Is Potato T-Shirt


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What is a Potato?

Potatoes are an indispensable staple in diets worldwide, providing essential carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Stephen Colbert made a popular joke on The Late Show featuring potatoes as a possible food substitute, and it quickly went viral online – now becoming a meme-able meme. Our Is Potato T-shirt features this meme made into reality – you can find styles such as V-Necks with short or long sleeves as well as slim and regular fits available based on demand for shipping within 5-7 business days after purchase!

What is the joke?

Potatoes may seem like ordinary foods, but they’re famously resilient and robust. This shirt captures this spirit with its bold design and message of challenging the status quo and embracing your individual qualities.

This shirt features Stephen Colbert’s famous running gag from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, wherein he describes people using “is potato.” If you enjoy watching his show, then this shirt will surely bring laughter!

“Is potato” is a clever takeoff on the phrase, “Is this anything?” first popularized on Twitter and commonly used to express doubt or confusion; sometimes even used to ridicule someone who seems overly literal or simplistic in their thinking.

This joke has developed gradually over time. Beginning as an insult against poor camera quality in 2008, where people would say a video or photo appeared like it had been taken with a potato camera, its meaning has expanded into being applied broadly across low-res or otherwise subpar electronic devices, eventually becoming a general insult and eventually even becoming part of our slang language – it now fits almost every scenario!

What is the GIF?

This ultra-soft baby knit tee feels just like your favorite vintage shirt! Crafted from 100% cotton (excluding heather colors that contain polyester), this machine-washable piece can quickly become part of your casual wear rotation.

Stephen Colbert has become famous for his iconic running joke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: saying, “Is potato?” This t-shirt shows this same joke as an animated GIF, making a fun statement about both your love of Stephen’s show and your sense of humor!

The “Is Potato?” joke has long been a meme that’s popularly shared around. It serves as an effective way of conveying doubt or confusion over something, and it can even be used as a way to mock someone who takes something too literally or is too literal-minded.

This shirt is ideal for anyone who enjoys being silly and having fun! Show everyone that life doesn’t take itself too seriously by donning this stylish top that embraces your unique traits like potatoes do – embrace your inner spud and show the world your individuality through this hilarious shirt that is sure to become an instant classic with friends of all kinds! Don’t hesitate; order today and start creating unforgettable memories!

What is the meme?

Potato is a meme created by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that has since become extremely popular, used in numerous memes and gifs to describe individuals considered lowbrow or “dictator” or those passionate about potatoes – making for an engaging way of self-expression!

This t-shirt makes a beautiful present for anyone who enjoys making clever remarks about food and life in general, sure to spark conversation and laughter among your friends and family. Furthermore, it will look great as part of their Thanksgiving wardrobe!

If you want the ideal way to express your appreciation of potatoes, look no further. This t-shirt will definitely be the talk of any dinner party – it even makes a perfect accessory during family movie night!