I Adopted a Villainous Dad – Chapter 20 Revealed!


Amelia had found solace in reading her favorite novel and seeing herself as one of its heroines, only to become embroiled in hardship and hero-hunting until Miltiades came along and adopted her! Miltiades may have been one of the main villains, but Amelia wanted him back into their lives, and they eventually had an exciting and harmonious partnership until another hero came along to bring down Miltiades! A significant challenge arises, however; that hero is someone who had to destroy Miltiades!

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One day, she is immersed in her favorite novel and thrust into an unexpected struggle between good and evil characters. Determined to keep the plot moving smoothly, she decides to save it by seducing one of them, the criminal one.

Miltiades may have been an antagonist in Mildred’s original tale, yet Amelia views him as the perfect father figure. Armed with knowledge from that story and with her knowledge of her fateful future with him as Miltiades’ daughter, Amelia set about changing their fate together, but upon the brink of success, another major challenge arose in the form of a mighty hero destined to destroy Miltiades!

This manga is full of drama and excitement. With an iconic father and his beloved daughter as its main characters, I Adopted a Villainous Dad is sure to engage many readers. No wonder its story and romance scenes have been a hit among audiences worldwide; fans eagerly anticipate reading more. Those looking for more details should visit its official website; there, they’ll find information regarding the release date and spoilers or raw images related to I Adopted a Villainous Dad; furthermore, they should keep an eye out on Reddit as these may contain spoilers for other chapters or series!


I Adopted A Villainous Dad has captivated readers with its high-octane action and captivating romance, delighting readers with its thrilling plot development and engaging fantasy. Fans eagerly await Chapter 31’s arrival; those interested can keep up-to-date with the latest products via Reddit spoilers and online raw scans.

Hero Academy heroes face a potent new threat that could alter their lives irrevocably in this chapter of Hero Academy: Incineration. Under pressure to fulfill their task and maintain their relationships, the heroes may choose between protecting an unfamiliar village from this formidable adversary or fulfilling their mission at any cost.

As the story develops, more is revealed about its characters and relationships. Izuku Midoriya appears to have an intense bond with Eri and has deep devotion for her as both hero and father, yet his duties in both roles become challenging to balance simultaneously; perhaps in future chapters, we’ll witness how Izuku manages this obstacle successfully.

Izuku works tirelessly to clean up Hero Society yet is pulled in many directions. While he remains dedicated to being a hero, his power and accuracy must improve before this goal can be realized – but luckily, his friends in Class 1-A, such as Yamada Hizashi and Eraserhead, support him as they help him along.

First and foremost, he must protect his friends from this new threat. After engaging Lutheran Barnett, he notices Eri has been wounded during battle; upon arrival at the hospital, he discovers her injuries came from Lutheran Barnett, the same individual responsible for killing Eri’s mother.

As Izuku struggles to balance his duties as a hero, he is surprised by a visit from Miltiades’ spirit, who tells him about Amelia being his favorite heroine from their famous novel and their desire for her happiness with him. Unfortunately, another hero destined to defeat Miltiades has arisen; can Amelia alter their destiny so both parties survive?


As Amelia enters her favorite novel as its protagonist, she decides to reshape her destiny herself and change Miltiades’ role as the final villain of her original tale into one where he could become her ideal father figure. Unfortunately, while Amelia attempts to build this beautiful future with Miltiades as intended in their original narrative, an unexpected obstacle arises: an unlikely hero meant to destroy Miltiades’s final boss! Can Amelia rescue both of them or will history prove too decisive?

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