Feetfinder App Apple Review


Feet Finder is an excellent platform for buyers and sellers to meet. To protect buyers against scams, security features include temporarily concealing seller photos until payment has been received – adding another layer of protection against scams.

All purchases on Feet Finder are processed using either Segpay or Paxum, two secure online payment networks. Sellers cannot arrange meetings in person.

It is easy to use

Feetfinder is an adult website that makes selling feet photographs simple, with its user-friendly interface making uploading photos quick and painless, managing listings effortlessly, and offering one of the few sustainable content marketplaces for selling feet photos. It can help users build profitable foot content businesses of their own!

To get started selling feet photos, register with the site. After that is complete, search for content that interests you among thousands of profiles – once found, purchase and download as desired! Funds can be added anytime via your wallet – head to the top of your dashboard!

This site also provides a forum where members can connect and share ideas and create their group to meet other foot enthusiasts – an excellent way of meeting like-minded people who share similar fetishes!

As a seller on Feetfinder, you can make money by posting photos and videos of your feet for sale on the platform. However, any nude or illegal content mustn’t appear. Furthermore, it is highly advised not to show your face in these pictures; making your profile private may be an option if this makes you uncomfortable.

Feetfinder allows sellers to sell photos and communicate directly with buyers on its platform, giving you the tools to increase sales and build a sustainable business. Its security features, such as sitelock and PCI-compliant payment methods, make it a safe space for sellers.

Feetfinder strives to protect your privacy by blurring photos and offering two secure payment modes – Segpay and Paxum – using encryption to safeguard against fraudsters or any other threats to protect your information from being stolen by fraudsters or thieves. Furthermore, previews allow instant delivery of what was purchased before purchasing photos, giving you added assurance of getting what was paid for.

It is a full-pack

Feetfinder is one of the most enormous foot content platforms online and an invaluable source for buyers with foot fetishes. However, it can also be quite daunting for buyers and sellers: buyers may become overwhelmed with photos from thousands of sellers, while sellers find it challenging to stand out among fierce competition.

There are ways around this problem. One option is to sign up for a free account on Feetfinder and pay to increase your visibility on the site with a boost while also using their security measures (Sitelock to stop traffic from bots and PCI-compliant payment methods) to shield against scams and protect yourself. Furthermore, keep all contact information private – even from those you feel could potentially offer you lucrative sales.

Feetfinder excels at connecting buyers and sellers, with its ID verification process enabling users to identify authentic sellers while preventing scams. Furthermore, it offers 14-day trials for sellers to test the platform and see if it suits their needs.

Bonus cash rewards await buyers by referring friends to the site; when their friend makes a purchase, the seller will earn 10% as extra revenue – potentially adding up to an impressive sum!

Feetfinder premium membership has numerous advantages, including faster upload times and the ability to link your profile with social media accounts. Plus, customer support will assist in helping navigate the platform; plus, you’ll earn 20% commission from sales made as a premium member – great if you want a passive source of income by selling feet photographs! If this sounds intriguing to you, then why not join Feetfinder now?

It is legal

The feet-finder website is one of the most widely used platforms for selling pictures of feet online. This platform has an expansive audience of buyers and provides numerous benefits to its models – for instance, they receive 90% of the total sale proceeds as a commission. Furthermore, no age restrictions exist, so anyone looking to sell photos of their feet can do so freely.

This website is easy to use, and the process of creating a profile is straightforward. Complete and upload a form with personal information to verify that you are aged 18+ for verification.

Feetfinder uses secure technologies like Segpay payment processing systems that use non-financial data such as user names or passwords for payment processing to protect users and prevent hacker access to personal information, providing additional assurance against scams. You may choose any username you like – not necessarily your real name and password combination – to safeguard your account and avoid scamming attempts.

FeetFinder stands out by not disclosing sellers’ identities to buyers and requiring sellers to submit a valid identification card; both measures prevent scams and enhance user safety.

However, some sellers do not like this security measure because it may limit their market reach and prevent them from using identical photos repeatedly – this could potentially lead to duplicate content that, in time, could harm their reputation.

Buyers can view multiple photos of a model’s feet before making a purchasing decision and select just those they want to consider – saving time and money while browsing our website.

Owing to Apple and Google not allowing adult apps on their platforms, the website remains legal but lacks a mobile app for its users. However, the company states it will develop one once these companies reconsider their policies regarding fetish sites.

It is easy to sell

Feet Finder allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell feet photos, videos, and whole packs without fear of scams or bad actors. To ensure this, all registered members must go through ID verification before selling images; this ensures only genuine models are selling content while protecting sensitive data from intruders’ exposure.

Feet Finder’s platform enables users to choose between free or premium accounts. Paid accounts offer more features that assist sellers in promoting their content more efficiently, while the company also provides monthly revenue share benefits for paid users who earn from sales – making Feet Finder an attractive investment opportunity for serious sellers. However, paying for premium accounts isn’t required to make money on Feet Finder; register for one and start selling!

Buyers can use the navigation menu on the left side of their dashboard to search for sellers and subscribe to their profiles. Once subscribed, users can revisit content sellers upload, track pending orders, send messages directly, and review any images or videos purchased on this platform.

Sellers can upload foot images using mobile devices and upload them directly onto the Feet Finder website; once the site has verified their identity, they can begin making money through sales tracking and request payout once reaching the $30 threshold – Segpay or Paxum trusted online payment processing companies which process this transaction.

FootFanatic.com is a website dedicated to fetishists, where models post their feet for entertainment. At the same time, this may not be considered a typical side hustle as long as no laws in your country are broken. Please remember that many models on these sites are underage; thus, sexual harassment must be reported immediately to the site’s customer support. If inappropriate inquiries come your way, please report them immediately, as it will help protect their well-being.