How to Make a Crochet Flower Blanket


Crochet Flower Blankets make great beginner crochet projects. Their motifs can be stitched and joined with an easy double crochet and crab stitch border, creating an adorable baby blanket or throw rug!

This stunning design features tapestry crochet flowers adorning each panel of a blanket. Customize its colors to meet your aesthetic!


No matter who the recipient may be, there will surely be a floral crochet blanket pattern that suits your tastes. These blankets make great additions with stunning textures of colorful blooms that will add vibrancy to any room and quick workup times that retain shape after washing.

If you’re new to flower crochet, try this easy blanket pattern with simple single-crochet and single-puff stitches used for each flower. Make the blanket as large or small as desired; it looks fantastic when draped across a sofa or bed.

This floral afghan pattern is ideal for beginners. Working in the round, its easy stitch is excellent for practicing stitches while learning chart reading and creating continuous rows. After every set of increase rounds (V stitch and petal round), there will be one nonincrease round, which helps ensure a flatter blanket surface.


When creating crochet flower blankets yourself, always use high-quality yarn and hook. This will ensure your finished product looks professional while withstanding repeated washes. Choose a theme that fits comfortably in your hand; otherwise, it could slip out of stitches more quickly.

Use this blanket for yourself or give it as a present – or both! With its colorful flower motifs and easy construction process, this blanket makes an excellent project for beginners. Ideal for baby showers and other special events alike.

This pattern utilizes a V stitch and requires several rounds of increases to keep its design balanced and symmetric. To maintain the symmetry of the invention, each set of increases is followed by one non-increase game to ensure an even distribution. To provide an enjoyable crocheting experience, the pattern is an ad-free PDF file with step-by-step photos, a color chart, and a video tutorial on switching colors.


Crochet provides many different stitches, such as the flower stitch, that add character and individuality to blankets. It creates five-petal flowers easily and quickly, making for an appealing blanket or pillow. Plus, with join-as-you-go techniques available, this pattern is excellent for using scrap yarn from other projects!

Create a beautiful floral blanket using any yarn imaginable with this beginner-friendly pattern, efficiently completed in the round and fast! There’s even an included video tutorial and color chart!

The Lottie Retro Flower Blanket features an alluring pattern of vintage colors to make an eye-catching throw blanket, perfect as a baby gift or to use in any room around your house as an inviting, warm companion. Its vibrant hues and flower design will bring vibrancy into any space while lending it a fresh look that makes any space unique and dynamic.

Time required

The time required to finish a crochet flower blanket depends on several variables, including its pattern, yarn, and stitches used. A heavier or thicker yarn may take longer, and certain stitches require additional steps before being completed correctly. Stitch markers and regular breaks throughout are essential tools in helping avoid mistakes that slow progress.

This crochet flower blanket pattern offers an easy and creative way to showcase your talent. Using corner-to-corner, double crochet, and chevron stitch techniques; this blanket can be made in various sizes from baby blankets up to king-sized throws – perfect for beginners who are seeking their first creative project to undertake! This crochet flower blanket pattern makes an eye-catching addition to any collection – especially for those seeking something different and unique!