How to Choose the Best Pickleball Paddle for Women


Pickleball paddles can significantly impact your performance on the court, yet finding one can be dauntingly complex. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for one:

The Response Pro paddle was explicitly designed for women athletes by Triple Crown champion Simone Jardim and is tailored for light use, offering great control and power. It also boasts a smaller grip circumference and more extended handle, which make it suitable for two-handed backhand play.


Choose your pickleball paddle carefully; getting it right can make all the difference in your game. Whether you are new or experienced in playing pickleball, finding one that meets your needs and comfort levels is crucial for optimal play. As well as looking at factors such as stature, physical capability, play style, and desired amount of power and control from each paddle before selecting.

An array of pickleball paddle options on the market are tailored specifically for female players, from wood to polymer and composite to Nomex paddles – each designed for different skill levels and skill sets. To help narrow your search process, we have curated some of the top paddles tailored explicitly for female pickleballers in various styles and prices.

Wood paddles tend to be heavier options yet still offer excellent ball control, making them suitable for occasional players. Regular players may prefer something more durable like polymer or Nomex paddles, which tend to be lighter weight and more comfortable during extended gameplay.

The Joola Essentials pickleball paddle is an example of an affordable yet quality paddle, according to Dutrieuille. Ideal for newcomers to the game, its durable construction, generous sweet spot, long handle, and textured surface help enhance ball control, while its lightweight construction helps ease arm and shoulder strain during gameplay.

Weight should also be necessary when searching for the ideal pickleball paddle. Heavier paddles may offer more power, enabling faster ball strikes, but may be harder to control. On the other hand, lighter paddles may offer excellent ball control without providing as much force.

Uetz suggests selecting a mid-weight paddle in the 7.5 to 8-ounce range, as this will provide enough power while still enabling easy navigation during games.


If you’re new to pickleball, choosing a paddle that matches your play style and physical capabilities is essential. The best pickleball paddles for women feature lightweight materials that are comfortable to hold and maneuver on the court, and they should be well-suited to your overall game and skill level. To get started, select a paddle appropriate for your height and body weight, and experiment with the different options to find the right balance between power and control.

The type of material used to make the paddle also influences its performance. For instance, wood paddles are heavier but offer more control than polymer or Nomex options. The paddle’s core is also an essential factor. Polymer cores are made from thin sheets of high-density plastic foam fused with heat and pressure, and they provide a lightweight feel while providing reasonable control. Aluminum cores, on the other hand, are more durable and offer more power than polymer paddles but less control.

When selecting a pickleball paddle, it’s also vital to consider whether you plan to play indoors or outdoors. Indoor courts are generally smaller and have tighter ball control, while outdoor courts can be more challenging because of wind, rain, or elevation. In general, pickleball players want a paddle with a little more power for outdoor play, and some players prefer more control when playing indoors.

If you plan on playing indoors and outdoors, select a paddle with a slightly larger grip size than your usual choice to accommodate the difference in conditions. You can also purchase a pair of paddles with different sizes and grips to use on other courts or to switch out during games.

The Prince Response Pro is an excellent pickleball paddle for women, especially those new to the sport. Its round face perfectly fits female players and features an extra-thick polymer honeycomb core, ensuring reasonable control and power. This paddle also has a more extended handle, reducing strain on your arms and shoulders during long games. This paddle is also available in small and large grip sizes, making it an excellent option for any player.


The material choice of a paddle can have an enormous effect on its performance. While Graphite paddles are lightweight and offer great control, composite ones tend to be heavier yet provide more power. Some players prefer both types; many brands offer options in either category. When selecting your paddle, ensure it comes from high-quality materials that suit your playing style and needs.

The shape and size of a paddle can also make a significant, impactful statement about yourself and your experience level. Make sure it comfortably fits into your hand, with a grip size appropriate to both height and experience levels. Handle length may also play an integral part in two-handed backhand shots.

A paddle’s core can significantly affect its performance, from soft polymer cores that offer more comfort to Nomex or aluminum cores that deliver greater power and speed.

If you’re searching for a high-performance paddle that balances power and control, look no further than the JOOLA Extreme Tour Lite paddle. Light and easy to handle, making this lightweight model perfect for women with smaller hands. It features an Optimized Tubular Core, super spinny graphite face for accurate shots, and a Control Stabilizer feature that prevents twisting so that it stays where it belongs – ideal if twisting is an issue!

This USAPA-approved paddle is tailored for players of varying skill levels, from novice to intermediate. The paddle features a textured surface for more excellent spin production, while its longer handle length makes two-handed backhand shots much more straightforward to hit.

As you begin playing pickleball, a graphite paddle may be best. Light and durable, it offers maximum control and should give you an ideal start. Once you gain more insight into the game and understand the different materials used for paddles, experiment more widely. If unsure which material would work for you best, speak to friends for their recommendations or visit a nearby pickleball court – more prominent paddle brands often offer “try before you buy” programs so that you can find one suited to both your skill level and playing style.


Pickleball paddle performance can have an enormous effect on its gameplay. Beginners tend to favor paddles that combine power and control with an ample sweet spot, while advanced players usually look for premium paddles to help them compete in tournaments. To maximize gameplay, all players should spend some time assessing their skill level and physical needs before selecting their new paddle; demoing various options is highly recommended to gauge how it feels in their hands and whether it meets expectations for playing pickleball.

The Joola Essentials paddle on Amazon is among the best pickleball paddles for beginners. Approved by USAPA, its Response polypropylene honeycomb core makes this USAPA-approved paddle durable yet ideal for recreational use, drawing praise from reviewers for its lightweight feel and generous sweet spot – not to mention a long handle to ease two-handed shots and grippier surface for enhanced spin boosting! Additionally, bundle options include two paddles, balls, and bags!

The Onix Z-Five paddle, approved by USAPA, offers players exceptional control and a firm grip surface. Ideal for recreational players, its flared handle reminiscent of table tennis racquet design gives this paddle its unique aesthetic; additionally, it’s very durable, with 13 color choices available.

Ben Johns and Kaitlin Christian utilize the Franklin Power Air Invikta pickleball paddle, known for its thick core that increases power while decreasing vibration. Furthermore, its textured fiberglass surface enhances spin while relieving fatigue during prolonged play sessions.

The Prince Response Pro pickleball paddle for women offers high-end pickleball performance at an economical price and comes with a 1-year warranty. This paddle was created as Simone Jardim’s signature in multiple championships and triple crown matches; small grip sizes are available to accommodate players with smaller hands. Furthermore, its lightweight and extended handle length helps reduce arm and shoulder strain during extended matches.