How To Draw Stitch?


Today, you will learn how to draw Stitch with this simple tutorial. This guide consists of a few easy steps.

Today, we will tell you how to draw Stitch. This fictional character is presented as an alien in blue and blue. Its main goal is to destroy and create chaos around itself. Stitch is quick-tempered, active, and wayward. The little alien has an unusual appearance and contains the features of a koala, a rabbit, and a puppy.

At the same time, he can independently change his appearance, for example, by retracting the second pair of arms to release needles on his back and antennae. When Stitch became friends with the girl Lilo, new qualities opened up in him; he began to show kindness, tenderness, and care.

This lesson may seem complicated, but you can quickly draw Stitch if you follow the sequence of steps and use our recommendations.

How to Draw Stitch:

It is always fun to draw one of the countless classic animated characters presented to us by the magical world of Disney. But, it may seem monotonous to always draw a princess with shiny tiaras and frilly gowns. So, take a break from those royal artworks and try your hand at the neat drawing of Stitch and the lovable alien from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.

How to Draw Stitch Step by Step:

Step 1: Draw the main outlines.

Determine the location of the head & torso. To do this, draw a circle and add an oval shape at the bottom. At the initial stage, use only thin lines.

Step 2: Depict the outlines of the eyes and nose.

At the top of the head, draw three rounded shapes. Arrange these figures approximately on the same level.

Step 3: Add the inside of the eyes and mouth.

In each eye, add circles to represent the iris. With smooth lines, draw an open mouth, which occupies almost the entire lower part of the head.

Step 4: Sketch out the teeth.

Sequentially draw pointed teeth on the upper and lower jaws. The teeth are of different sizes and arranged symmetrically.

Step 5: Depict the tongue.

Now, you need to depict the inside of the mouth. Draw a few smooth, curved lines to represent the tongue in the mouth.

Step 6: Add the rest of the elements to the head.

Correct the oval of the face and make the outer contour more straightforward. Add the nostrils, skin folds, and the small tuft of hair at the crown.

Step 7: Draw the ears.

Stitch has big ears that are turned up. Use smooth lines and add small notches along the outer edge. In this step, be careful and try to keep the proportions.

Step 8: Depict one back leg.

In the lower part of the torso, draw a smooth curved line and pull the foot. Depict the short, wide fingers and tiny round claws.

Step 9: Sketch out the tail and upper parts of the front paws.

In this step, you have to draw a few small lines. The main task is to depict the position of the front paws correctly. On the side, add the short tail.

Step 10: Depict the lower parts of the front paws.

Use curved lines to draw the toes on the front paws. Then, add the long claws on the fingers.

Step 11: Add the second hind leg.

On the side of the body, add the second hind leg. Draw two short fingers and claws like you did in step 8.

Step 12: Detail the color.

Highlight areas where the color will be different. To do this, draw a wavy line on the chest and a smooth curved line on the back.

Step 13: Prepare the drawing for coloring.

At this point, you have drawn all the main contours, and it remains only to correct inaccuracies and remove all unnecessary lines. Do this carefully so as not to touch important lines accidentally.

Step 14: Color the Stitch.

Use several bright colors for coloring—blue, blue, and purple. You will also need black, burgundy, and pink.

So, now you know how to draw Stitch! And if the drawing didn’t turn out quite like him, don’t worry. Grab another sheet and start again. You can also try other classic Disney characters like Donald and Goofy. Once you complete them, you can stick the drawings on your wall to give your room a Disney look.


We hope you have made every effort and patiently completed all the stages of drawing. This job was an excellent exercise for your creativity.

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