Laughing at Jokes About 69


“69ing” refers to when two individuals position their bodies for oral sex in a manner resembling the number 69; it has become popular due to Rick James’ 1982 hit, She Blew My Mind 69 Times, and Bryan Adams’ 1984 song Summer of ’69.

Anne Hathaway’s Viral Video

Anne Hathaway is one of Hollywood’s premier actresses, known for films like Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars, which have won her legions of fans. While usually maintaining an even keel during public appearances, recently, there has been an online video clip circulating of Anne laughing out loud at a joke- this clip was created with artificial intelligence (AI).

Anne and American TV show host Jon Stewart had an interaction back in 2015. Anne can be heard saying, “6.9 is just another bad number ruined by punctuation!” Jon Stewart could then be heard laughing heartily before sending out this clip virally onto TikTok.

She boasts an ardent fan following and regularly interacts with them through social media. Additionally, she shares red-carpet looks via the platform. Recently, she was seen promoting Serenity from The Princess Diaries series.

Anne hasn’t let criticism dampen her spirits, taking to Instagram and saying: “Not everybody has to like it!”

Outside of her film career, she’s also been extremely busy with charitable work. In the past, she partnered with several organizations to raise money for refugees and also took part in projects designed to empower women.

Oscar winner Annette Bening made headlines for her stunning outfit at Paris Fashion Week. The actress dazzled fans at the Valentino Haute Couture after-party by dancing her heart out while wearing a leopard print beaded dress, tights, and heels; open hair completed her look perfectly. A clip shared by TikTok user Kerrosene quickly went viral.

Anne has become known for her red carpet style as well as her dancing abilities. At the Golden Globes, she looked absolutely radiant, wearing a stunning Valentino gown inspired by blue mermaid tails to accept her award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. Both her fashion sense and acting talent have won her over audiences everywhere.

Jim Jefferies’s Netflix Special

Jim Jefferies returns with another hour-long special on Netflix filmed at The Wilbur in Boston: Intolerant is his fourth stand-up special and an equal-opportunity offender known for lampooning gun control, auditioning disabled actors, and sharing sexual experiences openly.

In his new special, he’s taking a stand against intolerance with jokes that tackle lactose intolerance, germaphobia, and peanut allergies that will undoubtedly offend some viewers. Additionally, he discusses why a gay or lesbian edition wouldn’t fit under the current formats of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows.

The trailer for his show functions similarly to movie trailers, complete with inspirational and suspenseful music and slides with texts underscoring his heroism. However, its content differs significantly from his earlier comedy specials: for instance, one joke involves a woman who’s scared to give birth but okay with having vaginal sex procedures instead; another involves him dating a woman with a “tight” body.

Jim Jefferies achieved international renown following the premiere of his HBO special ‘I Swear to God’ in 2007. Since then, he has written and starred in the FX sitcom Legit as well as hosting Comedy Central’s late-night show ‘The Jim Jefferies Show.’ Additionally, he has written and starred in several movies as well as hosted the CNBC reality show ‘Loose Women.’

Jefferies is no stranger to controversy or lawsuits despite his popularity, having faced allegations of racism, sexism, and homophobia over time. That hasn’t stopped him from continuing his career as a comedian and actor, however.

Jefferies will release his fifth stand-up special for Netflix, entitled ‘High N’ Dry,’ on February 14. Scott Zabielski-directed episode will find Jefferies discussing stoned koalas, his hair, or sexual drive, among other topics. Watch the trailer below.

President Trump’s Tweet

When someone’s genitalia or anus are aligned in a way that resembles the number 69, this sex position is known as “The 69 Position.” Often ridiculed on social media and used for jokes by various meme creators alike.

The “69 meme” has reached such saturation that mentioning it no longer brings any amusement. As I Can Haz Cheezburger cat memes or deep-fried 9/11 conspiracy memes, its prominence should be retired to internet history books – although other humorous 69 jokes exist, which will fill its place.

One 69 joke that’s going viral online involves SEC Network announcer Tom Hart. Hart has long been regarded as an influential college football commentator, often making controversial calls that may have hurt Georgia Bulldogs fans and using offensive language when discussing defeat in games they’ve been broadcast live from. Later apologized, but by then, the damage had already been done.

President Donald Trump is no stranger to making provocative statements and comments, often using Twitter to spread false reports and attack critics. Most recently, he has come under scrutiny for his reaction following the London Bridge terror attack.

However, President Trump is known for making off-color jokes that often leave his audience stunned. His nickname is commonly known as “covfefe,” and he has made many humorous remarks over time on various subjects.

One of his more contentious tweets from 69 was this one about Stormy Daniels, in which he described her as having a horse face and called her out as being a “total con.” This caused great outrage, leading the White House to apologize for this particular joke.

Another 69 joke to go viral was this one, featuring a man who needs to brush his teeth seven times before visiting the dentist to ensure he doesn’t smell like a pussycat when arriving for his appointment. This particular meme has proven how powerful social media is at making any individual into memes – including celebrities.

A Chinese Couple’s Sex Position

The classic 69-sex position is ideal for couples wanting to explore oral sex, according to Jo Hemmings, a sex and relationship psychologist. One partner lies flat on their back while the other climbs on top; once on top, that partner then straddles their partner’s head while holding their genitalia above their face before engaging in oral sex on them.

The 69 Position, or Sixty-Nine Position, derives its name from its shape resembling six and nine numbers when two partners bend their bodies toward one another, comparing these numbers. Anyone is welcome to use it without restriction related to gender or sexual orientation and may add more pleasure with tools such as dildoes or vibrators for added fun!

On top of 69 positions, it is often more in control. They can regulate both the direction and intensity of sex they give their partner, and for women, this allows for applying pressure directly to the labia and vulva. Before beginning an experience such as this one, it is wise to warm up using sex toys so both partners are ready for it.

Though couples of all types can enjoy 69, lesbians find it particularly useful as it gives them the feeling of a deep and complete connection. Hemmings notes: “Lesbians often find it easier to create this deep bond during oral sex and 69.” It can also build excitement for what will soon follow!

“Placing your mouth so close together may feel awkward, but that doesn’t have to be uncomfortable,” Hemmings suggests. There are ways you can make the experience more pleasurable by placing towels or pillows between you. You could also massage your partner to increase intimacy.

If you’re feeling bold, try the 69 position with your partner. Remember to remain in control and focus on their pleasure throughout. If at any point the experience becomes painful or uncomfortable, take a break, check in with each other, and return later for another attempt.