Gifts About the Moon


No matter the occasion or budget, these gifts about the moon will bring them joy and inspire them. From mesmerizing moon lamps to stunning crystals, our selection of lunar gifts is sure to impress them!

Personalized moon phase posters make an original and thoughtful way of showing someone you care. You can add an extra special touch by having it personalized with their name or a custom message or quote printed right onto it!

Moon Phase Wall Art

Give your walls an artistic boost with this bohemian-style moon phase wall hanging made of machine-washable polyester tapestry. Perfect for decorating any room in the house, this wall art features the primary moon phases – waxing crescent, first quarter moon, full moon, waning gibbous moons, and third quarter moons – that symbolize renewal and cleansing cycles of nature. Display this piece to promote peace and relaxation in any living room, bedroom, dorm, or office environment!

This moon-shaped wood wall art will add style and flair to any room in your home or make an ideal present for friends and family. Crafted with a galactic aesthetic, this piece makes an eye-catching statement and allows anyone who enjoys gazing upon the stars or dreaming about life beyond our galaxy to explore more deeply what lies beyond. Complete with an attractive wooden loop for hanging purposes.

Enhance your home decor with this black and white moon phase wall art banner! Its simple and elegant design will complement any room in your home or office. Use it to decorate an altar and enhance full moon rituals or meditate in prayer rooms – or give as gifts for friends who share an interest in meditation and celestial universe studies!

Moon Phase Wall Decals

Add a magical touch to your home this Halloween and year-round with these moon phase wall decals from Nordic. Inspired by its magical and breathtaking qualities, these wall decals apply easily on most clean and smooth surfaces, such as windows or walls, without leaving behind any residue.

This wall art set offers a colorful rainbow of shapes for you to arrange however you see fit! Perfect for modern BOHO nurseries or bedrooms, they will add some of that timeless boho flair so popular today.

These removable wall decals are constructed from high-quality vinyl material that is safe for children and adults without damaging your walls when removed. Each set comes complete with step-by-step installation instructions to assist you with proper placement.