E2 Visa Business For Sale – Important Factors to Consider


When purchasing an E2 visa business for sale, it must meet specific criteria. It should be authentic, generate significant profits, and create jobs.

Business investments should generate enough profit to cover living expenses for the investor and his or her family members, so a thorough financial plan must be in place to make this happen.


Profitability is of primary importance when purchasing an E2 visa business for sale. The USCIS does not want an investment that does not create substantial employment. If a company fails to be profitable enough to do this, their visa could be denied; fortunately, many lucrative options such as ice cream franchises, cleaning services, and fitness franchises exist that investors can purchase as E2 visa investments without worrying that their investments are marginal.

Franchising can be an ideal way to meet the minimum investment required for an E2 visa by placing its purchase price into an escrow account until approval of your visa has been confirmed. Mary wants to open a coffee shop and can place $150,000 escrowed until approval of her E2 visa has occurred – this would satisfy “at risk” requirements and satisfy risk requirements for her visa application.

If you’re seeking an e2 visa business for sale, the internet can be your go-to source. Franchise Gator lists listings available for purchase, while there are also several brokers specializing in selling small businesses who can assist in evaluating and comparing various industries – even helping secure financing for your investment!

The location should also be an essential consideration when searching for the ideal business to buy, and Florida provides plenty of opportunities for growth in this regard.

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An E2 visa application cannot be considered a marginal business. This requirement is intended to prevent foreign nationals from displacing American workers through businesses they own and control, so your business must generate significant profits while creating jobs for Americans to pass the marginality test. You also need to demonstrate active investment and direct participation in its operations.

To determine whether a business is marginal, the government examines how much you must invest to get it up and running. This may include purchasing an existing business at a total price, developing startup costs, franchising fees, projected salaries of future employees, and the total number of full- and part-time staff needed.

Your E2 business must pass the marginality test and be an active enterprise that does not dormant or abandon. The Department of State may reject your application if you are no longer actively engaged with operating it; approval can only be given if it can be proven that participation will continue soon.

The Department of State requires you to present a five-year plan detailing your business expansion plans, profitability increases, and job creation for American workers. Your project must contain information regarding how your business will develop and direct itself, as well as a description of the employees you plan to hire and the training they’ll receive from you.

Foreign investors looking for E2 visas often turn to franchise investments as the perfect solution. Franchises are popular E2 visa options because they can usually be started up quickly with proven business models, typically costing less than starting a new company from scratch; plus, you can leverage your strengths and passions by selecting an opportunity that plays to your skill set; perhaps something related to ice cream, fitness, cleaning services or food could fit perfectly!

Florida’s Economic Landscape

Florida offers entrepreneurs plenty of opportunities for starting or buying businesses, whether through its robust economy or its many sectors – agriculture, tourism, industry, international banking, construction, and biomedical/life sciences research, as well as simulation training services such as aerospace/defense /space travel are just a few examples.

Many industries lend themselves perfectly to E2 visa requirements. For instance, insulation franchises make excellent candidates because they can be managed remotely without needing significant office space. Furthermore, insulation jobs create employment in local communities as this work often requires highly skilled employees who provide work that is both safe and effective.

Florida, as a tourist destination, draws in millions of visitors willing to spend money on various goods and services, which helps boost its economy. Its warm climate also attracts new residents and visitors, providing businesses with steady customers who help ensure success within Florida.

However, Florida’s dynamic economic environment also presents businesses with unique challenges – particularly seasonal ones. Tourists and snowbirds from northern states flock to Florida during wintertime, spending money at restaurants, attractions, shopping centers, and hotels before returning home during spring and summer – leaving businesses like these facing less customer activity than anticipated.

Florida’s economy remains strong despite these challenges and is expected to keep expanding over the coming years. To reach Florida’s goal of becoming one of the top 10 economies by 2030 will take an effort from all business communities focused on driving growth within Florida’s borders. Attend the virtual 2023 Florida Economic Outlook & Jobs Solutions Summit for an insight into state economic trends and strategies for expanding your own business!

Legal Requirements

The E-2 visa allows entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions in the United States. However, several criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible for it – perhaps the most important being making a substantial investment that demonstrates your dedication and commitment to your company’s success.

Under another requirement for immigration purposes, your business must be active and for-profit. This means avoiding passive investments like real estate or home care services that only yield small rental returns; instead, consider an enterprise that generates profits while creating jobs in the US – purchasing an established business can help to meet this condition, providing a financial history to present to immigration officials.

Also, you must own at least 50% of the business you want to own an E-2 visa by purchasing it. This prevents immigration agencies from misinterpreting your actions as unfocused management of an investment; additionally, it minimizes any risk involved with losing it all at once – all important aspects when looking to purchase such an enterprise and obtain such an E-2 visa.

One other thing to keep in mind when setting up a business is whether or not there are employees. While the number doesn’t matter as much, the government needs to see that you have made significant investments in your company; usually, three full-time employees are enough.

Once you understand how to find an E2 visa business for sale, you can start your entrepreneurial pursuits in America. Through hard work, networking, and legal advice, you could soon be on your way to starting up a profitable enterprise.