are those shaped in the shape of New England Patriots jersey numbers to commemorate Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and other star players from Boston Patriots, such as Matt Kraft or Tom Belichick’s birthdays. Such cakes often include balloons, flags, memorabilia from their career, or even replicas of their jerseys – the ideal way to mark special events such as Tom Brady’s or Matt Ryan’s birthdays.

Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, Massachusetts, recently created an enormous red, white, and blue Patriots cake to feed thousands of fans attending their send-off rally at Gillette Stadium. This impressive creation took six bakers six hours to create! Additionally, they have similar cakes available at Braintree and Weymouth locations as well.

Make this patriotic poke cake recipe for an informal celebration this Fourth of July picnic or barbecue, and showcase its festive design at your next patriotic gathering! With no precutted shapes needed and simple instructions provided, the poke cake promises an impressive presentation that is sure to please!

Die-hard New England sports fans will love this Patriots Coffee Cake as it makes an excellent addition to any sports-themed patriotic dinner. Not only is this recipe moist and delectable, it boasts a hint of citrusy lemon flavor and is decorated with fresh-n-juicy New England blueberries and Cape Cod Cranberries, perfect for celebrating any victory from Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, or Bruins teams.

Patriotic Shape

After Tom Brady made a game-winning drive during the AFC Championship to secure the Patriots a spot in Super Bowl 49, they quickly turned to Montilio’s Baking Company of Brockton to provide them with their requested 1,200-pound cake for Sunday’s sendoff rally at Gillette Stadium – as has been done at each previous Super Bowl appearance by this company.

This cake’s red, white, and blue layers mimic those found on an American flag. Strawberry strips serve as red stripes, while blueberries create white ones, making this recipe perfect for Fourth of July celebrations or Memorial Day commemorations.

Bakeries and restaurants can capitalize on the rise in patriotic cake popularity to offer new designs and flavors that complement this trend, such as SusieCakes Berry Vanilla Cake with airy whipped cream frosting – an emerging trend in the dessert industry that can increase “crave-ability.” Patriotic cakes provide a fun way to show support for your team, whether it be the Patriots, Red Sox, or Bruins; plus, they make for a tasty snack while watching a big game!

Patriotic Decorations

Since it’s almost time for the holidays, now is an excellent time to fill your home with patriotic decor – whether that means buntings, wreaths, or word art. DIY patriotic decorations add an instant pop of patriotism.

Are you an avid New England sports fan? Indulge in this Patriots-themed cake if so! This recipe honors the Boston Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins- all of which have experienced immense success recently.

This Patriots-themed sheet cake makes the ideal dessert to show your American pride on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or any other celebration of America. Strawberries and blueberries serve as representations of the stars and stripes of our flag in this delicious recipe!

Montilio’s Baking Company of Brockton, Massachusetts, created this giant Patriots cake as part of a pre-Super Bowl rally held at Gillette Stadium. George Montilio shared pictures on social media and stated it took approximately 90 sheet cakes to construct. Covered in symbols associated with both team and fans alike and intended as good luck wishes at their big game, this celebratory cake features hand-carved fondant numbers worn by Tom Brady himself at its summit – including hand-cut player-shaped jersey numbers.